Prologue (Avatar: Rise and Fall)
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Avatar: Rise and Fall





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August 7, 2012

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The Vision


Water. Earth. Fire. Air.

Twenty-six years ago, I met a remarkable young man trapped in an iceberg. His name was Aang and he was the Avatar. A hundred years of war had left my tribe helpless and scarred, and the Fire Nation on the brink of victory. As the Avatar, Aang had to travel the world and master the four elements to defeat the Fire Lord before Sozin's Comet arrived at the end of the summer. After traveling for a year, making new friends, and mastering the elements, Aang defeated the Fire Lord and ended the Hundred-Year War. It was then that I realized my true feelings for Aang and decided to start a relationship that would eventually last a lifetime.

After the conflict surrounding the Harmony Restoration Movement, Aang and Fire Lord Zuko decided to transform the Fire Nation colonies in the Earth Kingdom into a separate nation, in order to create peace and balance. It would be governed from a new and beautiful city hugging the coast of Yue Bay: Republic City. The United Republic of Nations is now my husband's greatest effort to keep the balance, and is perhaps the world's last chance for true peace. We live on an island off the coast of Republic City, where Aang has built a new Air Temple with the help of our friends and the Mechanist. We live there with our three children, while Aang helps to build Republic City into the dream he means it to become. For if Republic City fails to unite the other nations in peace and harmony, the stability we have worked so hard to achieve will collapse.

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