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The Blood Bath of Fanons





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The Tribute Introduction

It suddenly happened. I was in a strange world, riding on a train to a giant metropolis. There were others like me, walking into the city. Scared, terrified. But where are my manners? My name is Jian. I don't know why I'm here, nor what I'm supposed to do. The man that brought me here says that I'm going to have to fight. I don't know what for, though. I just decided to go along with it.

" Hey, Jian. Don't look so down. It's just the Blood Bath!" Walter Singtulip, the man who brought me here says. "Blood Bath. Saying it's name doesn't really help." I thought. I look out the window, and before me stood the largest city I had ever seen.

" Wow..." I say, standing up to look. Helicopters, flying with streamers announcing the beginning of the new Blood Bath, towers that pierced the clouds. The train suddenly took a turn. Jian sat down, disappointed.

" Don't worry, you'll go in there. We just have to get you ready. Then you'll practically live there!" Walter said. He stood up and walked out of the room. I watched him go, before returning to look out the window. I saw a large Warehouse, and next to it, a large building, with planes flying around it. Others like me were walking to it.

" I guess that's where I'm going." I said, standing up. Walter returned to my room, then gestured for me to get off the train. I walked alongside him, exiting the train, then heading for the building. Over head, a floating TV showed two men sitting, one in a white suit, one in a black.

" Welcome, young tributes, welcome to The Blood Bath! Don't be frightened by it's name, though. I'm sure your deaths won't be that violent!" the man in the white suit said. " What do you think of the new group, Ezagon?"

" What do I think, Siezio? Well, they look pretty capable, personally. There is a man down there, with swords, a bow, and a capable look about him. A girl down there, with a sword on her back, a headband on her head. These men and women look like they know how to fight. " the man named Ezagon replied. " This shall make an excellent Blood Bath."

" Nice assessment, Ezagon!" Siezio said. " So, I've always wondered something: what's your favorite part of the Blood Bath?"

" My favorite part? The looks on their faces when they realize they're done." Ezagon said.

"Oh brother. Two crazy men, commenting on us all. This is going to be horrible." I thought.

I looked down and saw a girl beside me. It was the girl that Ezagon had commented on.

" Hey, do you know what's going on?" I asked her.

" Huh?" The girl turned to me. " What did you ask?"

" Do you know what's going on?" I repeated.

" Sorry, no..." She said. She looked at me. " I'm Rokan."

" Nice to meet you. I'm Jian." I smiled. Rokan smiled back.

" Okay, tributes. What are you doing here? That's an easy question." Ezagon said.

" You're here to kill each other!" Siezio said, pleasantly.

Rokan's eyes got wide. So did mine.

" Oh, don't worry, like I said, your deaths won't be that violent!" Siezio said. Ezagon nodded at that.

" Well, sorry if we kill each other, Rokan." I said to her.

" Same here." She replied. We looked forward, terrified at what we would be doing.

After all the tributes had gotten inside, we had been sorted into separate rooms. As I was escorted down the hallway to my room, I heard a noise inside of a door. It sounded like a scream. I grew nervous. The escort led me to a door, opened it for me, then left. Inside, was a large bed, two bathrooms, a walk-in closet, a flat screen TV, and a living room.

" Woah..." I said, looking around. I looked at the bed. It seemed to call for me... The escort had told me to get some sleep, stating that she would need it. "Well, I'll take his advice" I thought. I put on some pajamas and lay down, closing my eyes.


  • The "Big Metropolis" is Republic City in their universe.

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