Ominous Amon
Enter Republic City
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Your Savior



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November 25, 2012

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Turf Wars


"Noatak!" He ran as his brother called out.

"Don't leave! Please!" Against the harsh storm that had dropped onto the frozen landscape.


His eyes opened wide, observing the area around them. It was a warm room, not the blistering cold of the North Pole. His breathing calmed down, relaxing as he rested against the back of the bed.

He stepped up and left the bed. Placing a cloak over his shoulders, he headed to the restroom. Looking at the mirror, a smooth and clear skinned face presented itself as the light ignited.

He looked to a clock by the bed, it was almost time. He picked up a jar to the side and opened it. The odorless material was a daily action. He put his two fingers in to brush it across his face. It required half an hour to set the fade coloration right and to keep it the same as the last time.

As he finished, he approached the closet setting on his gear. He put on the final piece to his guise and the most important, his mask. He looked at it for a moment before tying it in place. It was a symbol, gaining fear and awe. A human face could be compared and understood, it could be recognized. But the mask was mysterious and anonymous, hiding the answers beneath and stripping its user of its identity.

He lifted his his hood over his head, finishing his guise. He walked down the hallway to the garage, a Satomobile waited for him as he closed the door. The sleek vehicle had tinted windows and a police scanner; compliments of Hiroshi Sato.

He drove compliantly and carefully through the streets. As much as speed was the key in his plans, avoiding the attention of authority was still necessary. But things would not always be in such secrecy. He left the Tigerdillo Burroughs and entered the high class section of Republic City. Suddenly, it was no longer screaming poverty and abject despair to high life and shining streets.

It had disgusted him when he first set eyes on the city, he had since grown callous to it. He knew his work was important to these situations. But for now, it served its purpose if things were blindingly contrasted between the poor and the elite. If non-benders were living in sheer poverty and saw bender overlords on top, they were inclined to follow a man who offered equality and fairness to all people.

It would take time, loss, and hard work, but it would become a reality under his leadership. He was gathering the resources, the manpower, the influences, the only thing would be the support. Support would come over time and escalate when the Avatar arrived, after completing her training. Better yet, her final master for airbending was Councilman Tenzin, without him the city would fall to chaos without balance to the power-hungry Tarrlok.


It hit a surprising note to him that Tarrlok became Councilman of Republic City for the Northern Water Tribe. He was not surprised that he became chairman, he was always able to get people to like him. But he saw that the little boy who couldn't hurt the helpless had grown cold in the years since.

In public he may appear to be the kind egalitarian, but he saw a shrewd politician conniving for power. Unfortunately that would make him an obstacles to his own plans.

Tarrlok served his own purpose, as an elitist he pressed the contrast of high and low further, not realizing that it would set the non-benders against the bender-dominated society. More and more support would flock to his cause and Republic City would turn to the Equalists.

Enter Republic City

Amon entered the hideout, joined by his cadre of loyal followers. At the head of them was his Lieutenant. A fierce and strong man devoted to the cause of equality. "Sir, we have some news about the Avatar."

Whispers had entered Republic City about sightings of the Avatar since the day before. Supposedly she got into a fight with a trio from the triple threat triads and wrecked a good portion of the street. The metalbenders arrested her as well and subdued her after a chase.

The Lieutenant revealed that there was a press conference beginning. They listened while in the planning room.

The Radio Announcer spoke, "And here comes the Avatar."

"Hello?" The sound screeches across the radio for a moment as a nervous girl is heard, "I'm Korra, you new Avatar."

A journalist takes his moment to ask a question, "Does this mean you've moved to Republic City?"

Another quickly follows, "Were you trying to send a message to the Triads yesterday?"

Two more followed before the Avatar could answer the last two, "Will you be fighting crime or the Anti-bending Revolution, or both?"

"Will you be working with Chief Beifong and the police?"

A nervous and confused person answered, "Uh... yes, I am definitely here to stay, but honestly I-I don't exactly have a plan yet. See, I'm still in training, but, look, all I know is Avatar Aang meant for this city to be the center of peace and balance in the world, and I believe we can make history a reality." A heightened sense of sound seemed to encourage here, " I look forward to serving you!"

Wild cheering ensued on the speaker of the radio as his followers were arrayed around the room taking in the new information.

"I'm so happy to be here. Thank you, Republic City!"

The Announcer took his cue, "All right, that's all the questions the Av-"

His lieutenant turned the knob on the radio, shutting it off. They heard everything they needed. "Amon, how do you want to handle this?"

He spoke after concentration, looking intently on the map of Republic City, the crown jewel of this movement, "So, the Avatar has arrived early." He turned to followers, "It looks like we'll have to accelerate our plans."

"Where shall we start?"

"First we must let the Avatar settle in and feel secure. If she feels that we are a threat from the beginning, it will give her pause when facing us." He walked to the desk, cluttered with designs from Sato's new inventions, including a tank to fight metal-benders. "Then we target the criminal elements of bender society. The Triads."

"Sir, are we to start a war with the Triads?" One of his best Chi Blockers inquired.

"No, we destroy them, by taking out their leadership. That means Lightning Bolt Zolt. His terror over the city ends."


  • Amon will repeatedly think back on his childhood and his growing fascination with the power to take bending away.

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