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Siege of Gaoling

The Dream

Azula clanked her bonds furiously, tears welling from her eyes and fire bellowed from her throat, as Zuko and Katara only watched in mingled sadness and horror. But there were more important things to do. Azula would have to wait. "We have to reach my father. If Aang has come to fight him, we must be there to help." Zuko said sternly.

"But what about the rest of us?" Katara asked, "You know they won't watch either."

Zuko smiled. "I know. Together, all of us, we will stop my father. His tyranny will end today."

"Well than, stop talking and get on the bison!" Katara shouted from above him, and he looked up to Katara, who had already jumped on Appa.

"Yes, let's" Zuko murmured. He jumped on the bison and with a roar Appa soared up and flew towards the direction of Wulong Forest.

Sokka and Suki had been watching Aang's fight for a while now, telling Toph of all the details. They heard a roar from above, and looking out from the Airship they had stolen, they saw Appa race by.

"Hey!" Sokka yelled, and with a jerky stop, Appa turned back. Sokka grinned with glee as he saw Katara and Zuko's surprised faces. Soon, Appa was safely landed in the zeppelin's hatch, and Sokka led them to the control room.

"You hijacked the airship!?" Katara gasped in mixed awe and surprise, "You could've gotten killed!"

"Better chances than you had" Sokka grunted in reply.

"Oh yeah, how did that go?" Suki asked, and in turns Zuko and Katara gave the rest of them the low-down on what had happened at the Palace.

"So Azula went nuts?" Sokka asked, "Geesh, that's what I call a bad day."

"We'll have to deal with her later." Zuko said urgently, "Where's Aang?"

"Fighting Ozai." Sokka said, his eyes full of excitement, "He went into the Avatar State right before you guys arrived. He's kicking Ozai's ass!"

Suddenly an enormous crash broke throughout the forest, and they rushed towards the window. Aang was chasing Ozai throughout Wulong Forest, and had tried to crush Ozai between two enormous rock pillars. Unfortunately, Ozai managed to dodge it, and tried again to attack Aang, but the young Avatar blocked it liked it was nothing, and countered it with his own massive fire blasts.

"Go Aang!" Sokka cheered, but Katara and the rest of them looked at Sokka strangely, "What?" Sokka asked.

"Oh, nothing." Suki said quickly, but they all watched the battle again as Aang trapped Ozai on one of the pillars.

With surprise, they heard Aang, but not just his voice...

"Firelord Ozai, you and your forefathers have devastated the balance of the world, and you must now pay the ultimate price."

The group watched in amazement as with grace Aang bended air, water, earth, and fire into a tight spiral, and rushed it at Ozai's heart. But right before it all hit, Aang suddenly stopped, all the elements around him falling, and he lowered to the pillar where Ozai was.

"What is he doing?!" Zuko asked furiously, "Does he want my father to win?!"

"Wait Zuko." Katara snapped, but secretly she wondered what Aang was doing too.

Suddenly, Ozai and engulfed within red and blue light. The air itself hummed dangerously, as if warning Katara.

The red light slowly covered Aang, as the blue light waned and relented. Katara's worry only grew the more the red light grew. Finally only a sliver of blue light was left.

"Please," Katara whispered to herself, "Let him be okay."

Katara had just finished her whisper when the blue light finally relented, and red light covered both of the opponents.

"Uh...that's not good." Sokka murmured, "Let's-"

Sokka never finished his sentence. A pillar of red light shot from Ozai and Aang, and the ship shook as the force of the blast hit the sides of the airship.

"What's happening?" Toph asked.

"I...don't know." Katara answered sadly. Sokka tapped her shoulder, "It's not over." he said, pointing to where Aang was.

Aang was raising slowly in the air, looking at himself as if he had just been born again. Ozai was whispering to Aang quickly, and to their horror Aang nodded and looked in their direction. Disturbingly, his eyes, which should have been white when in the Avatar State, or at least blue when not, were a bright crimson red.

"You have tried to stop the greatest power known to this world from taking what is rightfully his." Aang roared, and he smiled cruelly, "Pray to your spirit of choice, for you will soon join them!" Katara and the others watched in horror as Aang aimed a huge blast of fire at them....

"Wake up Katara!" Toph shouted for the last time, shaking Katara as if she was a rag-doll. Katara blinked quickly and waved Toph away.

"Why did you wake me up?" Katara groaned, "Is the Fire Nation close?"

"Worse." said Toph seriously, and she was never serious, "They found us."

"What? How?"

"I don't know." Toph answered sadly, "but we know who's leading them."

"Who?" Katara asked urgently.

Toph looked away. "Aang."

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