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Chapter 1: From the New World


The following text will explain how Michael (in the text: Mike) became a Grand Admiral (in the style of a flashback) and will tell the story of Sari's (the Avatar after Korra) death and her successor's (Asura's) early life.

An Avatar's death...

Sari concentrated on the earth she was bending more than ever before, this was the final match of this Pro-Bending tournament. After her team, the Fire Ferrets, would have won this match, she finally would have enough money to begin her journey as the Avatar. She could literally feel the stubbornness within the small disks she was bending to fly towards her opponent, the Ba Sing Se Badgermoles' firebender. She had continue this tradition of her family, since she was the great-granddaughter of Bolin. She felt the disk rotating through the air and - surprisingly - shattering into thousands of pieces. She opened her eyes again only to see three jets of fire shooting towards her. She did her best to protect herself - using an earthen disk as a shield - but it was futile, as this disk shattered as well. One of the jets of fire hit her on the head, burning her helmet and the other two both hitting her into the chest, partially burning her skin beneath the Pro-Bending uniform. As she managed to look over to the opponent's team, she saw three sharp projectiles of earth flying towards her. She felt the earth again - piercing through her skin into her flesh. Her vision faded, as well as the other senses, still managing to see her two teammates rushing to help and to hear the ambulance arriving.
A few earthbenders, healer and nonbender doctors rushed to help her as fast as possible, the earthbenders trying to get what was left of the projectiles out of her body, the healers trying to heal the burns in the meantime and the nonbenders checking her heatbeat, breath and trying not to let break panic out.
"It's futile, we're losing her!", shouted one of the nonbender doctors shortly before her heat stopped beating and she stopped breathing, or in short: died.
The same doctor as before walked out of the Pro-Bending Arena, where a huge crowd already had gathered, and slowly announced,"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Avatar... is dead!"
After Korra had to deal with the Equalists and the Spirit World Invasion and famines, civil unrests and such in her later life, her successor died because of an injury during a Pro-Bending match. the next one's birth

This day was a good day for Fusu of the Fire Nation so far. It was the day of Sozin's Comet's return, his wife was about to give birth to their second child and he got promoted and now was a Captain of the Fire Navy. It became dark already as he reached his family's residence that once had belonged to the great sword master Piandao, or it should have become dark, since the Comet illuminated everything in a shade of orange. He heard cries of a baby as he entered the courtyard, and so he began to run as fast as he could. He reached for the sliding door his wife's room had and opened it out of breath. There he could see it: his wife, Nora, holding a newborn girl.
"How shall we name her?", she asked smiling.
Fusu stared out of the window at the fiery beauty of Sozin's Comet and thoughtfully whispered,"Asura."
Asura, later one of the world's greatest firebenders, grew up in a world of peace, thanks to her predecessor's predecessor, Korra, who had to deal with the Equalists, the Spirit World Invasion and, in her later life, famines, civil unrests and natural disasters, even though Asura learned of her ancestry traditionally on her sixteenth birthday.

How to become an Avatar

This was the day she had waited for, her sixteenth birthday. She finally would become a bit more independent, she thought. Now this day was finally here, she didn't know how to handle it. A small crowd had gathered in the residence's courtyard, but only one other person belonging to her family: Zolu, her eighteen years-old brother, who was about to join the United Forces' Navy. So she walked up to him and curiously asked,"Do you know where our parents - or anyone else of our family, grandpa for example?"
"Huh? Well,umm... uh... No?", he answered quickly.
"C'mon, you know where they are. Tell me."
"I guess here they come!", Zolu ended the short conversation, pointing at a group of five elderly men who divided the crowd, heading towards Asura.
"The Fire Sages?"
"We've checked every of the candidates, but you're the one who it truly is.", her grandfather, the High Sage.
"Cut the cryptic garbage and tell me what you want!"
"Oh... I could've expected such an reaction... Very well, It's an honour to serve you, Avatar Asura.", he said bowing to Asura, as well as the other present people.
It was a tough path that now was in front of her, she had to master all the elements and maintain balance on the world.
Her journey began on Air Temple Island, where she learned airbending from Master Sakya and her daughter Malu, who had mastered it at the age of thirteen and became a good friend of Asura even after the Avatar's mastered airbending after three years.
The next station on her path to realisation was the Southern Water Tribe, where she learned waterbending from Malu's distant relative and best friend, Master Kiruya. She wasn't strict and the fact that waterbending's nature fitted Asura's much more than firebending helped her to master it within one year.
Her third and final station was close to the first one, since she had to learn earthbending on the outskirts of Republic City from a descendant of Aang's earthbending master, Toph Beifong, Luo Beifong, a Captain of the Metalbending Police Force and the greatest earthbender since Toph's and Bumi's death. As a teacher, he was the opposite of what's Kiruya been, strict and wanting it as perfect as possible, which made Asura's earthbending mastery wait. It took her four years, but it was worth it: She now had fully mastered the four elements, both their psychical and their physical side.
Now, at the age of twenty-four, her greatest task laid right upon her.

