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Prologue is the first chapter written for Rise of a New Era. This chapter was released on the 10th of April 2012.


Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Four elements. One Avatar. One spirit of the planet incarnate in human form. One person who can bend all four elements. One hero stopping a global-threatening terror. One brave person risking it all to do it for a cause. One human with a unique trait. One person.

The Avatar. A system so complex and in time, yet with a fate so simple. Destined to grow up and at some point in life, know about his/her identity as the Avatar, the manifestation of the planet's spirit in human form and the only person destined to bend all four elements in order to keep balance. Setting off to master all four elements, the Avatar will soon encounter a villain. The Avatar's life sets off from there, and the flow of events will be decided by the current reincarnation, if the Avatar comes home victorious, having defeated the menacious villain of the era, or if the Avatar never makes it count at all, having suffered many hardships and wounds, but not getting anything for what it's worth in return after facing the shambles of bitter defeat. And so, when the world is no longer need of its duties, the Avatar dies, but is reincarnated in a new person, a person from the next element in the cycle, about to face a fate very similar to his/her predecessor.

And as complex as it is, the Avatar Cycle and its order of events will repeat again in flow and routine, until the cycle meets its doom, either by killing off a race in the cycle or killing the Avatar in the heavenly state, and when any of that happens, the world will slowly, but surely, meet its doom as a result.

And so, we can say one thing to sum it up: A new Avatar is born, a new era arises, a new enemy is made.


  • The author stated that this chapter was a hard one to write, as it was difficult to expand. This statement is said on her main page.
  • This is the only chapter in the story so far that doesn't include any main characters.

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