Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Private Eyes of Republic City in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Private Eyes of Republic City
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Bolin's Princess




Chapter 1: A Hidden Angel

Hey everyone! I'm so glad you found me! Welcome to the main page for my very first fanon, "Private Eyes of Republic City."


I apologize beforehand if I am worse at summarizing things than I thought I was.

After witnessing the death of both their parents exactly ten years prior, Mako and Bolin were beginning to feel hopeless, like they had no place in the world. Did they, being the homeless teenage orphans they were, wandering the streets, waiting for the miracle that could get them back on their feet? That miracle came soon enough when they stumbled across Asami Sato, the daughter of the owner of the biggest and most dangerous business in Republic City: the federal protective service.

Once she gets the boys signed up for this huge responsibility, Mako and Bolin have to depend on each other more than they ever did before to survive all the physical, mental, and emotional twists and turns the business throws at them.


"Private Eyes of Republic City" takes place in Republic City, around the time The Legend of Korra began. To accommodate to the demanding plot thread I chose to work with, and just to make the city more interesting for all of us, I made more than a couple modifications to the city's overall advancement. That includes architecture, fashion, lifestyle, and (duh) technology! What's a great secret agent story without some good old modern weaponry?



Age: 18

Gender: male

Main Characteristics: charming; protective; nonchalant

Profession: secret agent/detective

Bending Talents: fire


Age: 16

Gender: male

Main Characteristics: strong-willed; self-reliant; free-spirited

Profession: secret agent/detective

Bending Talents: earth


Age: 18

Gender: female

Main Characteristics: empathetic; independent; congenial

Profession: journalist/spy

Bending Talents: none


Age: 17

Gender: female

Main Characteristics: tenacious;aggressive; feisty

Profession: journalist/waiter/agent Mako and Bolin's guide

Bending Talents: water (in this story, Korra is not the Avatar)


Age: 50

Gender: male

Main Characteristics: proud; judgmental; serious

Profession: head of Future HQ/ father of Asami

Bending Talents: none


Age: 19

Gender: male

Main Characteristics: prompt; bright; dependable

Profession: Hiroshi's messenger

Bending Talents: fire


Age: 43

Gender: male

Main Characteristics: supportive; attentive; logical

Profession: father of Korra

Bending Talents: water


Age: 42

Gender: female

Main Characteristics: positive; loving; open-minded

Profession: mother of Korra

Bending Talents: water


Age: 20

Gender: male

Main Characteristics: dark; intimidating; evil

Profession: infamous crime lord

Bending Talents: water


Here is a list of the possible titles for the first five chapters of this fanon. I can promise you at least one will change by at least one word because I can never come up with the perfect title for a chapter, or anything, for that matter, the first time. I'll add to this list and post the links to the actual chapters as soon as I release them.

Chapter 1: A Hidden Angel

Chapter 2: Skeptic to Believer

Chapter 3: A New Life

Chapter 4: Evaluation Day

Chapter 5: On Duty


Please Note: the release date that I posted in the infobox above is not definite. It could come out a week earlier or it could come out a week later for all I know. The universe just loves throwing surprises onto my schedule, (see what I did there?) so I have no idea how much free time I'll have to post the chapters, let alone write them.

Thanks for tuning in, and I hope I don't let you down with this one!

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