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October 2, 2012


Fire Lord Zuko's Coronation


Zuko stood there trying to put on his robe without pulling on his scar from when Azula shot him with lightning. His girlfriend Mai came walking up and slid the sleeve of his robe over his other shoulder.

"Mai. You got out of the prison...."

"Yeah well being the Warden's niece helps."

"Mai I'm sor..."

Mai smacked a hand on his scar.

"If you ever leave me again, I will kill you."

Mai turned and walked away.



Aang was sitting with his legs crossed and was meditating. He felt weird. He was a fully realized Avatar now. Just two months ago he was frozen in an iceberg. The monks clothing felt weird and so did the wooden necklace that master Airbenders wore.

Aang opened his eyes when Zuko walked up to him.

"Just think, Two months ago I was trying to capture you."

"And now you're the Fire Lord and I'm the Avatar."


"Well we better go so we don't make the crowd wait."

Aang and Zuko walked through the curtains separating them from the outside crowd waiting to see their Fire Lord's coronation and their Avatar.

Aang stood beside Zuko and looked out at the crowd. There was earthbenders and firebenders and waterbenders all standing together in peace. Aang could see Katara and Sokka with the Water Tribe men and women, and Toph and Suki and Haru and other Earth Kingdom people in the crowd.

Aang could see that Haru was watching Katara with interest and tried not to rolls his eyes.

"And the Avatar and I will restore all that was disrupted in this war. This war is over!!!"

The crowd cheered at the end of the Fire Lord's speech.

Aang could see he had a lot of work to do in the future.


Prologue: Part 2

The Kyoshi Warriors training two months later on Kyoshi Island.


Suki had sweat running down her face. The chi-blocking training was tough and it helped the girls in fights but it was a tiresome practice. She ran and jumped at Minna, the second youngest Kyoshi Warrior, and threw a quick series of jabs at Minna's chi points.

The young warrior dodged and threw one good punch, connecting with the pressure point on Suki's shoulder. Suki felt her arm go numb.

Ty Lee, who was enjoying teaching the warriors her fighting style, snapped her shield open and moved it in front of her shoulder, so that when Kysha's fist connected with Ty Lee's shield it, gave a loud Cliiiiiiiiiing sound.

"Damn it Ty Lee! You cheated!"

"Not really. It's not like that won't happen in future fights, cuz I'm sure it will."

"Either way that fucking hurt!"

"Toughen up. You ever hit Sokka's fore head? It felt like I broke my knuckles."

At that moment, Suki's eyes started to glow and a violent wind blasted out around Suki's body. Then the wind shot back toward Suki and encircled her like a tornado.



Mai was sitting in a chair watching the Kyoshi Warriors train and spinning a knife around in a circle by the circle at the end of the hilt.

Mai was on a vacation and was relaxing at Kyoshi Island with Zuko and Sokka.

Mai saw Suki glowing and reached over for the paper they kept in case Kyoshi decided that a prophecy was needed.

When the tornado quit spinning, Kyoshi landed where Suki had been standing,

"When the Kyoshi Warrior dies,

A new warrior group will rise to lead them,

Sapphire leads to Ruby,

The glacier holds the Onyx,

The Oasis holds the Amethyst,

The Temple holds the Peridot,

The Emerald leads to the Citrine,

And the Citrine Finishes the Circle." Kyoshi said before the wind pulled again and the cyclone started and then stopped and Suki slumped to the ground exhausted from hosting Kyoshi's spirit.

Mai, who had written down what was said, looked at the startled group.

The warriors scuttled over to Suki and propped her up and gave her a damp towel to put over her eyes.

"I hosted Kyoshi again didn't I?" Suki asked.

"Yes you did. And you made a prophecy." Ty Lee answered.

"Will you read it to me?" Suki asked.

"Tomorrow." Mai said, after finding her voice, "It's late and we all should rest."

"Okay." Suki said before she fell asleep


The next Day

Ty Lee

Ty Lee had gone on a run first thing in the morning. She usually ran down to the beach and then ran the length of the beach on the west side of the isle, then turned and headed back to the village. There she was met by Omayji, the town mayor.

"What's wrong Omayji?"

"It's Suki; she's taken to a strong sickness."

"Have you contacted Katara?"

"Yes I sent a Humming Hawk to give her the message to come immediately."

"Then I guess we just need to wait."

"She asked for you."

"Then I'll go."


Ty Lee ran to the building where the girls stayed and up the stairs to Suki's room. There she found that the entire group was standing around her bed.

"Ty Lee....." Suki said and then she had a fit of coughing.

"I'm here."

"Mai, the poem."


"When the Kyoshi Warrior dies,

A new warrior group will rise to lead them,

Sapphire leads to Ruby,

The glacier holds the Onyx,

The Oasis holds the Amethyst,

The Temple holds the Peridot,

The Emerald leads to the Citrine,

And the Citrine Finishes the Circle." Mai read sadly.

"Ty Lee. I think that the poem is starting to come true. I think I may die. I'm scared."

