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Life After the War

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The Almost Announcement


"Sokka wake up!" yelled Katara. "They will be here any minute!"

"Who?" Sokka asked sleepily.

"Zuko and Mai!" exclaimed Katara. "So you better get up, you don't want the Firelord to see you sleeping."

"It's just Zuko." Sokka said while yawning.

"Well I guess I'm not anyone." Mai said emotionlessly.

"Mai, Zuko!" yelled the gaang running up to hug them. "Or should we say Firelord," Toph said sarcastically.

"Not when I'm with you guys." said Zuko lovingly.

"Has anyone seen Aang?" asked Katara.

"He's probably doing something Avatarish." said Toph.

"We saw him when we were flying in. Him and Momo were picking Leechi nuts." Mai said.

"Hey everyone!" said Suki sprinting into the small room.

"SUKI!" yelled Sokka as he ran up to her.

"It's so nice having everyone back together." said Aang, walking into the room. Momo placed the collection of Leechi nuts on the table nearest to them.

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