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Life on the Earth Lion Turtle



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November 17, 2013

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Chapter 1 - Life


Life on the back of a giant Lion Turtle can be difficult


  • Tsang

The Story

In the Era of Raava, there was said to be only one Avatar, and that may be true. Yet, there existed many others who strove to unite the world through the mastery of the elements. One such pacifist was named Tsang, and she was born on the back of the Earth Lion Turtle...

Life was simple on the Lion Turtle. The people lived an easy, and quiet life, with everyone having enough income from their own work and from the small government to live, and their education and healthcare was taken care of by the government as well. One could say that there wasn't a care in the world for the Earth Turtle-dwellers, and that was true, until the humans became restless.

I had always lived on the Earth Lion Turtle, it was the life I had always known, and the idea of me leaving was... well... insane. I had everything I needed: education, support, health, family, friends and enough food and water to last everyone's life time. So as I walked around the massive city, I could not help but look out over the Desert Tribes and wonder why. From the back of the enormous city that sat upon the Lion Turtle's back, you could see all around you, to the point of being able to see where the desert ended and the other landscapes began, so spotting the small villages and seeing the tiny fires at night was not difficult, in fact, you usually had to work to not look at them.

Like the other Lion Turtles, which I did not know existed at this time, our Turtle gave the bending arts to us. Unfortunately, our Turtle was not strict or stern about who and what it gave the arts to. Eventually, it came to pass that the Turtle had given half of the city the power to earthbend, and many people realised that with this power, they no longer needed the Turtle. They needed it before for protection from the spirits, yet, now they could protect themselves. They didn't need to stay here. And so, the exodus began. Three fifths of the city left within a month, and the Desert Tribes were formed. The Tribesmen did not travel far, as we could still see them from the Turtle's back, but some travelled beyond the desert, beyond everything we had ever known and into the Wilds.

With few people left upon its back, the Turtle realised that it was not needed. It saw that they had treated it without respect, taking its gift of earthbending and leaving without a moment's hesitation. Those it had helped and supported for so long had turned their backs on it, in search of their own wealth, following their greed. In response, therefore, the Turtle turned its back on those of us that stayed. Burying its body in the sands of the desert, I no longer saw the Turtle. That was when I was seven years old. I am now seventeen. I have still not seen the Turtle rise.

Without the Turtle and the many people, the city was left virtually defenseless. Of course there were still earthbenders, but what were they to an army? This is what led the spirits to the Earth Lion Turtle. This is what brought crime and hatred upon the city that I love, the city in which I live, the city in which I thought I would die.

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