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Love and Loss



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Only the Beginning

"Time to eat!" Katara yelled from the dining room.

"Is there meat?" Sokka asked.

"Yes." Katara was eager to eat; she has been starving forever.

"Aww! There is meat?" Aang cried. When he was down the stairs, he stared at something, and Toph was looking really worried.

"Katara, um... you feel heavier." Toph said.

Aang looked at his wife's stomach, wide eyed. "Um Katara, are you pregnant?" Toph and Aang said at the same time. Sokka and Suki both looked worried now too. Ty Lee came down to and now she had a worried look. Toph went to feel Katara's stomach. There was a moment of silence.

"Um... Katara, you're pregnant." Katara now also had a worried look. She thought, oh no! I am pregnant! I am only 18, and just got married! What am I going to do?! I will run away - that is what I will do! Wait, if I run away I would die!

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!?" Katara screamed.

"Um... you are pregnant." Toph put on a fake smile, while Aang and Sokka fainted. Now Suki and Ty Lee had there mouths wide open.

"I am going on a walk!"

Suddenly Aang woke up and said, "You are going no where till you get a sweater!!"

"I am fine!" Katara yelled and Waterbended the door shut.

Katara ran up to her father's hut. She opened the door and cried.

"Katara what is wrong?" Hakoda said with a worried look on his face.

"I-I-I a-am pregnant."

Now chief Hakoda was wide eyed. "But you are only 18!" Hakoda said.

"I-I know" Katara said, "What am I supposed to do?"

Hakoda took a breath. "You will go to the north pole with Master Pakku and your friends. That is what you will do," Hakoda said wiping away a tear.

"Okay father. if that is you want," Katara said sadly. "We will leave on the full moon." As Katara said that she left the hut. She walked to a canoe and took it out to sea. Katara knew where she was going: the Southern Air Temple.

Katara looked ahead, the main land. Not ice, but land! She was going the right way! Then something stopped her: the mountains. Oh no! how am I supposed to cross that?! That is massive. And I remember Aang told me the only way to get up there is by flying bison. "Hmm..." Katara said to herself. She looked around. "A cave!!!" she went in side, then she heard a groan, like an Appa groan. She ran to the boat, and made a big wave, and returned to the Southern Water Tribe.

"Aang! Aang!" Katara screamed.

"What?!" Aang groaned putting and pillow over his head.

"I found flying bison!" Katara could not keep he excitement in.

"What?! Flying bison you say!?!" Aang jumped out of bed and raced around the room.

"Come on - follow me." Aang and Katara where at the cave, when a huge beast made a sound and raced out the cave.

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