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Walking with Benders



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Duke of Skibbington

A man in tweed and brown trousers walked through a museum. He strode past fossilised skulls and stuffed animals. The background fades to black, leaving him in a dark grassland. Clicking his fingers, he creates fire in his palm.

"Bending is a most peculiar ability. Until recently, not everyone was capable, now, it is wide-spread as photosynthesis in plants. Hello. I am James Hellene and I am here to take you on a journey back through time, for the purpose of discovering the origin of bending and how it has spread so far. The key to the story lies in my family - and in a way, your family, too."

He opened a hard-covered notebook and flicked a page, revealing a photograph. "These three in the front, we have my two brothers - Aang and Herodotus. Then, of course, there is me. Here is my father, Alexander, dressed in the lab coat, can you see? Holding his hand, is my mother, Jinora. See the arrow on her forehead? She was a master Air Nomad. And you see the two people at the back? They are my mother, Athena, and my father, Philip." The man grins. He flicks another page and reveals an old, sepia-toned photograph of three children, a Water Tribe woman and a monk with a beard. "See that little baby there? That's Tenzin, my grandfather. And there we have my great grandmother, Katara. Finally, we have my great grandfather, Aang."

He closed his book and stood up, removing his glasses, realising he was blind without them and putting them on again. "My mother and father were both airbenders. Same with my grandmother and grandfather. Then, it gets a bit mixed and confusing. But if that is the case, how can I be bending this flame? Join me, and we shall travel back in time to see how bending evolved from the art of giant animals, to a common tool for every man. Join me as we walk with benders!"

James Hellene packs a few supplies into his car and drives off into a large portal.

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