The Woman from the Forest
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Chapter 1: The Next Avatar

She ran through the darkness trying to get away from the place. It had caused her nothing but harm and she just wanted to get away. To get away from that evil place. To get away from the trees that taunted her every day she looked at them, with the silent promise that she could get away if only she could cross the road on the other side of the forest. Every morning the trees rose almost majestically into the sky casting a cool shade on to the ground that she liked to sit in one a warm sunny day. But now it was night and the temperature was steadily falling. She looked around trying to figure out the best route to the edge of the forest. By now the trees had became a silent but deadly ally. As she ran she looked over her shoulder causing the branches to snag her hair pulling it out by the roots but, ignoring the pain, she continued to run getting whipped by the small saplings that she had helped plant. Although she was suffering a painful beating from the saplings they offered her one thing that was vital in her survival. They offered cover and protection. Or so she thought.

They stood there watching her run on the video feeds. The room was dark and the only light came from the screens. The two inhabitants of this room were both wearing dark hoods and they were watching her intently as she made her way across the landscape. There was a small screen on which the woman's stats such as age, height and weight. There was also another note, this one was whether she could perform magic and next to it was a small note saying: NO. Only one of them spoke and this was just two words, 'Do it.'

She could see civilization it was just at the bottom of the hill all she had to do was climb down and she would be free. Free to tell the world about this horrible place about what they were doing to people about what they were trying to do. She was almost there when it happened. She heard the noise after the pain. It was a searing pain that just appeared out of no where. She fell clutching her thigh trying to hold on to the scream that was threatening to escape her lips. She looked down to see her hand slowly becoming red from the blood that had started to steadily flow from the hole in her leg. She began to steadily crawl through the brush when she heard the dogs. The barking installed so much fear that she began to run ignoring the screaming pain from her leg. She reached the edge of the road just as the first dog appeared at the top of the hill. She ran on to the road screaming for help when the first dog hit her. It grabbed her arm sinking its teeth into the bare flesh of her arm when it yelped and let her go. Before she passed out she saw a boy no older than sixteen standing over her with worry in his eyes. Then it all went black.

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