Chuan writes in his diary about the people and problems in his life.

Book 1 Prologue: Chuan's Diary

Book of Clouds
Prologue: Chuan's Diary
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The Fall of the Airbenders





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February 27, 2011

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Fanon:Book 1 Chapter 1 (The Fall of the Airbenders)

Hey again. So another day's gone by, and I'm no closer to mastering the air shield than I was yesterday. It's so frustrating! It seemed like I had finally gotten it, but then Monk Saicho threw a stick and it went right through the air currents and hit me straight in the face! My forehead was red for an hour! It was so humiliating...

I'm not going to give up, though. I won't give up on my dream. One day I'll become a master Airbender, just like Monk Saicho, and then everyone will finally look up to me. I have so much potential, but nobody ever notices.

Kaizan says I don't give myself enough credit, that I'm too hard on myself. But the only time I ever feel content and happy is when I'm pulling pranks with him. When we team up, we're unstoppable...but that's not the point! I don't do those pranks because I'm a bad guy! I swear I don't! I just don't know any other way of being noticed...

I don't think Mayana even knows that I exist. She's so beautiful. I have so much that I wish I could tell her, but I probably never ever will. Every time she walks by, I find some way to make a complete fool out of myself! She'll never know me as anything more than a goofball...

Look at me. I'm talking to this journal, pouring my heart and soul into these flimsy pages, and for what? It's not like it's doing any good. And yet here I am: writing and writing and writing and okayAY ENOUGH!

This is ridiculous. I feel like Monk Aguma. He's always so stingy, it's like he intentionally alienates himself from all the other monks. Does he like having no friends? He probably spends all his time scribbling into his own journal like I do. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on him. But then again, he is mean to me, so why should I be nice back?

I should pull my next prank on him. Yeah, that'd be good. He deserves it after he yelled at Kaizan for hiding a lemur in one of Old Man Knuckles's potted plants. But it was just a harmless prank! I mean I guess it could have scared him so badly that he could have had a heart attack, but how likely is it that THAT would happen?

Look, I'm getting all worked up again. And for what? Nobody is ever going to read this. All my hopes and dreams and problems and questions written down so that they can sit here on this desk until the end of time. Because I don't think even Monk Saicho would care enough to read through this old book. Oh look, I just flipped through the pages and a couple of them tore. Stupid cheap old dusty broken...ugh.

Someone's knocking on the door. It's probably Kaizan here to fill me in on our next prank. That'd be good. I need something like that to help me clear my head. I just have so many questions. They say that the next Avatar is supposed to be an Airbender, and that their identity will be revealed within the next few years. That puts him or her in my age range. I'm pretty sure it isn't me, but imagine if it was someone I knew? Someone at the Northern Air Temple? And I could meet them? Wow...

Crud, that was another knock on the door. I really do have to go. Bye, journal that nobody reads. I'll be back again tomorrow, I'm sure...oh gosh darn it! I ripped another page!


Author's Note

Please leave comments! The real story will start in chapter one; this was just an exposition chapter to establish everything. I hope you'll stick around!!

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