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Prologue:Birth of a Woodbender
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Avatar: The Sole Woodbender



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Acer Indonesia, Wani-wan123, AvatarRokusGhost, Master Ratava, The Cabbage Man

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June 29, 2012

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"Splinters, So Many Splinters"

This is the prologue of the fanon series Avatar: The Sole Woodbender by Henryjh98

Prologue:The Birth of a Woodbender

A woman ran through the forest, ducking under branches and leaping over roots. A small bundle was carefully held in her folded arms, protectively shielding it. Not too far behind, three men chased that woman, armed with various weapons, and the fact that they were all able to firebend.
She ducked under a branch and spun around a tree, attempting to throw the men off of her tail. However, it did not work. She heard them clomping behind her, shouting and crying out threats and swear words. The woman held the bundle closer to her chest and closed her eyes. Sighing, she continued to run.
A blast of fire sliced through the air, illuminating the forest and raising the temperature several hundred degrees. Branches and leaves had started to catch fire, igniting brightly and frighteningly. The same woman screamed out as a bush in front of her set fire, blasting ten feet in the air. She turned and scrambled in a different direction.
One of the men roared in anguish and frustration, sprinting off after her. However, she was very fast and agile, weaving in and out of the trees that blocked her path. The three bandits were less graceful, tripping and stumbling as they ran.
And then the bundle in the arms of the woman began to cry. She looked around frantically and then brushed back the bundle, revealing the chubby, smooth face of a dark-haired baby. Tears streaked out of its eyes. "Shh," she whispered. "Shh."
The baby continued to cry, but a little quieter. The woman smiled and took off running again. Her short pause had allowed for the men to catch up more than they should be. Dodging around a tree, she ran into a sheltered copse that caused her pursuers to pause for a few short minutes and look around. She darted off, sighing with a relieved sigh.
Suddenly, the woman burst into a clearing, moonlight flooding the grass. It looked beautiful, but she was in no condition to admire her surroundings. She had to complete her duty. Not too far behind, she could hear the three men crashing through the undergrowth. The woman was growing tired, and the men were getting closer. However, she was getting closer to completing her duty. A single tear leaked out of her eye at the thought of what she had to do.
Soon she was back in the forest, enveloped by dark green leaves and tall black trunks. Moonlight trickled through the gaps in the thick canopy, providing scant light and little to see by. Despite the lack of light, she continued to run at a fast pace, steadily slowing down.
Another jet of fire shot out from behind and the woman had to dive away to prevent being burnt to a crisp. She quickly got back up and continued her run. She could tell, as the ground started to slope downward, that she was nearing her destination. The ground turned steeper and she had to run with more caution, or she would slip and fall to her peril.
And then the steepest part of the hill came into view. It was nearly a cliff, a sand dune, so very steep, but she knew a safe way down, a quicker way down that would give her five minutes respite from her running. Just long enough to finish her task.


A bush covered the entrance to the underground corridor that would lead to the bottom of the hill and the end of her journey. She crawled through that bush and jogged down the corridor, which was nearly pitch dark. She groped around for the wall, to make sure she stayed on the right track and turned at the right times. After about a minute, she was out and standing at the roots of a huge tree, its trunk covered in purple bugs. A large knob, big enough to hold her baby, sat about six feet off the ground. She hopped onto a root and brushed away some glowing purple bugs. Next, the woman laid the bundle on the knob. She closed her eyes and folded her hands in a reverent position.
"Great Tsuri, Spirit of the Forests, Ruler of Okinuddo, protect this child," she prayed. "Keep him safe throughout his life. Bless him, Great Tsuri. Grant him a power, a power to keep him safe and protected. A power you hold, a power unique and unknown. A power that will let him save the world, as his destiny is foretold. Please, Great Tsuri, hear my prayer. Answer my prayer. I sacrifice myself for this child, make myself holy for this sake. Please, Spirit of the Forests. Please," she concluded.
For a minute, nothing happened. Then, as the baby continued to cry, a branch lowered down from the tree, its tip bare of leaves. It slowly reached out and lightly touched the baby on the forehead. The baby instantly stopped crying and opened his eyes wide as a red mark was burned onto his forehead, resembling a trident, but more curved and rounded. He lifted a tiny hand and turned it, causing a tiny branch to curl inwards.
The woman smiled widely and brushed the side of the baby's face, feeling his hair for the last time. Tears leaked from her eyes and she muttered, "Thank you."
More branches came down and wrapped up the baby, taking him higher into the tree, where he would be out of sight from the men chasing her. The woman, turning away, grabbed a baby doll out of her bag and continued to run. She could hear the men chasing after her. She knew that it was all going to end.
The last ten minutes of her life went by quickly, all absorbed in thoughts of her new baby. A moment later, she was struck down by a blast of firebending. Unbearable pain ripped through her and she screamed out loudly. However, she was happy. The men caught up to her and looked in her eyes. "Where is he?" one growled.
The woman laughed and showed them the bundle. One of them snatched it up and unwrapped it, roaring in anger. He tossed it away, drawing a sword.
A flash of steel and a spray of crimson blood. The man had stabbed her in the stomach. Spitting and yelling angrily, the men stalked away. They no longer cared about the woman. It was the baby they wanted. However, she lay on the ground, smiling as tears poured out of her eyes.
And as she exhaled her last breath, her final, dying breath, a whisper escaped the closed lips of hers.


  • Henryjh98 used a lot of Japenese words and self-created conjunctions in this chapter, such as Okinuddo, but he no longer remembers what Okinuddo means.
  • The three firebenders wil reappear later in the series (nudge, nudge, wink wink XD).

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