The Story of a Grand Admiral

Grand Admiral Michael Přemysl stood in the front of the Nemesis' bridge, watching thoughtful out into the vast space, being watched by his four closest friends, the Admirals Olaf Janssen and Anna Visconti and Commodore Rasheed Bulsara, who asked,"What's it you're thinking 'bout?"
Mike turned his head to him and complained,"We, two Admirals, a Grand Admiral and a Commodore were sent just to deliver a minor message, that's what I'm thinkin' 'bout. Johnston must have a motive. Otherwise he wouldn't have sent all of us, the Heroes of Alpha Centauri to such an unimportant mission."
"He just asked what you're thinking about, not to tell him the story of your life.", said Anna annoyed.
"Do you want to know how I became Grand Admiral?", he asked rhetorically.
"I guess we know... It all started when I was a Astrophysics student in need of money... right? We know you became it after Alpha Centauri, we were present when you became it, so shut - the hell - up!", said an annoyed Olaf.
Mike turned to them and before he opened his mouth, Anna said,"He'll tell it anyway..."
So he began to tell,"Okay, it all started when the European Space Fleet was the last one of ours that wasn't defeated in the Fyell' Shan War..."

Grand Admiral Niccolo Visconti, Anna's father, was standing in the furthermost part of the Nemesis' bridge, speaking to his communication officers while observing the situation in the Alpha Centauri system,"Order all Captains, Commodores, Vice Admirals and both the Admirals here! I need all of them to be part of this!"
"Yes Sir!"
"What do you think, Mike, are we gonna make it?", he asked the back then twenty-two years-old commander who was seated right to the Captain's right hand.
"We must not fail. Because if we fail, the Earth will fall.", was his confident response.
The elder Grand Admiral didn't response verbal, but nodded in agreement.
"Sir, the shuttles of the commanders are arriving as we speak. What are your orders?", asked the same communication officer as before.
"Just watch out for the Fyell' Shan Navy. They won't let us undefeated."
Mike turned to Rasheed, who immediately asked,"Do you really think we're gonna make it?"
The Second Lieutenant's superior didn't respond, only giving him a pat on the shoulder.
The Captains, Commodores, Vice Admirals and Admirals had arrived and were debating about what to do about the Fyell' Shan, as those who they were talking about arrived.
Against the ten battleships, forty cruisers, battle cruisers and heavy cruisers, twenty frigates and corvettes, thirty destroyers and dozens of minor spaceships now stood a force of seventy destroyers, each twenty of frigates and corvettes, around hundred cruisers and the like, twenty-four battleships plus one super-battleship, which was the Fyell' Shan's flagship and luckily hadn't arrived yet.
Almost everyone on the entire Nemesis gasped in shock, seeing the size of the enemy's force, but the Grand Admiral and Mike remained calm.
The Grand Admiral began,"Okay gentlemen, it's time we make our last-minute plan reality! Everyone read-"
Before he could finish his sentence, a missile emerged it's launcher and collided with the Nemesis' bridge, opening it by detonating, sucking every single one of the higher officers out into the vacuum of space, shocking everybody present on the bridge. Mike has been sucked out as well, but shortly before unwillingly leaving the ship he could feel a friend's hand grabbing his underarm and pulling him in again.
"Whoa. I thought we had shields on maximum power?", he could hear Rasheed stating. So it was Rasheed who had saved him from suffocating and freezing in the vast, air-lacking space of vacuum.
Mike rose from his laying position and looked around on the bridge. He saw a few engineers closing the hole that the missile had left on the front section of the bridge, he saw communication officers trying to establish a connection to the other parts of the badly-hit space fleet, but the highest officer he saw was a Second Lieutenant, Rasheed.
"Is this reality? Am I really the highest officer left here?", he asked in disbelief.
"Yes, yes you are. You are the highest officer left of the whole Space Fleet!", said one of the communication officers, believing it even less than Mike.
"This is bad! This is a nightmare!", he cried, before he regathered his senses and commanded,"I need to know what our current situation is! Quick, give me all the information you've got!"
"The British Squadron is the last one holding the middle, the French and the Benelux-German Squadrons retreating. The left flank is held by the Scandinavian and Northern Russian Squadrons, the right one by the Southern Russian and the Italo-Spanish Squadrons, the Turko-Greek Squadron retreating.", told him Rasheed.
"So basically a third of our forces is fleeing the scene. I think I have a - very risky - plan.", Mike shouted, continuing quietly,"...and in a thousand years, it will be remembered as their finest hour..."

