Our Destinies Are Changed
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The Prison Dimension

"Our Destinies Are Changed" is the prologue of the fanon story: "Avatar: The Destinybender".


Another day in the Southern Water Tribe.

Kajiki, awake already from dawn, was exercising in the domain of Water along with his cousin Sokka, who was trying to catch some fish.

Unnecessarily: those stupid animals made a mockery of him, zig-zagging quickly in the cold water of the ocean.

-At this rate, I will not catch even one,-reflected Sokka.-And as usual, we are going to skipping lunch. But Kajiki, are you listening to me?

-Yes ... only a moment ...-said the boy, but he was more focused on the ball of water instead of the lunch.

-I can do it!-he repeated to himself.

"He can't do it," thought his cousin.

And in fact ...


The ball of water was exploded on him!

-Oh noooooo!-said the poor Kajiki.-Again!

-You said? -said Sokka.-You'll never be a Waterbender!

-And you a fisherman!-replied Kajiki.-I'ts this morning that you're trying to fish!

-Listen, don't begin to enrage, okay?-ribattè cousin.-and then, we wouldn't be in this situation if the "Dear" Princess would not have interfered with ...

-What is?-churches Kajiki.-A week?

-Yes ... but thanks to the power of the mirror is as if ... as always.

Obviously Sokka referred to what happened a week ago.

-We were all (as usual) at the Jasmine Dragon, when at some point ...-began to explain Sokka.-... at some point Azula ...

-You mean Zuko's sister?

-Yes, exactly. In short, she opened the door and showed us a strange thing ...

---beginning flashback of Sokka---

Azula, the mad sister of Zuko, had entered the local and had her usual crazy air.

All present were evacuated immediately (except Iroh, who unsuspecting was preparing the tea in the kitchen) and the Team Avatar prepared to face the new threat.

-You know what is this?-churches Azula smiling, brandishing a piece of glass ... or at least, it seemed.

-A ... piece of glass? -asked Aang.

-Wrong!-exclaimed Azula, and the mirror (why this was) exploded within that earned them virtually all ...

And not only!

The mirror she had in hand was a special object, the Destiny mirror, what is able to change the fate of anyone simply projecting a RADIUS to the wretched man.

And it was so.

They all were transported to who knows where!

Aang and Katara ended up trapped in a strange prison together with poor Momo ...

Sokka returned to South Pole ...

To Zuko, Mai and Ty Lee was cancelled the memory ...

Suki was joined to the spirit of the Moon ...

And Toph returned into the realm of Earth.

Then, satisfied with the mess that had managed to combine, Azula went with her three new subordinated.

But someone had escaped to the radius of the mirror...

In fact, Iroh, who was in the kitchen, heard a loud explosion: when he went in the room, he founded no one!

And the same for Appa, who was out of the Jasmine Dragon.

In short, they were all in trouble again ...

And nobody knew what they were their friends!

---end flashback of Sokka---

-And this is the end!-concluded Sokka.-Azula also had "restored" the time, so that everything that is happening is always. And who knows where they are now all ...

-A nice mess. Poor Katara ...-commented Kajiki.-And without Appa, Aang's flying bison, we cannot go anywhere!

-Right ...-added Sokka, pulling up the fishing net.-Oh no! Another hole!-exclaimed, watching the giant gash in the net.

Kajiki burst out laughing at the sight of the cousin who was trying to repair the fishing net, but his expression suddenly changed when he saw the soldiers approached the Fire Nation ...

-Well?-churches Sokka.-have you stopped laughing?

But his smile vanished as soon as the boy's face looked behind him.

-Zuko?!? What are you doing here???

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