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A Worthless Sacrifice to Begin a New Tale
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Daughter of Blood and Steel





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October 3, 2012

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A Real Nightmare

Sacrifice is not always righteous...

Each beat of her heart was a knife stabbing through her chest. The room was spinning, her lungs felt like they were filling with water, like she was drowning. But the pain was not gentle; it forced itself throughout her entire body, crushing her with each sharp, consistent pain. Desperately, she began to cough, throwing her head forward violently to try to get the liquid out of her lungs. Her own blood came from her mouth, splattering across her clothes and the floor. But she could not bend over to try to force more blood from her lungs: her arms and legs were bound, keeping her in an upright position.

"Sir, her vitals are failing..." A group of men watched on from behind a one-way mirror. Nearest to the window, one was monitoring a computer showing sporadic life signs coming from the young girl. He turned back, speaking to a commanding-looking gentleman, observing with his arms folded.

The man to whom the other was speaking waved his hand, dismissing his concerns. "Keep going. If she dies in the process, she wouldn't have been any use to us anyway." It was obvious that this made him uncomfortable.

"But sir, no one has ever survived multiple implants... She's only a child..."

Suddenly, as if acknowledging their concerns, the monitor began the long, shrill sibilance which told the group of men that the subject had flat-lined. "Take her corpse to the crematorium." The commanding one gestured to a larger man among them, who nodded simply and exited through a door to their right. He appeared at the other side of the window and set to work releasing the bindings.

Upon closer examination, the girl was young—no more than seven or eight—and her body was frail even before being forced to undergo this torturous procedure. Once the chains were removed, her limp body fell into this man's great arms, and for a moment he looked directly into her beautiful, glossy eyes; these eyes returned his gaze with a blank and lifeless stare. He gingerly touched her eyelids, lowering them over her eyes.

"Rest in peace, young daughter of blood and steel..."

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