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Dreams Really Do Come True

Nightmare is a prologue to Avatar: Choices. It sets up the main story and has some huge foreshadowing, i.e. it gives away everything that happens in the next chapter.


Aang has a disturbing dream and gets a warning from Avatar Roku.


They whacked me in the face. I pushed the branches aside, and rubbed my eyes to get a better look at what I was seeing. A girl was on a boat, screaming at the top of her lungs as she pulled on a boy's legs, trying to get him in the boat with her. The boy's arms were being pulled by a horrible man with half of his face missing, standing on the bank of the river. As the boy's shirt was pulled, I noticed a big bandage between his shoulder blades. The boy was yelling. Then a small form came up behind the man.

"Todd!" It was barking. It was a dog. I did a double take. Was it talking? The dog, or whatever it was, jumped and landed on the man's back. The man let go of the boy and he fell into the river with a splash. The girl quickly pulled him into the boat. They both seemed unsteady, like they were going to fall over at any moment. The dog ran around the man and he lumbered after it like the Earth King's bear when it was drunk. Then the dog pounced and bit the man's nose. He gave it one huge shake, and the man's nose came off. Sprays of blood came trickling down his face as he shrieked in agony. The girl was paddling, trying to stay with the dog. The dog leaped to the boat, but the man caught it. He grabbed it by the scruff of its neck. He shook it, and the dog yelped and struggled.

"The girl or the dog, Todd!" He snarled at the boy. The boy stared in horror for a minute. And then he put his hand on the girl's arm to stop her from rowing.

"I'm sorry Manchee! I'm so sorry!" He yelled as the current took them away.

The dog yelped, full of confusion. '"Todd?" The man brought his free hand towards the dog's legs.


"Todd?" The man bent the dog's front legs and there was a crack and a scream and a cut-off yelp. The boy held his head and wailed as his dog died, and then he collapsed in the boat.

The man cast aside the dog's body and looked around him. Then he seemed to see me. His grotesque face widened in a smile.

"You ain't seen nothing, boy." And then everything vanished in smoke as he took a step towards me. I was standing on a rock with Roku.

"Hello, Aang."

"What was that? Did you show me that?"

"There is an evil you can't even imagine. And it's coming here. You must be ready."

I took a step towards him, but he vanished in smoke.

Words left on the wind whispered, "Be ready..." Then a loud ringing sound rang right in my ears...

"Twinkletoes, wake up!" Toph yelled in my ear. "You've been shaking like a leaf for the past two hours, and I couldn't wake you up! Some people are trying to sleep here!" She ranted.

Katara woke up ad rubbed her eyes. "What are you doing? Go back to sleep!" she shouted at Toph.

"Jeesh, you don't have to yell. I may be blind, but I'm not deaf." She grumbled as she stomped off to her earth tent. Small earthquakes jostled me with every step she took. I shrugged at Katara and went back to laying down on Appa's leg. But I didn't sleep for a long time.

Production Notes and Other Notes


I do not own anything from The Knife of Never Letting Go or Chaos Walking! All rights go to Patrick Ness.


  • The dream actually does happen in The Knife of Never Letting Go. It's just shortened with less dialogue.
  • And yes, the dog did talk. That's what happens in New World. All the animals can talk.

Author's Note

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