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The Avatar Arrives

"Good morning Mom!" yelled Jinora at the top of her lungs.

"Good morning dear," replied Pema while smiling. "Have some breakfast."

Another young girl came into the room riding on top of a spinning ball of air. "What's for breakfast? What's for breakfast? What's for breakfast? What's for breakfast? I'm hungry Mom!"

"Eggs and bacon, Ikki," said Pema. "We're going to make you a big, strong airbender!"

All of a sudden, Pema's angry husband Tenzin came to the table, with their son Meelo hanging from his head. "Get down, Meelo!" said Tenzin.

"RAWR!" yelled Meelo. he was pretending to be a cat owl.

"Well, time for us to begin our training for the day," Tenzin announced.

"Hooray!" said Jinora, Meelo and Ikki at the same time.

"Let's go, then," said Tenzin. He turned and left the room, leaving Pema behind all by her lonesome. Years ago, she had married him to bring more excitement into her life. As the son of the former Avatar, he gave her status and allowed her to get by in a world run by bending. She had a nice home, a stable life, a family, but...she wanted more. It was hard watching Tenzin and the kids airbending while she was left by herself.

She loved her children dearly, but their bending was part of the problem for her life. Tenzin was an alright husband in that he gave her everything material she wanted and helped look after the family, but he was also a politician and politicians were sleazy by definition. Pema avoided thinking about how many of his secretaries he must've had flings with behind her back over the years.

In this world, Pema had no purpose except that of a housewife. She longed to be more than she was, but as a non-bender and the wife of the son of the Avatar, it was hard to have her own identity.

As Tenzin was giving the kids their airbending lesson for the day, Pema changed into a bikini and went down to get some exercise swimming. She swam and swam and swam until she reached the shores of Republic City, when she got out and changed into her favorite costume. She went downtown to a venue where a lot of people were gathering that day.

"Where have you been?" asked one of the organizers. "We almost started without you!"

"I had to make breakfast," said Pema.

"We're running late," said the ill-tempered man. "Put your mask on and get on the stage!"

This rally was the opposite of Pema's home life. Here she was constantly being cheered on by a crowd of admirers. At home she was taken for granted in her role as a goodie-goodie homemaker. The people cheered her name, which was a different name than she was called at home. This was her getaway. It was her own personal revolution and also a greater revolution for all non-benders who couldn't make their mark in a world made for benders and by benders.

No one would give her excitement, she had to find it for herself. No. She had to make it for herself. This was how she expressed her frustration with the way things turned out. This was the way she unleashed her dark side.

Pema spoke in a deeper voice than her normal one. "The era of bending is over! The revolution has begun!"

More to come

  • Chapter 1 is coming! It take place during "Welcome to Republic City" when Korra comes to Republic City to learn airbending.

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