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Chapter 1

Gaia looked onwards as the small boy faced her and the earthbenders, she was tired after all her work and wasn't near finished her training and now shes being expected to face up against the royal family.

Karu pointed his palms towards the ground and the lines of earthbender soldiers were forced to the ground by his bloodbending, he flicked his hand and they were knocked unconscious. He smirked. "Its just me and you Avatar!" he called out. Karu bent the water from a nearby fountain into a jet of water which he forced at Gaia.

Avatar Gaia turned the water into steam then punched out creating a large stream of fire at Karu.

Karu blocked the fire with some water but was knocked into a pool behind him. He formed it into a water spout in which he towered above Gaia. Grinning he lashed out several water whips at once, knocking her into a tree. Karu bent the tree around her, trapping the Avatar.

Gaia the ground beneath the tree to remove herself from its clutches then created two fire whips and cut the water spout down the middle.

Karu fell to the ground then enveloped his arms in water, creating water tentacles, he blasted them at Gaias chest but she blocked it by kicking a jet of air. He grabbed her leg used to kick with one of his water arms and knocked her over, still holding on. Karu twisted his hand and spikes stuck out of the tentacle stabbing her numerously along her leg. Gaia screamed as the water turned red. She bent the water away from herself then created armour from earth and ran away. Karu didn't bother chasing her, it would only be a matter of time before their paths would cross again.

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