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Death, Departure, Destiny (Marionette)

This is the prologue of Marionette.


Northern Water Tribe, 84 AG

The moon was bright. The water was calm. It seemed like any other night for the people of the Northern Water Tribe, but this would soon change.

"Push, Kaiol!" said Taiko, who was attempting to help his wife through labor.

"Ah! Ooh! AH!" screamed Kaiol, who was just about ready to smack her husband across the face. "AHHH!!!" she yelled again.

"It's fine!" exclaimed a nurse. "He's beautiful." She cradled a small baby boy wrapped in a blue blanket. The nurse passed him to Kaiol. "What is his name?" The two new parents locked eyes, sharing the same thought.

"Keiroh," they said together.

The nurse wrote this down on a sheet of parchment. Suddenly, the lights of the small hut flickered as a woman in white robes shimmered into sight. The parents and the nurse gasped at the rare sight.

"Ming Yun," Taiko murmured through a gasp. "The spirit of destiny. It is an honor to be in your presence." Ming Yung's dazzling gold eyes blinked shut. Then in a quick burst, she opened her eyes and began a new prophecy, a blessing to the baby she visited.

"A Water Tribe boy shall save it all.
The sun will hide as darkness will fall.
Beware the strings of the marionette,
pulled by it's user and biggest threat."

Ming Yun's automaton-like mouth closed as the nurse quickly scribbled down all of the spirit's words. Ming Yun opened her arms and released a necklace. It descended onto Keiroh's small neck. Adorned on the piece of jewelry was a crescent moon charm, the marking of Ming Yun.

Lighting up the whole Water Tribe, the destiny spirit fled the small hut and left all the villagers in awe.

A hero was born.

Ba Sing Se, 88 AG

"Twins! I have twin baby girls!" said a father after hearing such news from nurses. "I hope they are earthbenders, unlike our failure son," he said to his wife. Tears sat on the edge of four-year old Arius' eyes, preparing to drip and run down his cheeks in waterfalls.

How could he think I'm a failure?! Arius thought. I thought he loved me, he's my father!

Arius' new sisters were brought out from a back room in emerald green blankets, his father's request.

"Arius, would you like to meet your new sisters?" Arius' mother asked politely. Arius wiped his waterfalls dry and approached the bundles of new life. His mother passed him one to hold. I hope you don't ever have to go through what I am, ever, he thought.

Arius looked at his father's emerald robes and hat with despisement. I hate the Dai Li and I hate earthbending!

Ba Sing Se, 92 AG — Spring

"Great form, girls!" Arius' father told his twins after their synchronized earthbending routine.

"Dinner!" Arius' mother shouted through the kitchen window to her family.

I wonder if Dad will remember to leave the door open for me, Arius thought. Ooh; that smells good too. Roast duck, here I come! Arius darted to the back door, only to find it slammed shut in his face. He teared up. Not again! Roast duck is my favorite...aaugh! Why?!

Arius looked to his right and saw the kitchen window ajar. Yes! Perfect! Arius ran to the window and began to climb in. Unfortunately for him, Arius forgot that his father's bust was on a pedestal right under the window. He gasped as he fell onto the statue, shattering it into several large chunks. Arius' father turned from his food and yelped.

"What is wrong with you?!" he immediately screamed. Arius didn't have time to start an apology. "I can't believe you would be so stupid as to ruin my valuables!" he continued to scold.

"Honey, I think that yo-"

"You, Arius, are such a disgrace!" Arius couldn't keep any composure, and let his waterfalls rush.

"Go to the corner and do not come forth until I let you!"

"Honey! You are getting quite hars-"

"Now!" his father demanded. Yet Arius didn't move.

"I said, now!" Arius wanted to grab his bow and release one arrow for every word his father said. "NOW!"

Arius finally ran to his corner, grabbed his possessions, and fled from his Upper Ring home as quickly as possible.

"That's right, you failure..." Arius head from a distance. Where do I go? he thought.

Two hours later, Arius found himself at the Ba Sing Se Zoo.

"Woah!" Arius said in amazement. To a young boy, the big establishment of animals was an amazing sight. Arius began to look around. I need to get out of this city.

"Mister! Mister!" Arius turned to see a little girl question the zookeeper. "What is that?" she said, in reference to a large, green animal.

"That there is an eel hound!" replied the keeper. "This creature is one of the fastest on land and water." The girl gasped in awe, but the boy smiled with ideas. I think I know just how I'm getting out of this "utopia".

Northern Water Tribe, 92 AG — Fall

"Help?" muttered a waterbender boy who was trapped under a pile of snow topped with a column of ice.

"Great work, Pupil Keiroh!" said a waterbending teacher. "I was quite impressed with your use of the column." He lifted a single hand to change the snow and ice to water, freeing the other pupil from Keiroh's restraints. "Keiroh, why don't you leave early today? I'm going to review some basics for these, er...amateurs," the master whispered. Keiroh bowed to his teacher.

"Thank you, Master Pakku." Keiroh walked away in the direction of his home.

Maybe I'll write a letter to Azani, Keiroh thought. Dear Azani, I think that I'm doing great at waterbending lessons... He began to write it in his head.

"Really? You're kidding, right?" said a woman nearby, interrupting his train of thought. What's going on now? More penguin races? I swear that was last week...

Keiroh followed the group of adults to see what was happening. As they arrived at the front of the Tribe, Keiroh spotted a massive creature that he'd never seen before.

"Excuse me. Sorry! Did he step on you?" said the rider. He looked Keiroh's age, wore ragged clothes, and had a quiver of arrows and a bow on his back. The large animal came closer to Keiroh, and that made him get farther away until he broke into a dash.

"Wait! You don't have to run! He's nice!" the rider yelled. Keiroh stopped running – because he slipped on a patch of ice.



Keiroh sat up, only to be met with a tongue that licked his whole body, making him gag.

"Are you okay?" The boy slipped off his animal friend and helped Keiroh up. "Souri is a good eel hound," he said as he patted his companion. "Hi, I'm Arius. What's you name?"

"I'm Keiroh. Uh, do you need a place to stay?" Keiroh questioned. "I can see your not from here."

"Yeah, I kinda do."

"Maybe you can come to my house." Souri licked Keiroh's head. "You too, Souri."

"Thanks! Do you want to be friends?" Arius asked.

"Sure! Let's go to my home. My mom makes great food."

And best friends were created.

Author's Note

I hope you enjoyed this! Now that backstories are out of the way, we can get on with the story. ;) I think that I'll write everything in documents rather than notebooks. I just used 9 or so pages for this. :P Ha.

Oh yeah, those scenes with Arius' father were just hard to write; sad stuff — you know, his "I hate that Dai Li and earthbending," thought. *shivers* ;)


  • Keiroh's parents names are derived from someone that you know. Hint: Taiko and Kaiol. ;)
  • The scene where Arius' father screams at Arius was originally in all capitals, but the author chose not to do that.
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