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Prologue: The Blackbirds Guild
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Avatar: The First Skybender


Volumen Primum: Paradiso (天堂)


Prologue: The Blackbirds Guild

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January 16 2012

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Chapter One: The Southwestern Storm

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Avatar: The First Skybender.

Water () - Earth () - Fire () - Air () - Sky ()

One of the very old stories that run in my family tells about my great-grandmother's ancestor's ancient days: times of peace when the Last Airbender Avatar kept the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation united. And also stories about how he has turned to be my own ancestor himself.

Only the Avatar was able to manage all four elements, however, after his death, there were just a few airbenders, part of my family. And through time, airbending became extinguished.

Nevertheless the next Avatars whom came from Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, and Fire Nation could learn airbending from the Last Airbender Avatar Spirit, now which is time to an Air Nomad becomes the Avatar. There aren't any of them to be.

Many years' passed, since airbending skills have died and the balance among the elements became unstable. And now there is no Air into the four.

A Storm is coming from the Southwest; the Sky Parliament desires to take over the last three territories, and the Republic of Nations.

Now that the world needs a new Avatar, there is no Air Nomads to bring us one.

Some people say that this Southwest Storm will bring a reborn civilization of Air Nomads. Other people say that it will bring only destruction.

But I believe the Sky Parliament will bring a brand new Avatar into the world.

Prologue: The Blackbirds Guild

"A small trip? No! It's more like an actual very long travel. Even beyond that, I could dare say it was going to be an unending voyage!" The thoughts in my head kept spinning around that stupid idea of leaving everything behind. Everything I've ever been in contact with. And, to get this to a higher level of intensity, yes, it's been not the first time we'd had to do that. Keeping those small trips, that proved themselves not to be absolutely smalls at all, was something that started to bother me a few time ago. Since I can remember my Dad and I are on the road, ping-ponging from town to town, If we at least had stayed in one country only, would've been awesome not have to adapt.

But, you know, my Dad, he's a kind of apothecary botanist. That's why we live travelling the world. Sometimes it does seem as if we're running from the Metalbenders' Police. It's funny, to think like that, as actually my Dad makes business with a lot of them lately, so I think it's just a thing of my head. Just to make my miserable life a little more exciting.

Now we have to pack things up, again, just in case of not knowing where we are going to set to, I have one array from every place we've passed thus far. I'm not a fashion girl, but I don't want to look like a foreigner. They say these days there have been so many xenophobia incidents happening everywhere. And I don't want to be the next victim. I only have my father; and, what would those people want with me? I am not even a bender, and by the way, my Dad doesn't make a lot of money. And the major part of it he uses to find the cure.

I'm sick. Nobody knows that, I'm very ashamed to admit it to anyone. Most of the time I lay down on my bed trying to get things straight in my mind, and trying also to get together. One of the symptoms resembles epilepsy, but there was once when I got into real trouble. I don't want to remember this one, so let's skip it, okay?

And, this is my life: an ill teenage girl who travels around the world with her botanist father to find the cure. If you see someone selling an actual life, I'm buying, just say the price.

Dad's in the store packing. This is the last time in I don't know how long that I'll be seeing the view of the Patola Mountains on the horizon. But, it's fine, I'll get used to my new home, or inn bedroom, wherever we're going. Dad always says the next course only when we're leaving, he likes to do surprises. But, to me, I think keeping almost everything to do with our journey is kind of an obsessive way to hide secrets.

The sun was setting, and the sky has turned vermillion. The house we've been using as home is a little distant from the town. But everything here is distant anyway. We are standing up on the doorstep. Dad pulls out from his shirt pocket a white whistle, and then he blows on it.

I can't hear a sound. Though, a few seconds later, I hear the waving of wing flapping. And he arrives; a magnificent male Dragasus. His name, my idea, is Pegon. Dad says, he's one of kind; that his species is far from possible to be found living freely. This is the reason he's given me for us to stay on small towns... And there goes my dream to visit the Republic City! Or Ba Sing Se and Omashu! Not forgetting Caldera City...

"Are you packed? Ready?", Dad's grave voice echoed low, as always. He's that beer belly fat with muscled arms, legs, back and chest type, you know. For a forty-something-year-old man, I think he's in a good state.

"Aye, Sir!", He likes when I play the pirate girl. Then, he grabbed the wood wagon and saddled Pegon to it saying: "Good boy, good boy!".

We put all of our things inside it, I jumped to the charioteer seat, my father got up inside the chariot wagon among our packs and spoken to my ear:

"Set course to Caldera City, we're going to the Fire Nation...", His words got me off guard. Could that be true? Finally, we were going back home? I mean the birthplace of my mother and I; home is a very powerful word. I would call nowhere home without her here anymore. My legs were shaking already and he knew my eyes were glimmering in expectation to what we are going to see there.

All my life I've been waiting for it to actually begins, you know, to things be exciting for real. And not to live on the distance, far away from what's happening in the world.

"Prepare for the fastest trip of your life, Dad!", He giggled to the joy I spoke this.

"You don't need to hurry, Caldera City isn't going to flee or disappear in just a few days...", He didn't knew how deadly wrong his statement was. For the time we'd get there, the entire Fire Nation Capital sky horizon would have been covered by the darkest clouds I'd ever seen in my life. However at that moment, all I could think was: "Finally, civilization for a change! No more living among the woods... Nor being away from the world!", my grin extended wide from ear to ear.

We set travel up high in the sky, the clouds passing through my face softly, the sunset colouring the world in shades of crimson reds and purple blues. By the time all under us was the open ocean, my Dad's slept like a baby. And as usual, in times like these, when I'm driving Pegon through the starry sky, and he cannot hear my sobs, I look up to the moon and my tears started to fall down my face silently, with my feelings of longing that my Mom would be here. And then all's up my mind again, that day when she was murdered, I was barely three or four years old...

"Mommy! They're coming!", a little girl was running back home from the yard, terrified. Her mother pulled her inside the second she found her child's sobbing. Outside, the strenuous sound of animals landing could be heard. The sound impact must tumbled whatever was around its side. A man in a white cloak was standing right there. But the reason of the noise wasn't him, though whichever he had been riding. An enormous creature bird-alike, black as the darkest winter night. It dug its claws on the ground, and sniffed fear in the air.

That was the first time the Blackbirds Guild passed through my birth town.


  • Did you know that this prologue was written after the first chapter? It was by influence of Lady Lostris and ARG that I've enlarged it.
  • Did you know that the story of this ill girl matches my (the author's) own state of mind during the second semester of 2011 and the first semester of 2012? I am striving from a depression, but those late months were really hard on me.
  • Did you know the "the ill girl" has gotten a name only six months after this prologue had been aired?
  • ...And her father is an attempt of bringing back an "Iroh" presence to the story?


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