A Special Day
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The Rise of Lirin



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The Snowbold


The Snowbold

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January 20, 2013

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The year is 393 AG. The Four Nations are at peace and the cycle of nations and life continues. Avatar Tala has been gone for the last fifteen years and the world anxiously awaits for the next Avatar to be discovered and announced. Prince Lirin of the Fire Nation is celebrating his fifteenth birthday, without a worry in his life.

A Special Day

She pushed his head back as another maid wrapped his robe on, "How are we supposed to tie your topknot if you cut your hair!?"


"Some prince you are, Lirin, thank goodness your sister is firstborn, or the entire nation would tremble at the thought of you as Fire Lord!"

"Hey," he looked back at the elderly woman, "it's my birthday. Can't you be a little bit nicer to me? And so you know, I agree, Ursa will make a much better Fire Lord than me. She's been preparing for it since she was old enough to say Bow to me."

The maid chuckled a little, she noticed the young man pinch the behind of the maid who had finished his robe as she left, she giggled as she trotted off smiling. His eyes flashed the way they did for him, even enchanting her more. Lirin's eyes shifted from a fathomless black to an amber gold, only Lirin had such a dazzling look. Every girl fell for it.

The elder maid promptly smacked him across the back of the head, "That is my daughter, Prince Lirin."

He massaged the back of his head, "You know, you seem to slap Royalty around, quite a bit, Ursa said you threw a brush at her once."

She had an offended look like such an accusation was a blight on her, "I did no such thing! Your sister was a lady who didn't need to be warded from unruly behavior like you!"

"Mira is older than me."

"She is seventeen and you are prince. As much as it would lift my spirits to see my daughter marry into royalty, I will not have you get her hopes up while you are only fifteen and without a care in the world about your future."

He was finally ready, half an hour late. He entered the steps to walk down and celebrate his birthday as was tradition. Cheering followed and he saw that his friends and family were there to celebrate the Prince's fifteenth birthday.

Past Sages

A change of ways for Prince Lirin.

He had reached floor level when a small column of old men soon entered the hall. They were Fire Sages, elder men who led the nation's spiritual beliefs and guided the Avatars in training and spirituality.

What were they doing here? They were reclusive in appearances and only showed themselves for important occasions, or emergencies, such as a Fire Lord's passing.

"Is something wrong, High Sage Tuza?"

"No, Prince Lirin, there is nothing wrong. We are just here to make the announcement as is tradition, on the birthday of the Avatar when he becomes a man."

Lirin stood there speechless, normal protocol was that one became a man at their sixteenth birthday. Lirin was celebrating early because he had mastered firebending and his father was eager to send him to a military outpost to train and grow out of his childish behavior.

It seemed that was all about to change. Tuza knelt, "We are honored to serve you, Avatar Lirin," he bowed and the sages joined him. Soon the entire party there for his birthday joined in bowing to Lirin.

It was not odd for Lirin to be bowed to, he was Prince of the Fire Nation, but it was why they were bowing. He didn't know what to do, he didn't want this, he wasn't meant for all this, that was the duty of his sister, she was meant for greatness, not him. He was just Lirin, grandson of the Black Dragon.

Now he was the Avatar. Great things would be expected for him, it would be demanded of him. He didn't want this.


  • This scene is meant to be reminiscent of how Roku was discovered as the Avatar, where they are told after they reach manhood, it was a special case for Lirin because he mastered Firebending a year early.
  • Lirin's scene with the maid's daughter is the first of many incidents to follow for Lirin.
  • Lirin's thought, "He didn't want this" will be prevalent throughout the series, showing an important emotional issue.

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