"Don't be! Katara's on her way! She'll heal you and you'll be better and"

"Don't tell me that Ty Lee. I don't think that Katara will make it....." Suki said and then started coughing again, "and if she doesn't I'm naming you leader of the Kyoshi Warriors."

"But Suki! The prophecy! It says a group of seven will lead the Warriors!"

"I know. I have a feeling that you will be the leader either way."

"Then I guess I accept. If you die I will lead the new group into the unknown future."

"Thank you. I must rest now."

The warriors left their sick Leader to rest and went out to the clearing where Aang, Toph, and Katara had landed Appa.

Ty Lee burst into tears as she explained to the group.

"Shhhhhh its okay Ty Lee. I'm here and I'm going to do everything in my power to heal Suki." Katara said to Ty Lee.

Ty Lee dismissed the rest of the warriors and she and Mai lead the trio to Suki.

When they got to Suki's room they found Sokka kneeling on the floor beside Suki with tears flowing down the warrior's husband's face.

"She woke up to tell me that she was at peace and with Kyoshi now. Then she died." Sokka said.

Immediately Ty Lee sank to the ground.

We were too late to save her. Ty Lee thought.

"We need to build Suki's pyre as it is costume for the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors to have their bodies burned by their sisters-in-arms." Omayji said, appearing in the doorway.

The Kyoshi Warriors set about to building a pyre for Suki. It was a magnificent pyre, built of the most beautiful Cherry blossom wood on the island.


Prologue: Part 3

Spirit Suki

Suki no longer felt the pain and the sickness. I wonder why? She thought with great confusion.

She got up to see Sokka on his knees crying, Katara with a hand on her brother's shoulder, Ty Lee and the girls huddled up crying, Aang with his head bowed, Mai with her head on Zuko's chest crying with Zuko, and Omayji standing in the doorway with tears streaming down his face.

So that's it, Suki thought while she looked at her body, I'm dead.

A flash outside the village caught Suki's attention. What was that? Suki thought.

Suki ran out of the building and darted around the village just catching a glimpse of Kyoshi's robes walking towards the beach. Not knowing what to do, she ran after Kyoshi and vanished into the woods with a bright flash.

Prologue: Part 4

Two months Later on the day before Ty Lee's Twenty-sixth birthday

Ty Lee

Ty Lee was walking on the beach thinking about the prophecy. It puzzled her that the mentioned gems had not been found yet.

I wonder who will find them. Ty Lee thought.

Ty Lee saw the gleam of the ocean but then she saw a bright blue flash and she looked down at a sapphire that was mostly buried in the sand. When she reached down to pick it up, the sand moved around the sapphire so that Ty Lee could see that it was a bracelet.

Ty Lee picked up the bracelet curiously.

Could this be the Sapphire Kyoshi had mentioned? Ty Lee wondered.

Ty Lee put the bracelet on her wrist then cried out in shock because there where images in front of her.



Mai had been following Ty Lee to make sure that she hadn't wondered over to the pavilion where her surprise birthday party was to be held, when she saw the images floating in front of her ditzy friend.

They were of places, Mai reckoned, each was a different place.

A volcano shrine,

The Kyoshi shrine,

A glacial shrine,

The spirit Oasis' pond in the North Pole,

A cave inside of a mountain,

And a hollowed forest.

Mai carved that into a tree. She then cut around it and held it.


Prologue: Part 5

Two years later in the Fire Nation


Mai was bored. She had hiked up a volcanic cave only to find that it was more boring in the cave then out in the palace.

A ruby gleam caught her attention.

There, lying on the floor was a bracelet with a ruby.

Thinking back Mai realized that this was the mountain cave that she had seen when Ty Lee had found her bracelet.

Could this be the Ruby mentioned that was mentioned in the prophecy? Mai wondered as she put the bracelet on.

Prologue: Part 6

During the moment that Korra got her bending back


Okara was praying inside the glacial shrine in the Southern Water Tribe.

She wondered if she was really ever going to see her beloved husband again. This time four years ago he had disappeared into a blizzard.

I wonder if he even cares if I'm alive. She thought sadly.

Then a black gleam caught her attention.

There, embedded in the glacier that served as the back wall, was an Onyx gemstone.

How pretty, she thought, Noatok would have liked that and Natak would like it. He'd say it reminds him of his father. And then he'd say that we were..... No we are...... a lucky family. And he'd say him misses his dad. I don't think I'll ever know what to do with him. A mother can't fill a father's shoes at Natak's age. Noatok was...... No he is..... The most important person to Natak.

Okara sighed as she reached out to take the gem out of the wall. Suddenly the ice around the Onyx melted and became a puddle at Okara's feet. Okara reached out again, but the Onyx flew off of the ice and slide onto Okara's wrist.

Okara got a good look at the gem. It was actually part of a bracelet. The band was Silver and the Gem was blacker than a winter night. Suddenly the gem shined and the silver started to expand.

It continually expanded until it came up to her elbow. Okara was shocked at its growth but was even more shocked by the Onyx becoming an Onyx bow with a silver set of arrows.

The silver crept up and up until it finally reached her shoulder then across her breastbone and down her other arm. The silver line across of her breastbone slowly crept down until it finally reached her feet.

