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The Warden stood with a scowl on his face as the gondola brought over his new inmates. He was expecting multiple prisoners, so naturally he was surprised when only one stepped out of the gondola. The Warden moved in front of the prisoner and cleared his throat.

"Welcome to the Boiling Rock." he said "Now I'm sure you've heard all sorts of rumors about your new home, but they don't have to be true. If you just behave, everything will be fine." It wasn't until he finished his usual speech that he noticed the prisoner wasn't even listening, in fact, he was asleep. The Warden seethed as he raised his foot to kick the prisoner as hard in the chest as he could. He was greatly surprised when his foot was caught by the seemingly sleeping prisoner and was thrown to the floor. The Warden went cherry red with rage as he jumped to his feet and ordered him to the interrogation room.

The prisoner smiled as he was shoved in the right direction "Oh no, not the interrogation room." he said sarcasticly as he was walked through the prison. Many of the inmates stopped for only a second to watch the "fresh meat" be forced through the facility. As he was taken past a group of Water Tribe inmates one of them stopped working and exitedly ran to the new prisoner.

"Liu? Liu is that you?" the prisoner said as the guards stepped between the two inmates.

"Good to see you again Enoch." Liu said as the guards led him past the prisoner. "Anne still hates you." Liu smiled as Enoch's face drooped into depression. Finally the guards shoved Liu into a room with a single chair.

"Sit down." one of them ordered while pulling out some rope. When Liu sat down the guards tied his wrist and ankels to the chair before flipping him upside down.

Hmmm, It seems I drew a bad hand this round. Liu thought as beads of sweat rolled dripped to the floor. Liu was surprised he had made a conscious thought with all the blood rushing to his head. A half-hour passed before Liu was flipped right side up again. As the guards argued about when to start again, Liu looked down at his hands and noticed his bloody fingertips. Slightly confused at first, Liu realized that he had virtually dug them into the wooden chair. A few minutes later Liu found himself upside down again. There ain't no way in hell I'm staying here. he thought as the warden walked in.

"That's enough gentelmen." the Warden said right before the two guards threw the chair in an up right position. "Are you enjoying your stay?" Liu responded with a weak smile before, spitting in the Warden's face. The Warden's smug smile immediately turned into another scowl. "Take him to his cell!" he yelled before storming out of the room.

One of the guards cut Liu loose as the other stood by the door way. After Liu fell out of the chair to the ground the guard who cut him loose walked over to his friend. While they talked neither of them noticed Liu raise to his feet and grab the chair. With all of his might, Liu swung the chair and hit one of the guards so hard it broke on his back. Liu took the scraps he held in his hands and beat the other guard across the face and torso with them. With the guards incapacitated Liu dragged them into the room and locked them in. As soon as he turned the key another guard rounded the corner and yelled for back up.

Liu charged forward as the guard attempted to throw a fire ball at him. Liu grabbed him by the wrists and brought his knee to the guard's chest several times before throwing him over the railing. Liu made a break for the exit, ignoring the pleas coming from the prisoners in their cells. He heard a guard shout for him to stop behind him and felt a hand grab his shirt. Liu turned around and punched the guard in the face before slamming him into one of the cells. The prisoner inside reached through his small "window" and wrapped his arms around the guards helmet, trying to break his neck. Liu didn't stay long enough to know if he succeeded.

Once he was out side Liu made a mad dash for the gondolas. Only to run into a wall of guards, all holding fire in their hands, with the warden behind them.

"Nice try Liu, but no one has ever, ever escaped from here. I'd sooner jump in the boiling lake myself than let that record fall."

"I'll hold you to that Warden." Liu promised as more guards surrounded him. This would be the first of many escape attempts over the course of five years.

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