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A Limited Recovery


Four Years After the End of the War

Ba Sing Se

The foster home of Lee.

Lee put the last item into his bag. It was an armband. An armband given to him by his Firebending teacher when he completed his Firebending training. Even though he was in the Earth Kingdom he was born in the Fire Nation. He didn't know who his real parents were because he was adopted at a very young age. The armband was red like most of Fire Nation things. It had a thin, black stripe near the bottom and top of the band. In the middle of the armband was the mark of the strong, which was also black. He would have worn it, but didn't want it ruined on his journey he planned to take the next night when the full moon would give him guidance. His foster father was a terrible man. He planned attacks against the Fire Nation government and protested the new Fire Lord. He was a former Dai Li agent. He wanted the Fire Nation to carry out Phoenix King Ozai's plan. Lee then placed the bag neatly on the floor under his bed. After, he climbed into his bed and waited to be taken by the night. Eventually, he fell into a deep sleep, but was awaken abruptly.

The Jasmine Dragon

While Lee is in a deep sleep.

"Iroh, it's getting pretty late. I'm going to head home and I suggest you do the same," Iroh's employee said.

"Take care, Jong. Don't worry about me. I just need to finish a few more things and I'll be home in no time," Iroh replied.

Jong left The Jasmine Dragon and about a minute later somebody entered it.

"Jong," Iroh said without looking up from his work, "a man needs his rest-"

"All hail, Ozai!"

Iroh looked up to see a middle aged man with a Fire Nation bomb. He quickly shot lightning at the man, but was too late. The man shot a blast of fire to set The Jasmine Dragon ablaze and the bomb he held out with his hands exploded.

Fire Lord's Palace

Approximately twenty minutes before explosion.

Fire Lord Zuko sat on his throne, weary. He and his advisors discussed the current issues within the Fire Nation. The meeting had been much longer than expected.

"The insurgencies continue, Fire Lord. We haven't had a problem for the last five years, since the war ended. We assume the Insurgent group has taken that time to recruit and plan their attacks. Most of the Insurgents are middle-aged men. From what our spies have confirmed they are all war veterans, which isn't surprising considering they want to take control of the Fire Nation government and military to carry out Phoenix King Ozai's original plan."

"I see. How exactly are the Insurgents attacking? Is it a pattern or do they use a different method each time?" Zuko asked.

"They are using the same methods. They are targeting family members of the government."

"Yes. I know who they are targeting, but how are they attacking?"

"Bombs, Fire Lord. They either plant the bombs within homes, on there transportation, or they are suicide bombing."

Zuko stared into the fire. He thought about the Insurgents targeting family members of the government. An image of his Katara popped into his head, then his Uncle.

"Very well. We will plan our counterinsurgency tomorrow. This meeting has gone on long enough. Get some rest. You are dismissed."

Fire Lord Zuko was escorted by his guards to his quarters. Once he put on the proper clothing he laid down in his bed and tried to fall asleep. He awoke mid-sleep when one of his advisors rushed into his quarters.

"Why are you here at this hour?" Zuko asked.

"Your Uncle! A bombing occurred inside his tea shop! We just received the message via Messenger Hawk."

Zuko bolted out of his bed.

"Do you know if he's okay?!"

"Sorry, Fire Lord Zuko, but we do not know."

Ba Sing Se

Lee's foster home.

A rumble violently shook the earth. Lee woke abruptly and rubbed his eyes. Swiftly, Lee got out of bed and ran down the stairs to see what had happened. He saw smoke in the night air. It was coming from The Jasmine Dragon.

"Lee wait!" His foster father shouted just when he was about to leave.

Lee ignored his foster father and started out the door. But before he could proceed his "father" stomped the ground to make a rock lift into the air, then used Earthbending to chuck the rock at Lee.

"Don't be no hero now, Lee!" He said as Lee dodged the rock and continued out the door.

He started running past neighboring houses while his foster father chased him. Rocks flew past Lee. His "father" was trying to stop him. But why?

When he arrived at The Jasmine Dragon people were standing outside, too afraid to go in. The building was on fire, had obvious damage from some sort of an explosion, and was falling apart. Despite, the condition of the building Lee didn't hesitate to run into The Jasmine Dragon in search of any survivors. When he walked in he started coughing from all the smoke. It burned his eyes and he could barley see. He could see well enough, though, to notice the building was slowly collapsing. Lee put a hand over his mouth and nose because of the smoke. As he looked around he saw a man laying on the ground, either dead or unconscious. Quickly he ran to assist the old man. Wood planks started falling down from the ceiling. The fire increased its ferocity. The building was going to collapse any second. Lee used all his strength to lift the old gentleman and carry him on his shoulder. With the heavy burden Lee could barely walk. That's when the building started coming down. Behind them, Lee heard a crash, then another, and another. It was all coming down right behind them. Where they stood just moments ago had the ceiling coming down on itself. As he reached the exit everything collapsed. Lee tried to push the old man off his shoulder and out into the street. He succeeded, but after wasn't so lucky. The rest of the building fell, knocking Lee over. His waist down was under the wreckage and the rest of his body was luckily not crushed. He could feel an intense pain and a burning sensation. His eyes were beginning to close, on the verge of unconsciousness. He yelped in agony. Then, he saw his "father." The last person he wanted to see. His foster father grabbed Lee's collar and violently pulled him out. Lee wasn't expecting his foster father to actually save him. A nearby woman bended a bucket of water to put out the flames that were on Lee's broken legs. Water never felt so good. It soothed Lee's legs, but the pain was still present. After, his foster father turned Lee so his face was towards the sky. He made a fist and punched Lee in the nose. Lee wasn't surprised by that. Nobody noticed the strike either because they were all tending to the old man.

"Don't ever do something like that again!"

"It was you, wasn't it? You're the one who planned for this man to be killed!" Lee accused.

"I'm goin' ta teach you a lesson, boy!"

His foster father dragged him closer to the wreckage.

"If you like the Fire Lord so much, why don't cha have a scar like him?"

With that said, Lee's "father" grabbed his head and the fire from the wreckage burned the right side of Lee's face. Lee screamed in agony and for help. Luckily, people noticed this time and wrestled his foster father to the ground.

"It burns! It burns!"

The Waterbender turned her full attention to Lee. She ran over and started to put out the flames. Lee tried walking over to his "father", but ended up crawling over with his broken legs. His foster father took one last look at him. Then Lee shot a fire blast at his face. That ended him.

Air Nomads

Aang and On Ji's home. Five months before The Jasmine Dragon incident.

"Aang?" On Ji said approaching him.

"What is it, On Ji?" Aang smiled.

"I'm going to have a baby...our baby."

The Southern Water Tribe

The home of Sokka and Ty Lee. Four months before The Jasmine Dragon incident.

"Hawky! He's back, Ty Lee!" Sokka said with a huge grin on his face.

"That's great, Sokka. What does the message say?"

Sokka took a few seconds to read the message. Then turned towards, Ty Lee.

"It's from Aang. On Ji is going to have a baby!"

"That's great, Sokka!"

"Aang won't be the last Airbender anymore!" Sokka said with a huge grin. Ty Lee embraced Sokka for a long hug. Then Sokka looked up and kissed her.

Author's Note

Hey, everybody. This is a prologue to a series I'm writing: Avatar: The Adventure of Lee. I hope you enjoy this prologue. There will be more chapters to come. Please leave feedback about my prologue. I would love to here from all of you. Thanks.

~Heroic Firebender

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