Avatar Aang: Life and Demise


Ever since Aang created a new race of Airbenders, the Earth Nation would get "a little off hand". While the element of Air can create storms and tornadoes, Earth can create earthquakes and avalanches. Since both Nations are natural opposites, it's pretty obvious that they think they're better than each other. As for the Fire Nation and Water Nation. Fire Lord Zuko has been fine around the Water Nation. Well, not completely fine. The Water Tribes are still angry with the Fire Nation because of their "severe losses" during the War. And guess what? The War ended 21 years ago!

During the last Peace Treaty Meeting, Zuko yelled at a Northern Water Tribe soldier who kept staring at him with pure hatred. Even though Zuko helped save the world from Fire Lord Ozai, he was still the symbol of carelessness to the Water Tribes. Zuko and the soldier started to fight, but they were sent their separated ways when Aang decided to dismiss everyone more early. It seems that, when the Water Tribe soldier went home, he told his Tribe making the Tribe angry. Zuko did the same to his people. Both Nations apparently wanted to get rid of each other.

Things were not going well with the Earth and Air Nation too. Kuei quit his job as Earth King and the job was given to Long Feng's younger brother, Diro. It was heard that Diro always listened to Long Feng because he liked Long Feng and was loyal to him. Diro proved himself well to be "ashamed of what Long Feng did". But when they appointed Diro Earth King, they made the wrong move: Diro was acting on Long Feng's orders. Long Feng was still in prison, but he got many visits from Diro. Long Feng told him to get rid of the Air Nation. He said that the Avatar and his "nosy" friends were responsible for his imprisonment. Long Feng told Diro that he wanted them dead. He said that he didn't care if there was war with the Air Nation, saying that they're "weak". But he told Diro only to battle the Air Nation and the Avatar, and not the Fire Nation either, because Azula was already imprisoned.

"But today's meeting was wierd. When the members of the Peace Treaty took thier seats, they noticed that the Earth Kingdom general was not there. They waited, but no General. Finally, Zuko informed Aang that he had to go to the hospital. He said that his wife, Mai was getting her baby, and so he left and went back to the Fire Nation. So did the Water Tribe soldier. Only Air and Energy were left. "Well, I guess we should go then," said the Energy general. "Yes. There is no Peace Treaty without the members of all Nations. Dismissed". But Aang didn't know how much trouble there was going to be at the Southern Air Temple.

Fire Nation Royal Palace

The Fire Lord was about to leave when the Northern Chief Arnook and a Northern Waterbender walked in.

"Fire Lord Zuko."

"Get out. I must rush to the hospital. My wife is having a baby. Get out, now! You can come back later. I promised Mai I'll be there in time," Zuko said. And he walked out.

"Wait! I need to borrow a messenger hawk and tell Avat-"

"ENOUGH!" Zuko roared. Flames came out of his mouth.

"BUT SIR, THIS IS URGENT!" the desperate Chief yelled.

Zuko turned around. He glared at him. "I have told you, that you can inform me later. Now, go," the Fire Lord said in a calm but menacing voice.

"We'll go with you. We can tell you on the way to"-

Zuko couldn't take it. He shot fireballs at the Chief. He screamed. "THAT'S MY BROTHER!" the Waterbender yelled. He shot water whips at the Fire Lord and ran to the North with the screaming Chief.

Zuko had no idea about the chaos that would happen in future.

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