Prologue The Era of Raava
Before the Era of Raava
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August 25, 2014

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Book One: The Beginnings, Fire

Before the Era of Raava

Before the first known Harmonic Convergence, Humans were but a primitive creature that were barely able to stand up right and walk on their own two legs.

The Dark Spirit Vaatu broke through the divide that separated the realms between the Humans and the Spirits and brought fear to the physical realm. For an undated amount of time, Vaatu spread chaos, darkness and destruction, Vaatu also guided the spirits into the physical realms.

Some of the spirits that followed him were the Ocean and Moon spirits Tui and La, who manifested themselves into the physical realms as mortal Koi Fishes.

To counter the problems caused by Vaatu, his counterpart Raava began a lengthy battle against him, in order to preserve the light, peace and balance in the world.

Their battle concluded on the day the planets aligned and Vaatu was vanquish from the world and thus began the Era of Raava and this event would later be known as the Harmonic Convergence and would later be dated as Year 19,829 BG in the present day future.

During the Age of the Avatar this time period was known as 10,000 BAC (Before Avatar Cycle) and 0 AHC (After Harmonic Convergence) during the Era of Raava.

Humans and the Lion Turtles

Between unknown periods of time between the beginning and end of the Era of Raava (0 AHC to 10,000 AHC or 10,000 BAC to 0 AAC), the human race has evolved and grown into intelligent beings and have gained the ability to manipulate the energy within themselves by connecting to the cosmic energy of the world.

However, since Raava cannot mend the rift between the Physical and Spiritual realms, the Humans were threatened by the mass invasion of Spirits that spread across the world and were soon driven to a corner and sought refuge from the ancient Lion Turtles.

Since then the humans built their civilisation upon the backs of the Lion Turtle and were granted the powers of the element. These humans venture into the wilds to collect food for the rest of the citizens that live on the backs of the Lion Turtle Cities.

The Return of Vaatu

Another historical event that was not dated was the return of the Dark Spirit Vaatu that manifested from the residual darkness that resided within Raava. To prevent the Dark Spirit from roaming free around the world and spreading it dark influence, Raava kept herself bounded to Vaatu and maintain balance by suppressing the colossal spirit.

Author's Notes

  • This Chapter draws influence from the fan base establish timeline for the Avatar timeline and summarizes the events before the first Harmonic Convergence.

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