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Problems, Solutions, and Surprises
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This is the second chapter of Legend of Mei Lien written by Skybender101. I hope you enjoy!

What this chapter is about

This chapter will show you how Mei Lien is capable at defending herself in any situations. You will be introduced to a new unknown character.

Last Chapter

Mei Lien and her mother find food for themselves. Mei Lien writes a diary entry which explains why they are traveling. While practicing her Earthbending, Mei Lien is startled by a loud noise and her mother's scream. Meanwhile, the Earth King is impatient for the return of the Avatar. The Earth King's highest general, Ranu, is planning an evil scheme to rule the world.

Problems, Solutions, and Surprises

Mei Lien rushed over to the surprising noises that she heard. ROAR!!! She followed the loud roar and dashed through a pile of bushes. Mei Lien found a giant Moose-lion facing her mother, between two tall oak trees.

Lanying calmly laid down her berries on the dirt ground in front of the beast. The Moose-lion growled at the petite lady. "I know you are hungry, but do not want to eat me. You want my berries. Here you go," Lanying murmured lightly to the creature, backing away slowly from the pile of berries.

"Mother run away! He is going to get you!" the Earthbender thought desperately. Without any thought of what she was doing, Mei Lien shot a large slab of earth at the Moose-lion. The animal went flying into a pile of pricker bushes and roared in pain.

Lanying quickly looked at her daughter, her eyes scorching in anger. "Mei Lien! I had everything under control until yo-." But before Mei Lien's mother could finish her sentence, the large creature stood up and swiped at Lanying with its powerful paw. Lanying went flying into a tree.

"Mother!" Mei Lien cried. She tried to tend to her poor mother who was lying on the ground, but before she could, the Moose-lion blocked her path.

"You want to fight, ugly beast! Fine, I'll give you the fight of your life," she growled. Mei Lien kicked three boulders from the ground at the brown beast. One of the boulders smacked the Moose-lion's nose. The animal roared in pain, and charged at Mei Lien. Mei Lien ducked just in time when the Moose-lion swung at her. The Earthbender plunged under the Moose-lion, and kicked up a slab of earth. The earth slammed into the creature's stomach, and he went soaring into the air. After a few seconds, the Moose-lion crashed to the ground.

In defeat, the creature whimpered and slowly dragged himself away from Mei Lien and her mother. The fifteen-year-old girl rushed to her mother's side. "Mother, are you okay!" she shrieked. Lanying was sitting up on the tree. She smiled at her daughter. "I'm alright dear. I only twisted my leg. You fought well, my little Earthbender."

Lanying grasped Mei Lien's shoulder and hopped on one foot as they walked back to their camp. The two got back to their camp as evening approached. "We've lost an afternoon's travel," Lanying sighed as she sat on a log with her leg perched on a rock. "We do not even have wood for a campfire!"

The Next Day

Dear Diary,

Mother insisted that we should travel today. It has been a day after her injury, but I still do not think she is fit for journeying. After bugging me for hours, I finally agreed that we should travel. Sometimes I feel like I'm the adult....

Mother had to stop every minute to breathe, tend to her leg, and mark off the places we passed on her map. I swear she uses the map all the time! She even made me carry her backpack! She told me that we would be in Ba Sing Se in a week! I am now thrilled and anxious! Now we have made camp next to an old ghost town. Or at least I think it is a ghost town...

Mei Lien

Mei Lien put her diary away in her backpack. "Mother, is it okay if I leave you and check out the abandoned town?"

"Sure Mei Lien, I will be fine," Lanying agreed.

Mei Lien voyaged to the deserted town that her mother said was near. After a couple of minutes, the girl found it.

Tu Zin

The ghost town

The town looked very old and dreary. Houses had holes in them and wood had been torn off. The village looked like it had not been touched in decades. Mei Lien ventured through the town, looking at all of the broken items that were left behind.

Mei Lien discovered a ripped scroll, an Earth Kingdom coin, and even a metal soup spoon. She tucked them away in her backpack.

"Who are you?" an unfamiliar voice said behind her. Mei Lien quickly spun around in surprise.

Ranu's Quarters

Ranu stared at the long plan he wrote out. "If we do not find the Avatar soon, then maybe I have to go out to find him myself," he thought. He jotted down more on his plan. "Hmm...I guess I will just have to wait."

"Ranu," a voice interrupted his thoughts. Ranu's trusty assistant, Mailo, entered Ranu's quarters.

"Hello, my assistant. I wrote out my methods of destroying the Avatar." Ranu handed Mailo a parchment. Mailo quickly read what was on the parchment and grinned evilly. "This is very nice, Ranu. Very nice."

Author's Notes

I hope you enjoyed my second chapter. If you have not already read my first chapter, you can find it here.

And hopefully my next chapter will be much longer!

Thank you to all my readers!

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