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Around the World (Again)

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April 23, 2011

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

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On Ember Island, Part 1: The Tournament


Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and Katara and her brother, Sokka, discovered the new Avatar, an Airbender named Aang. He ended the war a year later, therefore restoring peace to the three remaining nations. After ending the war, Aang and his friends, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Suki, and Mai, went to reside in their old home in Ba Sing Se.

Aang and Katara have been dating for a while now and on their fourth date, Aang decided that it was time to take their relationship to the next level.

"Katara, do you want to go out for dinner tonight?" Aang asked. They were at the gang's house.

"Sure Aang! I'd love to!" Katara replied. Thrilled, he rushed to prepare for their evening together. After he finished getting ready, Aang waited for Katara at the door. Sokka strolled by and noticed Aang's fancy black suit.

"Why are you dressed so fancy tonight, Aang?" Sokka asked, knowing what Aang was going to say.

"Katara and I are going out for dinner tonight."

"Oh! So a date?" Sokka smirked at him.

"Um... yes." Aang replied hesitantly.

"Smoochy, smoochy, someone's in love! Ow! Katara!" He sharply turned around to where his sister was standing and discovered she had lashed at Water Whip at him. Aang stared at Katara with a huge smile on his face. She was wearing a beautiful blue dress; her blue eyes sparkled and her dark brown hair glowed.

"Stop teasing him, Sokka. Let's go Aang." Aang held the door open for Katara as she walked outside into the cool afternoon air. The radiant sun was just beginning to set for the day, tinting the sky orange. Aang joined Katara outside and the two of them walked to a restaurant in the Upper Ring. After they finished eating dinner, they went for a nice walk in the moonlight, spectating the beauty of the Upper Ring. They arrived at the Upper Ring Fountain, called the Nations Fountain that was built in honor of the gang for their accomplishment of ending the hundred-year war. It was named so because of the vivid colors artistically painted on its sides, blue, red, green, and yellow, representing the four nations. It was there where Aang decided to ask Katara a big question.

"K-Katara, wil-l will y-you be." He sighed. He took a deep breath and asked the question, this time without stuttering. "Will you be my girlfriend, Katara? I know that it's only our fourth date, but we traveled the world together and w-" Katara leaned over and gave him a kiss, answering his question without saying a word. The two walked back to their house with an smile spread across Aang's face the entire time.

While Aang was exultant with Katara and his other friends in Ba Sing Se, Zuko, who was now the Fire Lord, replacing his father, Ozai, traveled to the palace occasionally, on Appa. He wanted to ensure that no one was devising any schemes to disrupt the balance of the world. He bought an air balloon there for he had a very important mission to do and he didn't want to bother Aang by taking Appa with him. He traveled the world in his air balloon for four months, searching for his mother that had been banished from the Fire Nation when he was young, for doing 'vicious, treasonous things', according to Ozai, the night that Zuko's grandfather, Azulon died. After four long months of searching with his girlfriend, Mai, Zuko was still unable to track his mother. He and Mai then returned to Ba Sing Se, sadness filling Zuko's heart. However, spending time with his friends and girlfriend eventually freed him from any thoughts about his mother.

Sokka and Suki were also happy together; their romantic relationship still remained strong. The only person without romance was Toph, however, she didn't dwell on the matter too much because she found a job in the city: teaching Earthbending to other Earthbenders. Not only did she get paid well, but she also enjoyed teaching other Earthbenders. She usually left after breakfast and came back a few hours before dinner. Though the Earth King paid for their house and their food since they ended the war, Toph liked having extra money; just in case it was needed one day.

As for Appa and Momo, Aang and the gang built a huge yard next to their house for them. They stayed there most of the time where being in each other's company prevented either from growing bored. Members of Team Avatar would frequently take them out of the yard on a flight high above the beautiful city of Ba Sing Se. The gang always went to the Jasmine Dragon to drink tea and play games of Pai Sho with Zuko's uncle, Iroh. They journeyed through the city, assisting anyone in need. Every day was filled with happiness for the gang. They didn't leave Ba Sing Se for almost a whole year which lead to a big problem.

After a while, Sokka and Katara grew weary of Ba Sing Se and longed to go back to the Southern Water Tribe, to see their family again. They weren't the only ones wanting to visit their old homes either. Toph wished to see her parents again since they hadn't replied to the letter that she sent to them over a year ago. Suki wanted to visit Kyoshi Island, the place where she once lived with her old friends, the Kyoshi Warriors. Sokka, Katara, Toph, and Suki all agreed to ask Aang, the leader of the group, the question one night after they finished eating dinner.

"Um... Aang, we need to ask you a question," Katara began. The only people unaware of the planned proposal were Aang and Zuko. Mai had gone to the Fire Nation for a family reunion a few days ago.

"Okay, go for it!" Aang said.

"Well, we've been in Ba Sing Se for a long time, almost a year," Katara continued.

