Black Cliffs
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Flames on the Horizon





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August 4, 2013

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The Summer Solstice


The man stepped out of the trees and onto the open grass. He grabbed his son's hand and led him over to the cliff top. Gently and carefully, the man helped his son sit down and then lowered himself to the grass, his legs dangling over the top of the cliff.

Wind buffeted their hair, rippling their clothes. The wind carried with it a warm breeze, creating an aura of serenity around the father and son.

His dark blue eyes stared out at the ocean, looking at miles upon miles of flowing water. Nothing but the ocean and the setting sun could be seen. A smile touched the man's lips. The beauty and tranquility of the view was something the man cherished. He snapped out of his thoughts when his son tugged on the sleeve of his shirt, looking up at him with bright blue eyes full of wonder and curiosity.

"Daddy, why'd you bring me here?" he asked slowly and curiously.

"So you can look out over the ocean," replied the man kindly.

"But why do you want me to look at the ocean?"

"Son, cherish this view," replied the boy's father softly. "Before it's all taken away."

The boy cocked his head, bewildered. "Why would the ocean be taken away?"

The man placed his hand on his son's shoulder and turned to face him. "Because they will come, and they will destroy this beautiful place," he explained, gesturing to the forest and sea around the duo.

"They? Who's they?" The boy's eyebrows were furrowed and his bottom lip was slightly tucked under his top lip.

"The ones who destroy. The ones who defile. The ones who burn."

The explanation clearly did not help the boy, for he frowned and scratched his head. "Daddy, I don't understand."

"They are evil people who want to take all this nature away from us," replied his father. "So appreciate what you have while it still lasts." By now, his smile had faded and he was staring solemnly out at the sparkling blue water reflecting the orange and golden rays from the sun.

The man shifted where he was sitting and sighed quietly. "Because I can guarantee you, they will come."

The little boy blinked. "When will they come?"

Swallowing, the boy's father pointed out to the horizon. "Sometimes, if you look closely enough, you can see it. You can see them." He paused and looked at his son, who was staring out to where the sky and water met. "They're always there. Watching. Waiting."

"How do you know?" asked the little boy.

"Because you can see them. Look closely, boy."

His son squinted his eyes and craned his neck forward. "I don't know what I'm looking for. What can I see?"

The man scratched his chin and inhaled deeply. "Flames. Flames on the horizon."

Word Count

468 words in the Prologue.

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