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Before becoming a rebel, did you know that Mina was actually a Fire Nation Royal who ran away from home when she was only seven years old? Since then she had been living in the outskirts of the Earth Kingdom in a small nipa hut that resided near the ocean with a farmer and his wife. They have taken her under their care for seven years and lived under a fake name called "Bendita". Discovered by Aang in a dream, he comes along into her life and takes her along on their wild and perilous quest to restore peace and balance back to the world. Mina is also, Fire Lord Zuko's Twin Sister, therefore making her the eldest daughter of Fire Lord Ozai and Princess Ursa, and first childhood prodigy before Azula was born.

Biographical information

Fire Nation


84 AG

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Power absorption

Bending style(s)

Firebending, Earthbending, Waterbending, Airbending, Metal Bending and more..

Chronological and political information
  • Fire Nation Princess
  • Fire Nation Rebel
  • One of the world's greatest heros
  • Personal Phsychiatrist
  • Fire Nation
  • Team Avatar
  • Earth Kingdom

Erik, Madame Giry, Iroh


Aang & Zuko



Early Childhood

Life As A Fire Nation Royal

Mina's past isn't told in chronological order. Every break between three chapters does the author fully reveal Mina's story. Mina's past is supposed to be a secret identity for the readers, and will only be fully understood once it has reached the entity of season one. From bits and pieces of her memories, we could see that Mina was a withdrawn child, who usually liked to keep to herself. The only time her family ever mingled with her was during family dinners and special birthday occasions, in which even on her own birthdays she kept silent and reclusive.

Mina's past was obviously not a happy one. She wouldn't had run away if she didn't. She may have been a prodigy, but it wasn't her father that had trained her. When Mina was born, Mina was thought to be an abnormality, due to her Albino-like features and lacking of bending ability. But due to her special inhuman abilities, Mina was able to absorb most of her families bending traits, thus Fire Bending. The person who thought her the art of bending was a mysterious masked man, who rarely appeared or showed himself to her his voice only booming in the darkness as he instructed her to do anything.

The night they're mother committed a terrible crime, The Masked Man, her trainer saves her life by taking her away from the family and escape from the city.

Physical Description

Despite she is of Fire Nation blood, Mina seems to have some abnormalities. She is born with blond hair, and dark blue eyes but not the same kind of blue like the Waterbenders. Mina is born with a birth mart of an S, that has one line connected to the curve on the right, and two lines connected to the curve on the left, located on the back of her upper right corner shoulder. It seems as though the Evolution of Caucasians have started through her, and same goes with her tutor, Erik. We don't usually see his features because most of them were severely burned and he wears a black mask covering the left side of his face, and a black wig to cover the scar on his head leaving him nearly bald. He originally has the same blond hair as Mina does, until he was permanently scared by Fire Lord Sozin, many years ago.

In Season 1 her hair has been long until her waist her whole life until she cut it extremely short until her cheekbones.

Season 2 with a side fringe that covered her left eye as a disguise for her to be unrecognizable. Her hair also becomes a slighter darker brown from a dyeing treatment.

In Season 3, Her original hair color starts to show but is left with tiny brown streaks.

Whilst her hair long, it is never seen lose. She usually keeps it in a messy bun or during those seasons she was in the Earth Kingdom, a wrap around plait.

Mina is said to be a more feminine version of Zuko, and an older version of Azula. Mina at times is also said to look like Ursa. She has a heart shaped face with a normal sized nose, thin lips and curved eyebrows, not exactly arched and pointy. She usually has a florid complexion when blushing, or when provoked to anger.

Special Abilities

It's History

It is very rare to find someone in the Avatar world with a special power besides bending. Usually, a group of people who were said to have human abnormalities, like extra set of fingers or toes, distorted facial features, or albino features were said to contain supernatural powers. Other abnormalities like Alexandria Gensis- having purple as their natural eye color can be added to the list. Mina's eyes however still remains a golden hazel. Most people would actually believe that the ability to contain a specific inhuman power besides the ability to bend the elements where considered to be a myth. However it was actually true, but the monk's disbaned this particular race to believe it, Because it was said to be rather "demonic". Like the modern Catholic universe, no one can be greater than God. This same belief applies to the same people that belong in Avatar Universe denizen, an exception if you are the chosen by the gods to save mankind from further destruction, a.k.a The Avatar.

