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Prologue: Genesis of Reality
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Arrival in the City


Kenji ran in circles, giggling all the way; he could feel the grass through his bare feet, and the wind rushing in his face. He was chasing a butterfly, the prettiest and rarest of all, a Jade-winged butterfly. His black hair flowed perfectly in the wind, and he enjoyed it with all his heart. He was happy. He followed the butterfly as it went down the valley and all the way to the beach.

"I'm gonna catch you!" he yelled at it, as though it could understand him. But he stopped immediately before he reached the shores. The sun had been scorching hot all day and he was now on the hot beach, bare-footed. He quickly ran towards the water and dipped his legs in. Something caught his attention; two boys, a tall one and a short one, were fighting each other, shooting fire blasts from their hands with such terrible form.

"They are dueling." An old man with white hair and a goatee walked up towards Kenji. He wore a long red and gold garment with palm slippers.

"Dueling?" Kenji repeated, as he watched them fight. The tall one fired multiple blasts from his hands and the short one countered with a powerful fire stream, which his opponent dodged by leaping out of his way.

"Yes, a fire duel or Agni Kai. It is a duel among firebenders to settle disputes or misunderstandings." The tall one had augmented his fire into the shape of a spear and shot it at his opponent who quickly lay flat on the ground. The tall one saw this as an opportunity and rushed towards him with giant fire whips. His opponent quickly skipped up from the ground and rushed at him with fire daggers in both hands. Once they were close to impact the old man yelled at them.

"That's enough!" The old man struck his staff and the two firebenders clashed with each other and collapsed on the sand. Kenji couldn't stop laughing at the sight. "Return to your homes, we've concluded today's lesson." He turned around and walked off slowly. Once the two boys saw that their master had left, they confronted Kenji.

"What's so funny short stuff?" the tall one asked.

"You two clashed there, it was hilarious!" Kenji replied.

"Oh yeah? You know what's even funnier?" The tall boy pushed Kenji into the water and Kenji stopped laughing. The tall one started laughing uncontrollably which irritated Kenji even more.

"I hate getting wet," he muttered. Within the blink of an eye, a jet of flames propelled Kenji forward and his fist connected with the tall one's jaw, the impact sending him flying. The short one yelled at him.

"Bao! I warned you not to pick on little kids!" The tall one called Bao got up and shifted his jaw.

"Why you little munchkin!" He shot long streams of fire from both hands, and the short one leaped out of the way in time before getting burnt. The flames engulfed Kenji and only his silhouette could be seen with his head bowed.

"That ought to teach him a lesson!" muttered Bao as he dusted his hands and the flamed subsided. To Bao's shock and surprise, Kenji stood with his head bowed and a ring of fire surrounding the ground around him. As he slowly tilted his head up, the fire turned blue.

"I'm out of here!" The short fat one took for his heels upon seeing the blue flames. Kenji slowly took a step forward and the flames turned light green. Then he rotated his arms in a swift motion and a blue crackling sound could be heard.

"Lightning!" Bao exclaimed. "Please don't kill me! I didn't know you were the green firebender!" Kenji smirked, and aimed his arm at Bao who shivered in fear.

"Well, tough luck. Now you know." He released the lightning at his opponent who yelled in absolute terror.

Kenji walked home grinning. He could clearly remember the face of Bao when the lightning zoomed over his head and burnt his hair and how he took for his heels. He's lucky I didn't fire the lightning directly at him, he told himself.

"Kenji! Juan! Dinner's ready!" his mom called from inside his house. He smacked his lips and ran up the marble steps; he turned the knob of the door and it slowly creaked open. His sister turned as the door opened and stared at her eleven-year-old brother who had just returned home barefooted.

"Where have you been?" she asked him as she folded her arms.

"Oh, just out and about," he commented as he walked past her on the wooden floor to get to the dining table. "Yeah, out chasing butterflies and smelling the roses". She got up and also took her seat at the table. Their mother served their dinner of stewed sea prunes with pea soup.

"Mom" Juan asked her as she began eating.

"Yes dear?" her mother replied.

"Where's dad?"

"Well, he's working late today but should be home soon," she told her daughter calmly, but had trouble believing it herself.

Hours later Kenji found himself unable to sleep. He rolled from corner to corner on his small sheepskin bed, staring at the bright stars illuminating the night; he had always had problems going to sleep and his father always told him bedtime stories about the adventures of the young Avatar Aang and his friends.

"Try and sleep dear." His mother appeared at his side and stroked his long black hair. She began singing a song, about the tales of a young boy who was only twelve but was a great hero. Kenji loved the sound of his mother's voice; she rarely sang but when she did it had the magical effect to make him do anything she asked. Slowly, he closed his eyes and drifted away in a peaceful slumber.

Kenji woke up, coughing heavily. He was barely able to breathe, and suddenly recognized a gray haze had filled his house.

"A fire!" He coughed and got out of bed only to enter the living room and see it completely ablaze. He ran to Juan's room as quickly as he could; he kicked the door down and his greatest fear was confirmed. She was gone. He ran into the living room and once he got there his horror continued; his father lay on the ground with his body burnt completely, but to his greatest shock, his mother stood leaned against the wall with her head bowed and an icicle through her chest.

"Hey, I think there's a kid in there!" an unfamiliar voice echoed. "Well leave him in there, and toss this in!" another voice yelled. Through the back window a barrel was tossed into the house, and it didn't take Kenji any time at all to realize what it was.

"Crap, blasting jelly!" He subconsciously leaped out of the window as his home was destroyed by the power of the explosion. The shock wave tossed Kenji to the side like a rag doll. His back made raw impact with a tree and he grunted from the pain. Laying there on the ground after inhaling too much smoke, he caught a glimpse of a man in a black hood. Kenji quickly hid behind the tree with only the vivid image of his mother, father and mysterious man in a black hood. It was too much for him. He took off on his heels, not caring where he was headed. He couldn't scream, he couldn't cry, he could only run. And now he could only search for his sister.

He ran down the streets in the pitch black, cold night. Huffing and puffing, he couldn't stop, he had to just get away. Finally, out of energy and breath, he stopped on a sidewalk. He lay there and couldn't take it anymore; tears rolled down from his eyes uncontrollably as he sobbed. He had no one, he had nothing.

But alas luck smiled upon him once more, and the Moon Spirit had pity on this young boy. A hand fell on his shoulder and he leaped back in fear, only to see an old man with a long white beard behind him.

"I see that you are lost, confused and in pain. Come with me to my home." Kenji was cautious not to trust anyone, but he had no other choice. He stood up wiping the tears from his face, and followed the old man.

"Tell me boy, what's your name, and why were you crying?" the old man asked.

"M-my name is K-Kenji, both my parents a-are d-dead," he stammered.

"That's terrible to hear, I'm sorry for your loss. You can tell me all about it at my home. Oh, and my name is Iroh."

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