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A Prince and a Thief

Lightning flashed through the dark clouds above and the old man knew that greatness was about to be born. Spring showers could sometimes be more severe than just a light rain in this fiery nation. The droplets hit the roof with incredible force, creating a tapping sound that resounded through the palace.

Crack! Thunder shook through the halls and the young servant shivered. The ancient Fire Lord had grown senile over the years; they all knew it. In his younger days he had been an amazing bender and an incredible offensive general, winning every battle during the short war named in his honor. The War of Ustian; one of the least productive wars the Southern Water Tribe had ever engaged in.

It had been a misunderstanding really. The tribe had been dealing with a political civil war and it was Centralists versus Polists when the Fire Nation got involved. The Centralists despised the freezing Southern climate and wanted to move into the Earth Kingdom swamps, a more Central location, to improve trade and escape the weather. The Polists wanted to remain at the South Pole for it massive supply of bendable materials and the seclusion in provided during wars with other nations. The Centralists had brilliantly attacked the Fire Nation Palace disguised as a group of Water Tribe merchants and killed one of the two Fire Princes.

Devastated at the loss of his son, Ustian violently attacked the Southern Water Tribe, presuming they were declaring war. By this time, however, the Centralists had all but abandoned the Pole for the foggy, muddy land they craved. The Fire Lord decisively won the war within a few battles, his own but not before hundreds of casualties in the Water Tribe. All was forgiven between the two countries after the world realized the mistake, and the man had returned a hero, as the first to sort things out.

That was all in the past however. Now he was a decrepit senior, hardly able to move. Still, the man had insisted upon being with his daughter-in-law during the child-birth and the servant, pulled from his group of idle friends, wheeled him to the room.

They arrived quickly as the woman groaned for the fifteenth time that night.

"You're doing great. Just breath and-" She shrieked, gripping her husband's hand tightly.

"I realize you need support sweetheart, but you're about to break my hand."

Too tired to argue, she gave a final push...


"He's gorgeous."

"You have to say that Cheryl," the woman was trying not to let her true joy and excitement show. She had a baby, a healthy baby at that.

"Yes, but that doesn't mean it isn't true. I mean look at him. He's only got a little hair, but it shines beautifully." Cheryl replied.

"Well that's because you just washed it."

"Sure." The nurse had been a close friend of the Fire Lady's for several years and could get away with a bit of sarcasm once in awhile. "Are you ready to hold him?"

"Absolutely, give him to me." The mother took the boy into her arms tenderly. After a moment, she spoke. "Well you're right about one thing, he is beautiful."

"Indeed madam."

"Of course, I'm a little biased as his mother, but-"

"No darling you're both right. He's spectacular. He has your magnificent golden eyes."

"And your radiant black hair." The Prince of Fire leaned over and kissed his wife.

While the two nurses began cleaning, the servant wheeled the Fire Lord closer to the bedside.

"Surly your tired of holding him by now," he said hoarsely. "Give me a chance why don't you."

"Naturally father." The Fire Prince held out his hands to his wife, the child passing in and back out like water.

The man stared. "He is quite the-" His voiced changed abruptly and his eyes glowed. "This boy," he was loud and clear, echoes of thousands speaking through him, "Will be a hero." The small group within the room could only stare open-mouthed. "He will annihilate the enemy of the world and restore the relations between nations. His lifestyle will consist of rigorous training an perilous battles until that day upon which he will rule with honor and justice. His reign will be blessed peace, for his trials will come before and the Avatar will be at his side." The light in his eyes gradually dimmed and he slipped further into his chair with wheels. They knew they had just witnessed a prophesy.

After another hour behind closed doors with his only living son, the old man was dead.

The Fire Nation had gained a new ruler.

Author's Notes

This is a prologue which is why it's so short. Sooo...

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