Their finest hour

A communication officer turned to Mike, saying,"Sir, we have two incoming radio messages, one from the Garibaldi, the flagship of the right flank, and the other one from the Gustav Adolf, the flagship of the left flank."
"I'm coming, but I hope it's important."
Olaf's and Anna's voices nearly synchronous began,"Grand Admiral, here's First Lieutenant Janssen, can you hear me?", while Anna radioed,"Grand Admiral, Grand Admiral, can you hear me? First Lieutenant Visconti's speaking."
When both were waiting for a response, Mike calmly said,"Okay, both calm down. To answer your second question, yes, it's me, Michael Přemysl, Mike."
"What the-? How...? Why...?", both of them stuttered,"...Mike?"
"Didn't I tell you to calm down? Look, we've been hit badly, as well as the most part of the Fleet. Every officer higher than - well, me - got sucked out into the space, including... Niccolo. We better win this battle, or our very home-planet won't be anymore. And I know how we win this."
Both of them were overwhelmed by all this information, but mostly Anna who sobbed for a short time, before she asked, with more confidence in her voice than any warrior could have had,"And... How?"
"An old - but gold - tactic that Napoleon often used when there seemed to be no option to win: We press on their flanks and - when they begin to use their forces from the middle for getting rid of the attacks of our flanks - BOOM! We break through the middle and... yeah, that's pretty much it."
"Sounds almost possible... there's just a tiny chance of winning but we have to give it a try.", she responded confident.
"Good. Just look how you make it through alive, I'll do my own part of it. Dismiss."
Mike positioned himself in the Captain's seat of the Nemesis, observing the enemy's forces, looking for any type of a weak point in their lines, watching the own ship's triple coil-gun turrets firing, seeing the projectiles penetrating the ship's hull. This was it, they may had shields against energy weapons, but their hulls were weak. He had an idea how to take down their force, but how was he going to do it? There were too many of them to take them down one-by-one, therefore he had not only to penetrate their ship's hulls, but too their morale. But as he was about to tell his plan to Rasheed, his right hand for now, their morale was about to break: the Fyell' Shan's flagship, called Destruction, arrived, pointing it's worst weapon, an anti-matter cannon, directly at the Nemesis' bridge.
Everyone, even Mike, stared in awe, just because of the ship's size.
"This is the time to execute my plan! Now or never!", thought Mike, still staring in awe.
"And how are we gonna take this down?", asked Rasheed feared.
"Proceed according to plan, let me take care of the Destruction!", Mike shouted,"I'll destroy the Destruction!"
He walked out of the bridge, heading towards the hangars to get a Multiple-purpose Hyperspace-going-aircraft, going to use it as a dive bomber, something that has not been used for more than two-hundred years. It was about to be more than just a repeating of history and irony, a Czech in a British Second World War-uniform, steering a dive bomber to destroy the mightiest battleship in the whole Galaxy - to save the Earth from destruction, or at least an invasion. As he arrived in the Hangars, he seated himself in the next best spacecraft, which was armed with two forty millimetre automatic coil-guns, which also were used as AA-guns, a twelve-point seven millimetre coil-machinegun, used for defense, and several torpedoes/missiles, only waiting to unleash their destructive power. He smiled evilly as the spacecraft began to levitate and even more evil as his spacecraft left the battleship's hangar. He was about to bring an end to the Destruction.

