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Proactive Survival
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Dreams of Melasa







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The Snowbold


The Snowbold

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April 18, 2013

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The best defense is a strong offense...

Chapter 1: Proactive Survival

Anxiety spread through her. This was a dangerous move, there was no assurance of success, but it was her best chance of success. If she waited any longer, she would have no chance at all and would have to run for the rest of her life.

She gripped the handle tightly whispering a note to herself, remembering everything her father taught her. She looked down from the great tree as her target came closer, unsuspecting.

Closer he came, she could hear his breaths. She inhaled one final time and dropped down, hoping her blade would finish her work in one strike.

Something went wrong and her enemy rolled away. Landing, her sword cut through the earth and the man looked on her, "Your first mistake was breathing above an airbender. Your next was attacking the Avatar."

Not giving in to his taunt, she pressed on with a fast swing of her lightning-shaped katana. Bending backwards, the young man dodged the horizontal strike. His hand faced her and a powerful whirlwind escaped, blasting her away.

Crashing into the forests she got up quick. She had lost the element of surprise but had to stay in the fight and finish this, he would recognize her now. She heard the fast steps of an augmented runner approach her. As he reached the ledge she stood at, he held his arms out, "Surrender and you won't be harmed."


Where did two swords come from?

She put her hands together on the hilt and in some weird slide, two swords emerged where there was two. The warrior was taken back, the weapon was not a dual weapon, how did it make two?

A flurry of strikes came at him and he furiously dodged the deadly weapons. Airbending was the only reason he had dodged the attacks, she was moving faster than a human possibly could. A breath of fire escaped his mouth and the red-haired attacker leapt back.

With one blade held forward and the other at a downward angle, she charged. Rather than face the vicious speed of this assassin, he curled his arms in, creating an arc of blue energy around himself. With hand pointed at her, he released the power from his fingers as she was now too close to dodge it.

To his amazement, she did not try to avoid it, she didn't even panic. Without hesitation, she spun her right blade and caught the raging energy. Landing, she brought the weapon crashing down for the young warrior.

A ferocious explosion ensued as lightning struck the earth as the blade came down. The young warrior had barely dodged the hit but had been blown back by the force of his own attack turned against him. He had never seen anything like it done before.

As he was getting up, she was already above him and cutting down. An air punch pushed her back, saving him from death. He sent a kick out to her standing, but she was already gone, as if disappearing into thin air.

He saw a move beside him and the red robed attacker was there with her swords drawn. He ducked a decapitating strike. He kicked where the waist would be, sending a strong gust of wind to keep the fast warrior back.

She appeared out of nowhere again. As he sent flames after her, she was behind in a streak of red. How could he keep up with her speed?

When she was in front of him again, he inhaled deeply and let a devastating blast of air escape his lungs. With too much force for her speed to overcome, she was pushed into a tree, no doubt bruising her back.

Rushing forward while she was stunned he attacked, she dodged the hit but was still in the same place, dazed. With a quick snap of his wrist, he yanked one of her swords out of her hand and leveled it across her neck.

He expected her to draw her second against him for a standoff but saw the weapon dissolve into thin air. Her blue eyes looked on him with fury, he had beaten her, even when she had the first move. She had no choice but to surrender as she let her arms drop in submission.


"Who are you?"

"What does that matter to you?"

He pushed the blade of the sword closer to her neck, "Answer."

"My name is Melasa."

"You know who I am," he didn't ask, he stated it.

She nodded, "Avatar Tiros of Fire."

"So why were you trying to kill me?"


He crooked an eyebrow. She was not one for elaborating. He looked on his beaten assassin. She was uniquely different from anyone he had ever met before. Her red hair alone set her apart from everyone he had ever met. She wore red and white with tall boots that ended just under her knees.

Now that he could, he realized she was a beautiful young woman who was about his age. While fighting, he spent more time paying attention to her erratic movement and saw her more as a dangerous animal and less an exotic beauty.

"You're coming with me. Luckily, my current home is not too far away. There we'll get more answers out of you."

She looked at him with a deadpan face as he pulled her shoulder and led her down the path he had been walking before her ambush.


  • Melasa is based on Misuzu from 11eyes, and so will have pictures of her throughout.
  • Like Melasa herself, her sword is based on Raikiri from 11eyes.
  • Don't worry, the assassin's failure is not the end of the story.

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