Prologue (Gods of War)
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Gods of War


Book 1: The Republic

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The Curse

After Amon was defeated in Republic City, the Avatars worked on uniting all, benders and non-benders alike. Rather than being just a city, the United Republic of Nations expanded across the entire world as Fire Lords, Water Chiefs and Earth Kings gave up their titles to better the world, and the Avatar assumed the role of world leader. These people formed the Council; a representative of each element as well as a representative for the non-benders. The Council aided the Avatar with his or her political and economical upkeep of the new, unified nation. With the prominence of Future Industries and other technological companies, advancements in technology increased exponentially and for many years, the Untied Republic of Nations, now called the Republic, was in a state of great wealth and prosperity. People were happy; they had everything they wanted and more. But as the generations went on and technology continued to make life easy, the world lost contact with their ancestral traditions. It was when Avatar Iorick, born around 450 years after Avatar Aang defeated Fire Lord Ozai, was making way for a new power plant for the Republic that something terrible happened. He had entered the Avatar State and was moving large amounts of land to clear the area when a small projectile came from the trees. It flew right into his heart and was wedged in so deep that it could not be recovered. That was when he fell to his death. On that day the Avatar Cycle ended and took with it the last remaining source of spiritualism. People mourned for his death and panic struck across the Republic only momentarily as technology and large companies provided security in the form of material goods.


With the Avatar Cycle destroyed almost one hundred years ago, the world lost its connection with the old ways and, as technology and wealth poured into the Republic, people gave up on their traditional way of life. Now all that is left of the past is the Green – a strip of areas that have not yet been mass industrialised and contain savage tribes.

The world is dark now. But even the smallest flame can light the way.

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