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In Denial

Please Note: This will be a fairly short installment, as it is a prologue.

This is my first fanon, so I hope you like it and don't hesitate to post a comment!

Prologue: Ascent

It was the day before Batuk's sixteenth birthday that he was promoted to general, making him one of the youngest generals to ever serve any Earth King. Batuk was told by his father when he was young that bravery was all that was needed to become an Earth Kingdom General, but now, ten years after his death, Batuk realized much politics were needed to ascend into the higher ranks. Which is why Batuk befriended Earth King Huangdi, the whateverth Earth King. Huangdi was the only reason Batuk looked forward to his birthday for the past ten years, as the king would always give him a gift of 100 gold pieces and send him on his way with a dinner large enough to feed an army, which Batuk has done for that past four years. On the general's sixteenth birthday, he was called to the palace, as he was every year since he was six. However, this time, he wasn't called there by the royal guard, he was called by the Earth Sages. This was the first thing he found odd. The next thing was the king himself. After staring at Batuk for quite a while, he stood and clapped his hands. The Earth Sages left briskly. "General Batuk!" exclaimed the king, smiling. "It is good to see you well on your sixteenth birthday!"
"Thank you, great king," Batuk said with a confused smile. "Before we go into the day's festivities, I must ask you why the Earth Sages came to get me and not the Royal Guard."
"It is because I have such big news for you!" Huangdi smiled wider. "However your reaction may be mixed."
"Your highness, though my reaction may be mixed, do not hesitate to-"
"You are the Avatar," Earth King Huangdi interrupted, sitting. "Which unfortunately means you cannot be a general."
"WHAT?!?" shouted Batuk, clenching his fists. "If being an Avatar takes away my generalship, I don't want to be an Avatar!"
"I'm sorry, except that is not a choice," sighed Huangdi. "You are the Avatar, and that is your destiny."
"Destiny is for fools," growled Batuk, "for only fools believe destiny to be unshapable."
"While that is true for most, it is not for you. While most people's destiny is like clay to shape, your's is a stubborn boulder."
"Am I not an Earthbender? Can I not shape the boulder?"
"Your destiny is an iceburg in the way of your boat."
"Am I not a Waterbender? Can I not shape the iceburg?"
"Like wind blowing the boat in the wrong direction."
"Am I not an Airbender? Can I not shape the wind?"
"Like a log in your path."
"Am I not a Firebender? Can I not burn the log?"
"Listen, Batuk, if this means that much to you, I will allow you to continue being a general," sighed Huangdi. "However, this must stay a complete secret. No one may know that you are both a general and the Avatar, and frankly I don't know how you are going to do it."
Batuk simply responded, "am I not the Avatar?"

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