The Final Strike

Rasheed didn't know how to handle this, now he was left as the highest officer here, meaning he had to command the Nemesis at least.
"Establish a connection to the Garibaldi. I only need it for a few sentences.", he commanded.
"May I ask wh- ah, I'll just do it.", a communication officer said, beginning to execute the order.
Rasheed waited until Anna asked, "Mike?", before he revealed his identity by simply saying,"Nope, Rasheed."
"Rasheed? What are you doin-?"
"As if it wasn't enough that you've lost your father, it seems you'll loose your boyfriend soon too.", he said openly and fast.
"What? What the hell is going on?", asked Anna, nearly sobbing because of the loss of her father.
"Mike's going to encounter the Destruction with a fighter bomber... "
Anna seemed to be shocked and yet, she replied convinced, "That might even work..."

Mike saw the partially damaged Nemesis from the outside, seeing as most of its coil-guns hopelessly fired at the superior enemy, sometimes even hitting a ship. He snapped back into the reality of his fighter-bomber's cockpit, looking at the gauges. Looking at the spaceship he was about to destroy, narrowing his eyes. The light spacecraft accelerated, moving towards the Destruction with the triple speed of sound, preparing the weapon systems to strike. Soon he reached the front sections, flying closely past the threatening muzzle of the anti-matter cannon.
"The part where a single torpedo could do the most damage defiantly are the fuel tanks", Mike said to himself while hundreds of minor plasma guns were shooting at his spacecraft.
He was right with his statement since the Destruction had, other than the cruisers and battleships of the Fyell' Shan, proper armour, so he flew to the section he guessed to be fuel tank's one. He had to fly fast and still have complete control over his fighter-bomber, since he had to evade enemy's attacks and avoid own ones until the said section was reached. He gasped in shock as one of the enemy's AA-guns hit his spacecraft's wing, where the ammunition was stored, slowing his flight down.
Fifty metres until he had reached the fuel tanks.
He sped up as much as possible so he still could hit the target properly and yet could evade enemy's attacks, till he got hit again, this time on the rear part, slowing him down again.
Twenty metres until he had reached the fuel tanks.
"I need everything this ancient thing has got!", screamed Mike to his fighter-bomber, continuing after the enemy had hit him one more time,"Come on!"
He accelerated, dropping a torpedo that raced towards the fuel tanks, detonating on the outer hull and piercing it. What once was to be used as fuel for a spaceship now exploded in a ray of blue, unleashing its destructive power and cutting of the most of the ship from its electricity.
Mike's fighter-bomber, now named "Valkyrie", shot out of the hot and powerful ray of light, flying directly to the Nemesis' hangar, nearly crashing into some other light spacecrafts during landing.
Rasheed caught sight of the gigantic ray of light emerging from the Destruction's hull easily, only thinking one thing,"This won't hold it up, but it's weakened it!"
"Fire all calibers at the Destruction! It's time the Nemesis deserves its name!", he shouted through the bridge, only hearing many voices shouting "Yes, sir!" back.
Mike heard all of the guns firing at the Destruction, so he rushed to the bridge to see this spectacle. As he reached the bridge, he heard cheers emerging from everywhere on the ship.
"What happened, Rasheed?"
"You've made it! You weakened the Destruction enough for us to destroy it! THIS WAR IS OVER!"

As Mike finished telling his story, Anna stated in disbelief,"And now we're just delivering a message...? Now this is what I call disrespect..."
Mike sighed and muttered,"...and now we're just delivering a message..."

Notes and Trivia

  • The famines, civil unrests etc. "Korra had to deal with in her later life" were just made up to justify the technology of Avatara, which is at one level with the forties in reality.
  • This is the third and final version of the prologue, after the first time, I accidentally closed the tab I had opened it in, and the second time, I accidentally clicked on a link with the left mouse button. ARGH!
  • As you might have noticed, I used (and will always use) the metric system in this prologue, also do I try to write as much in British English as possible, but sometimes the American one coming through, so I would be pleased if you "correct" the American English words into British English ones.
  • I also use the "European" date, meaning I first write the day, then the month and finally the year.

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