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Sozin's Comet Returns



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October 28, 2010

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The End of a Peaceful Era

Prologue (Sozin's Comet) is the prologue of the series. It will introduce the main characters.

It has been 29 years after Amon's revolution ended. Since then, there havz been many changes. Fire Lord Zuko died over 10 years ago at the old age of 106. Fire Lady Ursa (Zuko's daughter) has given up her position of leader of the Fire Nation to her son, Iroh just about 4 years ago, but still resides in the palace. Master Katara is still alive at the rip old age of 114 and lives in Republic City under much supervision. Bumi, Avatar Aang and Katara's son died 2 years ago of an illness, leaving just Kya and Tenzin as their children that are alive. Tenzin has retired from the council 12 years ago, leaving the position to Jinora.

Meanwhile, with the help of me, Avatar Korra, Ikki, Meelo, and Rohan traveled to the Eastern, Northern, and Southern Air Temple respectively, to find a permanent home for the Air Acolytes. I have used energybending to give the ones that I feel deserve it airbending. Galla, Jinora's daughter, has gone to the Western Air Temple to rebuilt there. Twenty-nine years ago, Hinko, Kya's son, replaced Tarrlok as the representative for the Northern Water Tribe.

I also have married and have children of my own. My eldest child is my firebending son, 19-year old Kuzon. My younger child is 16 year old Katara, named after my beloved waterbending teacher. Both are master benders and are capable of doing their sub-skill (Katara can't use hers though, inside of Republic City). The new Southern Water Tribe representative is Sokka jr., great- grandson of Sokka.

Technology has improved in Republic City and across the world. However, with Sozin's Comet returning for the third time, there have been rumors of people trying to burn down the Earth Kingdom, including Republic City.

Are these rumors true? If they are, we are going to be in for another war.

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