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Prologue: Transitions
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Chapter 1: New Life


The boy sat still in his seat, staring deeply into the flickering fire, as the man circled around him.

"You've been naughty, haven't you?" the man asked him. He was now so close that the boy could feel his body heat and smell the dragon brandy he had drunk earlier on his breath.

"N-n-no.." the boy trembled with fear as sweat ran down his face.

"Don't lie to me!" the man bellowed, panting with rage and staring straight into the boy's eyes.

"I-I-I'm not..." the boy began, heart pounding fast.

"SILENCE!" the man shouted.

"No! No!" yelled the boy, eyes widened in terror.

And then, after a moment's silence, a piercing scream was heard from the next room over. The whole building fell as silent as a sparrow mouse.

An hour later, five soldiers ran into the room, but they were too late. They paced around, trying to avoid the blood covering the floor. The leader walked towards the wall, and knocked his head against it.

"The... Avatar... has died..." said a soldier, kneeling down to take a closer look at the boy lying on the floor.

"We've failed" said the leader remorsefully.

"Sir, we may have failed. But now, we must do whatever we can to protect the new Avatar," one of his men reminded him. "This Avatar was an Earthbender, the next shall be a Firebender."

"Yes, you're right," stated the leader, accepting the loss and coming back to his senses. "Boys – pack your bags – we're going to the Fire Nation!" he announced, now standing in the center of the room.

Five Years Later...

"Quickly now, Miyuki!" yelled Bojing.

Miyuki ran up and down the room, sweeping the floor. Sweat dribbled down her face – she was so tired.

"Someone is here to see you, Bojing," said Lei, the butler.

"You may stop now." Bojing told Miyuki, as he walked out the door with Lei.

Miyuki dropped the rag she had been using to wipe down the floors at once. She then walked down to her room and flopped onto her bed. It's been a tough day today she thought to herself.

Miyuki rolled over and picked up the image of her mother that was on her bed side table. She held it tightly in her arms. "We'll meet again soon..." she said.

When Miyuki was two, her parents split up. Following the divorce she was left in the care of her father. Shortly afterwards, he went to war. When he left, he placed her in the care of her wealthy uncle, Bojing. Bojing wouldn't accept her, if he wasn't getting anything in return and Miyuki's father had nothing to pay him. So Miyuki had to do work for her uncle. She had been with him for three years now. Three miserable years. Each day she has a harder job to do. Miyuki now longingly awaits the day to be re-united with her mother again.

Miyuki had little to no memory of when she was with her parents and they were together, but she knew deep down that they were out there and that they loved her. She held that truth dear to her heart. Miyuki had images in her mind of her as a young toddler laughing and playing with dolls while her mother and father watched her, smiling. Miyuki had been only two years old when her parents split up and she was now only five. She did not know whether this image was an actual memory or just a dream. Either way, she longed for the day when she would see either one of her parents again. Her mother she had nothing of and her father only letters.

After about five minutes, Bojing reentered her room. "Miyuki, I have sad news." he said.

"What is it?"

"Your father has been killed."

Miyuki could not believe her ears at first. Her father...dead? But...he had promised to come back for her. Promised that they would be together again. Her hope of seeing her father again and escaping her current hardship was now gone. This was hope that allowed her to get up every morning with the knowledge that one day things would be better. As Miyuki took this in, tears began streaming from her eyes. Her dad was dead. She would never continue her memory or feel his warmth again. Her grief soon turned to rage. It was not fair! How could her father be taken from her so soon?

Suddenly, Miyuki's purple eyes began to glow. She drew her arms back and pushed forward, shooting jets of fire toward the bureau in the corner of the room, setting it on fire. Bewildered, her uncle Bojing stepped back and yelled at Lei to put out the fire promptly. He would chastise Miyuki for this later certainly. But right now he was too scared to go near her.

Several miles from the manor where Miyuki and Bojing dwelled, a small platoon of soldiers were camping. They turned to notice a towering pillar of light in the distance.

One of the soldiers turned and ran into the tent where the leader was writing in his journal. "Sir – a pillar of light – I believe the Avatar has returned."

The leader stopped what he was doing at once. "Then we haven't got a moment to lose. Let's go!"

Incredible, the leader thought to himself as his men prepared themselves. The Avatar State at age five – we must not fail this time.

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