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December 14 2011

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Avatar Zaru has more problems than he can count. Though, he always manages to solve them, one way or another. This problem, however, is an exception to that.


The Fire Lord's airship touched down, and Fire Lord Erus emerged from it, followed by Avatar Zaru. They both ran into the Eastern Capital Building. One of the last government buildings still standing. "General Po!" Erus said, addressing one of the three living Fire Nation generals. "Report!"

"The reinforcements from the Southern Water Tribe arrived approximately four hours ago. They are positioned around the city borders. More importantly, our agents have reported back. They confirm that all of the Earth Kingdom bombs have been destroyed, and the larger factories have been burned down. It is estimated that we have six percent of our pre-war population remaining. Finally, there have been no reports of attack since the bombing."

Erus considered the news. "This war is very hard on us. On everyone. But we are in no position to end it."

"Perhaps we could surrender, sir?"

"And let what's left of the Fire Nation be destroyed?!"

"Fire Lord Erus. Face the facts! There is nothing left of the Fire Nation!"

"No! We still have something left! And I intend to fight for it!"

"Get a grip you old man! We have nothing!"

"Do not talk to your Fire Lord like that."

"NO! SHUT UP! YOU ARE NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE THE FIRE LORD! YOUR BROTHER WAS MUCH BETTER! YOU ARE PATHETIC!" and with that, General Po spit at Erus, right between the eyes. Erus got two words out before Zaru had hit the general in the face with a jet of fire. Po dropped onto the ground, clutching his face.


"Come, Erus. We have more business to attend to, and none of it involves this imbecile."

Erus and Zaru swept past the (former) general, who was still clutching his face. They marched into the outpost, and met up with the captain of the soldiers from the Southern Water Tribe.

"Fire Lord Erus. A pleasure, of course. Please, come. We have set up a basic plan, and were wishing for your constructive criticism before we continued."

"Does this plan involve me doing any work?"

"No, sir."

"Good. I'm feeling lazy today. Go on."

"We were hoping to send half of our Water Tribe reinforcements in addition to whatever soldiers you have left, and attack Ba Sing Se."

"This is the worst plan I've ever heard."

The Water Tribe captain, frustrated, left the tent and went off to figure out what they were going to do.

"You're just making everybody mad today aren't you?"

"This war is hard. You know what's harder? Getting some hot chocolate." Erus pulled aside some random soldier. "Get me some hot chocolate or you're fired."

"But I'm from the Southern Water Tribe. I don't work for you!"

"That's not the definition of 'fired' I had in mind." The soldier ran off to find some hot chocolate.

"Erus? Please don't yell at me, because I'm tougher than you now, but I think we should collect all of the soldiers in the Fire Nation, and bring them here for one final attack. There's nothing left to protect."


"No, Erus, I am simply knocking you out so I can pretend you sent the order to do that."

"You're... wait... WHA..." Zaru knocked Erus upside the head with a pan, and he was out cold on the floor. Zaru went off to gather some messengers, and sent them off to collect the soldiers, forging Erus' signature on the order. Over the next day, soldiers came back together. This went smoothly until one soldier went off screaming to Erus (who was now awake and in a better mood).


"The monster?"

"The monster you idiot! No offense. The monster made out of the Earth King's daughter! The monster that trampled over the Fire Nation, tearing it down piece by piece! It's BACK!"

"So?" Zaru said, "We beat it once, we'll beat it again!"

"No! It is bigger now! Stronger! More powerful!"

"That is so cliche."

"WHO CARES?!" Erus and the soldier screamed at the same time.

"I do! But we'll worry about that later. Right now, we need to decide how to beat Rose three point zero."

"Perhaps," Erus began, "You and I could take her together."

"But," the soldier said, "I' m not sure if I'm capable."

"I WASN'T TALKING TO YOU, YOU IDIOT!" The soldier backed away slowly, while Erus continued. "You and I, two of the most powerful benders in the world, will go after Rose. Meanwhile, this army will invade the Earth Kingdom, and capture Omashu. Once we capture it, we will easily be able to defend it until we can gather up a large enough army to take Ba Sing Se. We will blow up the entire city, and hopefully kill the Earth King in the process."

"Wow, that's quite a plan considering you took thirty seconds to think it over."

"Eh, a lot of it was just this." Erus held up a paper that gave possible battle plans for the army.

"Ah. I see."

"So, shall we do this?"


"What's with the screaming?"

"Sometimes you just need to enjoy yourself." Erus just shrugged, and the boarded an aircraft. They flew for a while. They flew, and flew, and flew, and flew. Zaru got bored, so he decided to practice Firebending. He stopped after he lit Erus' hair on fire. After a while, they spotted something. Something large, running through one of the last towns of the Fire Nation, crashing down everything it saw.

"Hmm..." Zaru said somewhat sarcastically. "I wonder what that could be?" They spun the aircraft around, and flew it up in front of Rose. They shot in front of the aircraft, and blew amazing levels of fire into the monster's face. She just swept her hand, and they came crashing down. Zaru landed them gently, and they kept shooting fire at the super-Rose. However, all it did was make her try to kill them. Not that that's anything new, of course. She stomped, and clawed, and slammed, and smashed, and even roared (mostly just for fun). The two were just too fast for her though. Erus shot around, darting along with the fire around him. Zaru hopped around with the air around him. Rose just danced around like a really large metal hog monkey.

"Erus! I think we might need some help!"

"Gee, you think?!" The two shot backwards until they had a decent amount of distance from Rose.

"Who's nearby?" Zaru asked.

"Hmm... all of our armies are in our last major outpost back in the east. Patola and Draco are down south, trying to find out how many cities we still have standing. The Stone Soldiers recently went back to the Earth Kingdom. It looks like we're on our own."


"Zaru, what if we stop randomly attacking and use a plan, then maybe we can pull this off!"

"And what is this wonderful miracle plan of yours?"

"I was hoping you'd have an idea."

"Can we just give up instead?"

"Or, we could go find out how Heesu beat her the first time, and figure out why she's still here!"

"Or that." So, they flew off to the Earth Kingdom. Within a day, they were at the HQ of the Stone Soldiers. Erus knocked on the door. Stroe let them in, and they asked for Heesu.

"Heya buddies! Howya doin'?"

"Hello Heesu," Erus said, "We need to talk to you about something."


"No Heesu, that's not what we want to talk about."

"Oh. Sorry."

"Now, can you tell us how you beat Rose when she attacked?"

"Oh! That was fun! Except for the parts where I got hurt, which was all of them. But I had fun! You know what else is fun! Having fun! In fact, one time..."


"Right. What I did, was I created several mini-mountains, and I smothered her in them, and I beat her so hard, she went underground. I made an avalanche on top of her, and she went bye bye."

"But she survived. Apparently, Boli dug her up, because she's much bigger and tougher now."

"That's bad."

"Thanks for the useful bit of info there, Captain Obvious. Now, can you come with us, and take her down once and for all?"

"No can do!"

"Wha... why not?"

"'Cause you didn't say please, dummy!"

"Please come help us defeat Rose."

"Sure! I'd love to!" The three of them went back to the Fire Nation. What did they find? Nothing was left. Absolutely nothing. All of the outposts, gone. The surviving cities, gone. The soldiers, the citizens, everyone... gone.

"We were foolish," Erus said, "We underestimated her. She has destroyed everything left while we were gone."

"Then," Zaru said, "Where is she?"

"Most likely back at the Earth Kingdom. Probably at a festival in her honor. This is the worst the Fire Nation has ever seen."

"Fire Nation? There is no Fire Nation. I am the Avatar. It was my job to bring peace to the four nations. We now have only two."

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