Sunrise at Eastern Air Temple
As the Sun Rises
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When Air Nomads Walked the Earth

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Two Separate Lives

This is a simply a brief introduction to the story, When Air Nomads Walked the Earth and introduces the two major characters in this series.

Summer Days

Spring has been over now for quite a few weeks with the summer season having taken its place. The warmer weather and fewer days of classes are being enjoyed by kids from all four nations. Peace and prosperity reigned throughout the world, or at least that's how it looked. As the sun rose on what appeared to be another blissful day, Fire Lord Sozin and his advisors were conversing within the war chamber, laying out plans for a deadly attack.

"Time is passing by quickly and the day in which the great comet is to arrive is approaching closer and closer," Sozin said to the several war ministers and generals present with him in the room. "The massive armies and invasion force are being organized and trained in await for that day."

"That is wonderful to hear, Your Majesty," General Kuzin replied. "The Air Nomads may be a great nation, but they will never stand a chance against thousands of soldiers with tremendously enhanced Firebending!"

"No, they will not," Sozin agreed. "They haven't got a formal military in the first place. And this is a battle which cannot be lost. The Avatar must be killed and our victory must be secured! The Avatar is the only one who can stop the Fire Nation from winning the war we are about to wage with the other nations. He must be eliminated!"

War Room Palace

Fire Lord Sozin's war room.

Sozin rose from his throne and walked over to where the others were sitting. He explained to them, "We will fly to the temples on Dragons and, on the day the comet arrives, we'll launch our attack on the Nomads. I can assure you that with the power granted to us by the comet, we will emerge victorious. The Avatar will have been killed and we will then launch our forces to attack and defeat the other nations. Nothing can stop us!"

While the ministers and high generals applauded his speech, two young adolescents were preparing for the day ahead of them. One is Syra, a fun-loving eleven year-old Airbender living at the Eastern Air Temple. The other is Siro, a kind twelve year-old Firebender living in the town of Sen Go. Both love the summer days, sometimes rainy, but often warm and inviting.

At the beginning of the summer season, Syra had told her guardian, Sister Min, "I know autumn is supposed to be the prominent season for Airbenders, but summer is my personal favorite. What could be better than getting out of the classroom and practicing Airbending outdoors? Learning is fun and all, but Airbending is what I love best."

Meanwhile, Siro had told his mother, Zala, "It's too bad we still remain cooped up in the classroom during summer. At least we get more days off."

Zala replied, "But you do good in school and have a passion for learning, don't you?"

"I know and I do. I want to keep getting high grades in school, but not as much as I hope to become a Firebending Master," he told her.

Even though they know nothing of each other and have no connections, they both looked to the season with optimism and excitement. And both were unaware of what exactly was to come.

Two individual lives. One summer that changed them both.

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