Okara bent the water up into a wall as tall as her and froze it so she could see her reflection.

Okara looked into the mirror and jumped back startled. The Silver had the Kyoshi Warriors pattern on it! She looked at the Onyx edges of her new robe and then saw that the metal over her wrist had a patch shaped like the Onyx when it was in the wall.

Okara stretched and twisted, only to find out that the metal-like cloth was as flexible as her parka.

She curiously ran her finger over the Onyx shaped patch and stared into the mirror.

The robe started creeping back to her wrist and neck and then turned into a set of bracelets and a necklace. Okara remembered the bow and turned around to see what had happened to it.

The bow lay there dissolving into black dust. As it dissolved the gem-space on her necklace and bracelets started refilling to their full state.

I wonder. Am I the only one that has found a bracelet like this? It surely cannot be unique. I think that I better hide its true form until I find out if there is a bracelet similar. Would there be other people who have found these? Would they know more about them?

Okara's mind rushed off into a future that she was uncertain of.


Prologue: Part 7

<span style="font-size:16.0pt;line-height:115%;

After Avatar Korra's death

Kaya stared at the bracelet in her hands. It had a beautiful Amethyst gemstone in the middle of it and an intricately designed silver band.

Kaya was ultimately curious when she saw it in the Spirit Oasis, but now that she was alone in her bed chambers she could look at the bracelet without the rush of knowing she would be brought back to the palace if she took too long.

Kaya put the bracelet on her wrist and gasped in shock when it glowed and the silver band started to grow around her arm, growing up and up and up until it reached her shoulder.

She was even more surprised by the amethyst spear that had materialized on the foot of her bed.

When she looked down she realized that she was now wearing a silver robe with amethyst edges.

She was about to touch the patch above her wrist, when her servant came in quietly.

"Lady Kaya, your father wanted me to remind you of your bending lessons and......" The servant's sentence drifted off with a gasp when she saw what her lady was wearing.

"Lady Kaya!!!"

"Be quiet servant!"

Kaya touched the now glowing patch and saw the robe and spear vanish, leaving her standing there glaring at her servant. She was still wearing her normal robes but now she had two bracelets with the Amethyst on both and an amethyst embedded necklace.

"You won't say anything about that right?"

"No my lady! I....I didn't see anything."

"Good. Not even my father can know about that, not now not ever, got it?"

"Yes my lady."


15 years after the fire Avatar died in the rotation after Korra's death

Mei was tired. She had hiked up Sky Bison Mountain, which was by the Eastern Air Temple, and was sitting down exhausted from the long hike.

Mei saw a cave near the Summit. She was extremely curious about it. She was tired and the descent wouldn't be easy. She'd unfortunately have to cheat and airbend herself down.

Bummer, she thought sarcastically, and I'd been hoping to go on a hike without having to airbend my way down.

Mei laughed and jumped out off the peak, rocketing towards the summit, Mei airbent a spiral around her to slow her fall.

When Mei landed, ever-so-softly like she was sneaking around when someone was sleeping, she ran into the cave, intent on finding out what was inside it.

Mei staggered to a stop when she reached a tile floor.

Now why in the world would there be tile in a cave? Mei thought.

She walked on farther into the cave and found a large shrine with a beautiful emerald bracelet on a large pillar of earth.

The emerald gleamed brightly and then flew over and landed on Mei's wrist. Mei was astonished by the bracelet flying over to her by without anything moving it.

The emerald flashed and three images floated in the air in front of her.

The first showed two girls fighting. They were both wearing Kyoshi Warrior's robes and they had a color theme for the outfit. One was wearing a silver robe with sapphire-blue edges and the other had a black robe with ruby-red edges.

They both had weapons drawn. One had on blue gloves and there where currents of air blasting after her punches.

The other girl had a set of ruby throwing knives.

They heard her drop her staff and looked started at the image

The second image was of a girl with a circlet braided into her hair and was staring down into the image with great concentration. The image was framed with a pale blue glow, which meant she was probably healing.

The third image showed a woman, also in a Warriors robe, but with an Onyx set of bows and arrows strapped to her back.

Then a fourth and fifth image shimmered into being in front of Mei. One had a girl in earth Kingdom robes on, with a sparkle twinkling brightly in her eyes. The other, in a mixed outfit that you would expect tto see in Republic City, not in a forest.

The girl in blue spoke; "Hello GemBladers! You may be confused but the seven of us are all going to have a busy future. I ask that you come to Kyoshi Island so that we can get to know each other and set out to bring peace to the world as I believe we where meant to."

The images faded, leaving Mei standing there, awestruck.


  • It was brought to the authors attention that two GemBladers are named similarly with users; this is quite coincidental. Do not assume it was on purpose.
  • Keisha actually was never intended to be a character, but Ty Lee had to punch someone right?
  • The weapons that come from the Gem Blades in bracelet form are Spirit made, taking the form of a person's weapon of choice. They are unbreakable.

Important information

  • Mei is the Avatar. But neither she nor her parents know.

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