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Help Me
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The Journeys of a Broken Dragon





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June 27, 2012

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Chapter One: Burning Darkness

Help Me is the prologue of The Journeys of a Broken Dragon.


She took a deep breath after hours of sobbing. Her eyes, blood red, her hair out of place. Sozin's comet had passed. She looked down and realized that she had failed. She had lost to a waterbender. She had traveled for almost a year in high hopes of destroying, or at least capturing, the Avatar, and she ended up in chains. The day she was supposed to be declared Fire Lord, she ended up in chains. All her life's work, ended up in chains. Azula had finally discovered what it feels like to be controlled, to not have everything you want served to you. She was feeling what it was like to be alone.

She thought, It's not fair. Everyone was supposed to be bowing down to HER, not the other way around. But it seems at the condition of the war, that wasn't going to happen. Where was her father now? Did it even matter? He would be ashamed, letting Zuko and the waterbender get away. The Avatar had won. Her father was probably dead. So that means that the only family she would have at this point was Uncle Iroh, Zuko, and... her mother. Iroh would never welcome her back. Zuko is lucky to be alive. And her mother... no one knew where Ursa was. Any hope of Mai and Ty Lee returning to her side was as high a chance as the waterbender generating lightning. So yes, she truly was alone.

The gates of the courtyard opened and five men walked through, one holding a strange backpack.

"Get away from here. If you know what's best for you, just get away!" Azula commanded.

"Fraid' I can't do that, lady. We're here to help you. We're going to take you somewhere that you can't get hurt anymore," said one of the men. Azula said nothing.

One of the men broke the chain while the other four stood in attack position. Azula didn't make a move. Her mind was still stuck on the line "somewhere that you can't get hurt anymore." When they took the chains off, one man rummaged through his backpack and pulled out some cuffs and tied her hands together behind her back. She just wasn't in the right state to ask questions. Because the truth is, she was alone. She just needed someone to understand....

Authors' Note

I know I never finished In Azula's Mind, but with me being inactive for about 1 year, it was hard to continue. So, I started this fanon with Ultimate with help from PSUAvatar, Skybender101, and Suzon. It's more of what happened to her after the war. I hope you liked it!

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