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Water, earth, fire, air. Long ago, the four kingdoms lived together in harmony; then everything changed when the Kingdom of Fire attacked. Only the legendary knight known as the Avatar could stop them so my friends and I set out to find him and this is what happened...

The Kingdom of Air was the most peaceful kingdom in the world. The people of the Kingdom of Air knew it and were proud of it. "Aang, I wish to see you." A man said.

"Yes, Master Urien; what do you need?" Urien's apprentice, Aang asked.

"You have excelled more quickly than any other apprentice I have ever seen, Aang. Your skills surpass all of the others and I believe you have mastered the code of chivalry," Urien said.

"Does that mean-" Aang started.

"Yes, Aang," Urien replied. Aang kneeled down on one knee while Urien unsheathed his sword. "I now dub you: Sir Aang. You are now a true knight." Aang was truly honored that he was being knighted at only twelve years old. Only one other knight had done so before. "Now, Aang, ride off into the sunset and celebrate your newfound knighthood." Urien spoke. Aang nodded and mounted his pet bison.

"Alright, Appa, let's go!" He ordered happily. The bison known as Appa growled and ran off into the sunset; Aang rode for hours and hours, leaving the Kingdom of Air behind.

Urien was walking to his small house when he saw something that worried him. Thousands of soldiers as well as about thirty knights were all entering the Kingdom of Air and were destroying everything in sight. "What is going on here?!" Urien shouted, alarmed.

One of the knights shouted a response. "We have been sent by our lord, King Arthur to conquer this kingdom! Surrender or be destroyed!"

Urien's eyes widened. He unsheathed his sword and ran at the invaders taking down as many as he could. He slashed his way through many of them, showing no mercy. Urien stabbed right through an approaching knight's face and then impaled two more right through their centers. Eventually, Urien became outnumbered. The last thing he saw was the sight of his enemies smothering him as he was pulled down and ripped apart.

Aang looked up at the stars and treasured the fact that he was a knight. His training had paid off and he was grateful to have a master as kind and wonderful as Urien. It was getting late and Aang knew he should return to the Kingdom of Air. The young knight was drowsy but knew he could make it through the night. "Let's go, Appa." He said. The tired bison ran back towards the Kingdom of air, unaware of what he and his master would see when they returned.

"My lord, our soldiers have obliterated the Kingdom of Air." A knight said to his king.

"Ha! Those weaklings have allowed themselves to be destroyed in such a short amount of time! How weak they truly were," King Arthur boasted. "And you are sure there are no survivors?" King Arthur questioned.

"Yes, my liege. The remaining soldiers searched everywhere and confirmed everyone was dead." The knight answered.

"Very well; now all I have to do is conquer the Kingdom of Earth and I will rule the world!" The evil tyrant declared. The knight said nothing as he left his ruler's presence. He joined four of his fellow knights outside.

"So, it has been done then?" One asked.

"Yes, it has." The knight who had just joined them replied.

"I can't believe King Arthur would do this!" The former shouted.

"What does that mean, Galahad?" The latter asked.

"What it means, Lancelot, is that our king has just annihilated thousands of innocent people! How could you support his decisions?" Galahad responded.

"Look, what's done is done. There is nothing you can do to change it, Galahad." Yet another knight spoke.

"No, Dagonet, it would not change anything; but what if we abandoned King Arthur and set out to stop his mad quest?" Galahad suggested.

"Are you out of your mind, Galahad?!" Lancelot shouted. "You dare suggest we betray King Arthur?!"

"What else can we do?!" The knight known as Percival asked, defending Galahad.

"We can continue to serve our king!" Lancelot retorted.

"Well, I don't care what you guys say because I am going ahead with my decision." Galahad declared.

"I'm going with you." Percival said.

"I'm going too." Dagonet spoke.

"Yeah, me too." The knight known as Gawain said.

"Well, Lancelot, what say you?" Galahad asked.

Lancelot drew his sword and the other knights prepared to do battle with him. But then, Lancelot thrust his sword in the air. "In the name of the four sacred kingdoms, let us end King Arthur's destruction!" He yelled. The other knights raised their swords and shouted heroic cries.

"Where shall we start?" Gawain inquired.

"We shall journey to the Kingdom of Air and seek any survivors." Galahad replied.

"Very well then, let's go!" Gawain urged.

Sir Aang was riding back to his home. He could not wait to get some rest. All of the boy's thoughts stopped when he saw what lied ahead of him. The Kingdom of Air, his home had been demolished. All Aang could see was ruins. There were no signs of any survivors of whatever had happened. Aang rode until he reached the village in which he lived. He saw corpses everywhere. He dismounted Appa and walked through the village. He felt his heart stop when he saw Urien's skeleton. "Urien," Aang whispered his former master's name. "How did this happen? Why would anyone do this? Who is responsible for this?!!" Aang's voice bellowed all throughout the village. The boy was bawling now. His people had been destroyed. He did not know who was responsible but he knew one thing, he would find whoever did this and make him pay for sure.

"Hello?" Aang heard a voice. "Hello?" He heard it again. He turned to see five knights walking through the village. "Is there anyone out there?" One of them called out. Aang identified the knight who had been calling out and was immediately stunned by her beauty.

"Hello, good knights." Aang responded to their calls.

"Look, there is a survivor!" Dagonet said, pointing to Aang. The five knights ran over to Aang to see if he was okay. Galahad kneeled down to check on him. "Hello, what is your name?" She asked.

"My name is Sir Aang." The boy replied.

"Sir Aang? You are a knight?" Galahad questioned.

"Yes, are you knights as well?" Aang inquired.

"Yes, I am Lady Galahad. These are my friends, Sir Dagonet, Lady Gawain, Sir Lancelot, and Lady Percival." Galahad responded, introducing herself as well as her companions.

"Why have you come here? Who is responsible for this?" Aang started blurting out questions.

"We are five of the Knights of the Round Table. We have set out to stop our former master King Arthur for causing this terrible genocide." Galahad explained.

"This King Arthur you speak of, isn't he the leader of the Kingdom of Fire?" Aang repeated what he had learned about the rulers of the four kingdoms.

"Yes, he has also conquered the Kingdom of Water, my home." Galahad responded, sadly.

"It is mine as well." Dagonet added.

"Sir Aang, will you join us in our quest to stop King Arthur and save the world?" Galahad asked, hopefully.

Aang stood up and raised his sword in the air. "I swear upon the code of chivalry and all of my people I will end King Arthur's reign of tyranny!" He declared, loudly. The other knights raised their swords as well and cheered with him. "From this day forth, we shall entrust each other with our lives and I know one day that we will all become like family to one another!"

Although Aang's swordsmanship is great, he has a lot to learn before he is ready to save anyone. But I believe Aang will become the true ruler of the four kingdoms and save the world.

Author's Notes

  • Sir Urien is the Medieval version of Gyatso.
  • This was just an update to give everyone something to look forward to. Chapter 1 will not begin for a while.

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