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"The Necklace of the Night"
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The Night of a Thousand Stars


The Journey to the Earth Kingdom



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August 16, 2016

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"The Kids on the Beach"

"The Necklace of the Night" is the prologue to Chronicle I: The Journey to the Earth Kingdom of The Night of a Thousand Stars.

Prologue: The Necklace of the Night

It was late night at Ember Island. The sun was about to set. There were only two people left on the beach. As the ocean waves were washing away their footprints on the sand, Hana and Shu moved closer and closer each other. Hana had her beautiful necklace, which glowed beautifully when the sunshine reflected in it.

There were no more questions about what to do now. They knew they loved each other, and they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. As their hands met, they started with a hug, transforming into a kiss as the sun finally set.

"I love you, Shu."

"I love you, Hana."

Three years later

Hana was sitting in a chair, feeding their baby daughter, Yuki, while Shu showed their older son, Ame, how to wash their pet, a fox they had named Foxy.

In the afternoon, the family went to the beach on a picnic. 

Shu looked out for the baby, while Hana helped Ame build a sand castle. However, Yuki proved to miss her mom, so the parents changed work. Ame was absolutely not sad to play with his father. 

Are pointed on how much he loved Foxy, who was sitting and watching the build of the sand castle. "I know you love him. Maybe, some day, you can take him as yours?" she said.

"Yeah!" Ame said happy.

Three years later

While living in the Earth Kingdom, the family kept up with their vacations on Ember Island. It became more enjoyable when the kids grew older and learned to talk.

One day, they stayed to after sunset, when the darkness had fallen and the sky was clear and its stars literally made the island glow like ember. Ame wanted to go home, and Hana told him, his father, and the fox to leave in advance. She needed some alone time with her daughter.

"What is it, Mom?" Yuki asked.

"I wanted you to tell you a story," Hana said.

"What story?" Yuki asked.

"About my necklace," Hana said and touched it. "I don't know if you have noticed, but this necklace is very special. Because it's spiritual. I got it from my mom when I was your age. She gave me it here, on the beach. She told me to take good care of it, until I would give it to you. And now that time has come. I'm going to give you my necklace, Yuki," Hana said, as she took it off and placed it around her daughter's neck. "You must promise to take care of it, okay?" she asked.

"Off course, Mom," Yuki answered.

"Thank you," Hana said.

"Mom? I'm scared," Yuki said.

"Why? What's the matter?" Hana asked.

"Mom! I don't want you to die!" she said.

"Oh, sweetie, I can assure you, I'm not planning to die," Hana said and smiled.

"But what if you do?" Yuki asked.

"Well, then you may still be able to see me," Hana said.

"What? How?" Yuki asked.

"When I die, my spirit will leave my body here, and I will turn into a star in the sky. Then you can watch the star sky in the night and think 'hey, there's mom!'" Hana said.

The necklace glowed, as the two hugged. "I love you, sweetie," she said.

Then, suddenly, a lightning arrived, alongside with thunder, and the rain made the sand wet. The beautiful night had turned into a horrible storm. The ocean waves were overwhelming, actually that overwhelming that it caused Hana to struggle to survive. 

Yuki understood that her mother was in danger as she was taken out on the ocean, screaming for help. "MOM! I'll find dad!" Yuki screamed and ran home to their beach house.

As Yuki returned with Shu, Ame, and Foxy, they could still glimpse their beloved Hana doing all she could to save herself from the horrible storm.

"I'm coming, Hana!" Shu screamed and told his kids to stay close to each other. 

Shu started swimming after his wife, and he managed to save her. "I've got her! She's safe!" he screamed to the kids. Ame, Yuki, and Foxy cheered at their heroic parents.

However, Hana and Shu were in a large ocean wave, and when a huge bolt of lightning hit them, all hope was lost. They just disappeared.

Ame, understanding what happened, took it as his responsibility to bring his sister and pet back to safety.

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