Korra in the Avatar State
A New Beginning
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The Return



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The Avatar Lives On


The Avatar Lives On

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Chapter 1: Give Me a Break!

Prologue: A New Beginning is the first chapter in my series, The Return.

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Fire, Air, Water, Earth

Avatar Korra has passed on. The world mourns her death, she was loved by each nation and was honored for her efforts to bring peace to the world. But a new Avatar shall be born into the Earth Kingdom. Expectant of the new Avatar, the Earth King sends sentries of the Order of the White Lotus to scour the Earth's largest continent to look for the new Avatar. They searched for seventeen years with no trace of him/her. They gave up, knowing that their efforts were futile. Meanwhile, the nations began to develop new technologies for the world, the son of the Future Industries CEO Asami Sato, Shun, took over the industry and began developing new Satomobiles and, expanding the business, televisions, cellphones, and most importantly, space shuttles. But the world began to lose trust in finding the Avatar, since the nations resolved their own problems by themselves. But in a small Earth Kingdom village named Shozun Village, the new Avatar was living there as a normal boy, not knowing of his destiny to save the world. His name, is Kuang.

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