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Destiny's Faith

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Destiny's Children


Everyone on Air Temple Island was in a fever of excitement. No one had ever seen this day coming, but on the other hand, some did. Friends and family were all gathered in the dining room. Each of them lost in their own thoughts.

Everything was silent, but everyone's heart was beating fast. They didn't know when it would happen. When their lives would change. It was like being in a war. One had been prepared for the coming battle and only wanted to fight, eager for the adrenaline flowing through the body. Though, it was unpredictable when and where it would happen. But the worst part was the wait.

While one's waiting, every kind of thoughts and questions were swimming in the head while time seemed to go by slower than usual. One didn't know how to behave in such a situation or how to feel. Without knowing, the war had already started inside of one. It was unbearable, breaking. The gaze always found back to the clock. Its steady tick bringing every minute closer. The silence was almost catchable, paired with pure excitement and nervousness.

Asami was sitting in a chair, her gaze constantly kept on the floor while her hands were folded together. Concern and ignorance marking her. Mako was standing a few meters away from her, leaning at the wall. His look was unremarkably gliding through the room and back to the clock. Strain flooding through his body. His brother, on the other side, was extremely nervous; his eyes rapidly switching between the corridor and the clock all the time. Next to him was Opal who had laid a calming hand on his shoulder, but of course she was excited as well. She watched how Tenzin stood up from his chair and walked in circles. His face was stressed while he seemed to think about something.

"I think I can't wait anymore," Bolin suddenly said. His voice sounded breathless, like he had held his breath all over the time. With this, the silence was broken and everybody looked up to him.

"Sweetie, I know it's hard, but we have to be patient." He heard Opal's surprising calm voice saying, but sighed.

"It's been two hours. Why didn't anyone come yet? What if something went wrong? What if-"

"Bolin, trust me, nothing's going to go wrong. Things like this always need time." She gave him an assuring smile, which he returned weakly.

"She's right." Now it was Mako who had earned all the gazes. "There's nothing we can do right now. We just have to wait."

Tenzin was about to say something when suddenly, all of them looked at Ikki who approached them. Everyone got up and had a concern look on their faces when seeing the airbender. Asami came closer. "And? Is it ... over?" Ikki briefly closed her eyes and nodded. A smile crept over her face. "Yes. The baby's safe and sound. You can go see -"

"FINALLY!" Bolin quickly pushed Ikki aside and ran to the end of the corridor.

"Bolin!" Mako tried to stop him, but it was hopeless. The earthbender was too excited. He sighed and looked unsurely at Asami who looked back. A small hint of joy but sadness was on her face.

Tenzin came to his side and nodded at him. "Let's go and see the baby." He gave Ikki another nod before she brought them to the room in which the baby was.

Bolin was already there and took a deep breath before he put his head into the room. With a little smirk was on his face, he asked: "And, am I uncle now?" The persons in the room smiled and signaled him to step in. Unconfidently, he walked towards the bed in front of him and smiled a little by seeing the wonderful picture. Shortly after, the others also stepped inside and he made way for his brother who was also astonished.

In front of him, Korra was lying in the bed; a couple wisps of hair were in her face, but though she was exhausted, she managed to bring up a heart-melting smile and her eyes beamed with happiness and unseizable love. Mako couldn't resist but smile as well when he saw the little infant in her weak arms that was in a white towel. It was a magnificent moment no one wanted - or dared - to ruin.

After minutes passing by, Bolin asked quietly: "Is it a girl or a boy?"

Without looking up, Korra replied in an even more quiet but lovely voice: "It's a boy." For the first time, she raised her head and looked at Mako who, in turn, couldn't break the eye contact with the baby. With his son. Questioningly, he briefly looked to Korra who allowed him with a brief nod to pick him up.

Carefully, Mako took his baby into the arms and smiled again at the harmless boy whose eyes were closed. With a gentle voice he welcomed him: "Hello, little rookie."

Behind him, Bolin expressed pure joy, considering it meant he had become uncle. "Wow. I still can't believe it. I am uncle now! 'Uncle Bolin' ... That sounds great! Yeah, Uncle Bolin is good. I can't wait for my nephew to call me like that! ... But, anyways, how are you going to name him? May I suggest Bolin Jr.?"

Opal rolled her eyes at the "suggestion". But the fresh parents didn't find the idea behind the name so bad. "I think, he should have a name that suits him while it's referring to the past. Something like ..."

"How about San?" Mako suggested. "it had been the name of my father."

"San ..." Korra repeated. She wanted to see if it was the right name and how the sound of it was. It was good.

"Seems good," she complied.

Asami was also fond of the name. "I think it quite fits to him. It's short, but filled with a mysterious meaning and it is the name of his late grandfather."

Only Bumi seemed to have another name in mind.

"Well, I think Bumi Jr. sounds better."

Korra smiled at the irony. "Then San it is."

When Mako handed San back to Korra, all she could say was:

"Don't be afraid. I will protect you and if it's needed I'll give my life for yours. Even if it's the last thing I do."


  • Frankly, this prologue hadn't been planned, but I decided to take it in to give the readers a glimpse of ... well, a glimpse of what could happen when a member of Team Avatar gives birth to his/her child.
  • This prologue as well as the upcoming chapters of this story are based on the series - especially on season four. Don't think I would've 'overseen' the very ending of the series. To clear things, the child is Korra and Mako's son.
  • This prologue counts 1,066 words.
  • Huge thanks to AvatarAang7 for his advice on putting in humor!
  • And of course my biggest thanks to all the subscribers who give the story a chance! Especially thanks to Aang 112 for lending an ear!

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