"Yes..." Aang said.

"And we kind of miss our old homes, you know, and our family." said Suki. Aang nodded, wishing to hear what had to be said.

"Umm.. Aang," Katara said, looking straight into his eyes. "Can we go visit our families?"

"We really miss them." Sokka added.

"Yeah, Aang. Come on, please," Suki pleaded.

"Of course! You should have asked me when you all first felt that way. What do you think, Zuko? " Aang asked.

"I think it's a great idea."

"Should we also go to your home, the Fire Nation Palace?" Aang asked.

"No, that's okay. I go there all the time."

"Alright, then. Let's go! We can leave in two days," Aang happily said.

"Hang on Aang! What about Toph's job? And the house? We still want to keep the house, so we can continue living here when we return," Katara said.

"I can ask the Earth King if he can let us keep the house while we go on our adventure. And about Toph's job, she can alert the person in charge of there about the trip. I'm sure that they'll let you go, Toph. They can find a substitute until we get back," said Aang.

"And how long will that be?" Toph asked.

"Well let's see; we can spend a week at the Southern Water Tribe, another week on Kyoshi Island, and another week in Gaoling. So the journey will take a little more than three weeks including the traveling time." said Aang.

"Okay. I'll tell the master that I'll be back in about four weeks. I'll do that now before they leave for the night." She ran to the door until Aang said, "Wait, Toph!" She halted in her tracks and looked at him. "I have an idea."

"What is it, Aang?" Katara asked.

"What if we extend our journey beyond those three places?"

"Huh?" Sokka said, confused about what he meant.

"Well, what if we go to other places, besides the Southern Water Tribe, Kyoshi Island, and Gaoling?" Everyone stared at him, intent to hear his plan. "What if we go visit other friends that we've made and help them with whatever they may need?" Katara seemed to catch on and explained Aang's idea to the others.

"Aang's saying that we should go around the world again, right?" She looked at Aang to which he nodded. "I think it's a great idea. We can visit our friends and old locations. But where should we start?"

"Why don't we go the opposite way around the world?" said Aang which caused the others to stare at him in confusion yet again. "What I mean is, we started our adventure at the Southern Water Tribe. What if we make that our last destination before coming back to Ba Sing Se? And since we're not going to the Fire Nation Capital, we can visit the last place we went to before the comet arrived: Ember Island." Aang's excitement at the idea of visiting old locations and friends was growing rapidly.

"But visiting every place that you guys have been to?" asked a doubtful Suki. "Wouldn't that take a long time? And what are we supposed to do in the places that have been deserted like the Western Air Temple?"

"Well we don't have to visit every single location. We can just go to the important ones. Guys, we're going around the world again!" Aang said, growing more excited at the prospect of traveling the world again with his friends. With all the questions and problems answered now, Toph ran to the Earthbending Training Camp to tell her master that she was leaving Ba Sing Se for a month to travel the world, while the rest of the gang went off to their bedrooms to sleep. It was decided they would be leaving in two days. Aang found it hard to sleep; he was extremely anxious, but he eventually let his mind wander freely and fell asleep.

The gang spent the day packing their bags while Aang told the Earth King about how he wished for the gang to be able to keep their house in Ba Sing Se to which he consented. They were prepared for their journey, but waited one more day in the city to gather food and supplies for the trip. They were to leave the next morning at dawn for Ember Island. After dinner, Sokka presented a map that he and Aang had worked on the previous day, detailing where they were going and how long they planned on staying in that particular location. For most places, they planned on staying for a day and a night, but things don't always go as planned. When they awoke the next morning, Aang could feel excitement and adventure in the air. As they headed out the door, Aang gave the others keys to the house.

"When I went to see the Earth King, I also asked him if he could give me six extra keys to the house, one for each of us. Who knows, this might come in handy some day," Aang said, handing keys to his friends. When Zuko walked past him to get his key, Aang gave him two and said, "Here. One for you and one for Mai. When we go to pick her up, you can give her the key." After everyone had their own copy of the keys to the door, Aang locked it and walked to the yard where Appa and Momo were. They all hopped onto him and with a "yip yip", Appa soared into the dawning sky. The gang had officially started their adventure around the world (again).

Author's Note

Though this is the first chapter in my fanon, I wrote it after posting the eleventh chapter because I was very unhappy about the way the fanon started. I also re-wrote the first three chapters because I wasn't pleased on the way it came out. I'm very happy with my fanon now. I'm glad that I decided to re-write the first three chapters. I'll be posting all the re-written chapters today.

I thank Ultimate for helping me with a lot of grammar in this chapter. I hope that you all enjoy this chapter.

- Aang20791 Talk Fanon Aang DOBS Sprite 16:23, April 23, 2011 (UTC)


  • The beginning of this chapter is a reference to the show's opening.
  • When Aang is about to leave with Katara for their date, the conversion that takes place is a reference to the one that happens in The Fortuneteller.

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