Mina's Power

Power Absorption

Is the ability to adsorb any power, once with contact of a person with a special ability. Includes, benders/bending. Mina was originally not supposed to be an any sort of bender or a Firebender at that matter because of this power. But since her father and uncle had the power to Firebend, she absorbed the power and became a Firebender. No one knew about this though, all her father knew is that she couldn't Firebend. But that was the total lie, to keep her secret safe and being discovered. Her tutor also seems to have the same power as Mina, but unlike her is really a Firebender.


In the modern world, One could very much apply Mina's withdrawn personality as Aspergers Syndrome. She had a fixation on the arts, sciences, bending- in short anything that you could get your hands on. She could be very tactless and of course feel no remorse. Though this may sound very much similar to her younger sister's condition, Unlike Azula, she rarely socialized with her family and kept herself locked in her room, occupied with things to her liking. And this was whenever she had her spare time, during the time her father thought she had lacked the ability to bend, Madame Giry her caretaker took her to a private tutor who taught her everything he knew in the art of firebending.

During her disappearance and loss of memory, her whole entire personality changes. She becomes more caring towards others, and starts becoming more motherly towards those who were younger than her. Since she is placed in a more loving environment, Mina's personality changes and adapts to the things only she currently sees around her.



"He's a sadistic and selfless man who would do anything just to get his filthy hands on the throne."

"Even to the people he cares about?"

"If there is one thing I have learned throughout all these years, Zuko, our father cares for no one. He never cared about any of us."

~ Mina to Zuko in The Beach Party

At an early age, Mina already knew how cruel and inhumane her father could be. Despite the fact in those earlier days, when he was less ruthless, Mina could feel that there was no good in his heart. So she knew well to keep a good distance, and by any means, not to get him angry.


"Please, look out for your brother.''' ~ Ursa's last words to Mina in Seven Years Ago

Like Azula, Mina and Ursa did not have the same relationship she had with Zuko. Due to her Aspergers personality disorder, she rarely cared for her mother's consent, and most of the time hardly interacted with her unless when stated to do so. Though, it was clear that Ursa loved Mina very much, Mina didn't seem to share the same affection.

Uncle Iroh

In "Seven Years Ago" the audience can see that Mina has a much stronger relationship with her Uncle than both her parents, since Iroh was the one who had truly raised her. He was the one who cared for her and taught her everything she knew. Mina had looked up to him as an inspiration and idol, and also father figure. He was supportive of her talents, and helped her with her struggles. Iroh (and Lu Ten) were probably the only persons who she showed childlike behavior and affection too. It is obvious that Mina had loved Iroh very much, and had treated him like her own father more than her uncle. They have a strong bond between the two of them.

Lu Ten

Mina was very close to Lu Ten, she describes Lu Ten like the "older brother she never had". To Mina, Lu Ten was a good example. A man with values and etiquette and she wanted one day that the man she would marry would be just like him. When the loss of Lu Ten was announced, that was the first time Mina had ever cried, showing the family that she did have a heart after all.


There was a very rare interaction between the two as brother and sister when they were younger. When Azula and Zuko played, Mina usually kept to herself, enjoying the company more of a book rather than playing with her two siblings. This neglect caused Zuko to believe of course that Mina like her father didn't love him, thus causing a very big disconnection between the two twins. Though, despite the fact that Mina was as well withdrawn to her own twin, Zuko and Mina had the same powerful connection most twins had. That is why during a battle between Aang, with catching only one glimpse of her, Zuko immediately recognized her.


"If you even think our father loves you Azula, You're wrong. The man doesn't feel love. He's merely using you as a puppet to his own plans. Just like everyone else you're merely just a slave to him, and once he's done with you, You'll be forgotten just like the rest of us."

~Mina to Azula in The Beach Party

Abilities & Talents

You could probably call Mina the jack of all trades, knowing more than she should, mastering everything there is to know in about mostly everything. She is basically one talented girl.


Mina is a skilled Firebender, probably the first Firebending prodigy before Azula was born. Her flames, give of a silver like glow, making it even ten times hotter, and ten times stronger than Ozai and Azula's. At a young age, Mina could master Firebending techniques very easily, and can perform them with one hundred percent perfection. She can master them fast, and can remember them for as long as she can.

Martial Arts

Besides Firebending, Mina is a master of different styles of Martial Arts. When she chooses not to use her fire, she uses different parts of her body as a weapon against enemies. Mina learned how to use her body as a weapon when she lived with the Bounty Hunter's. Since she is easily skilled, Mina was able to learn the steps and techniques with ease.

Sword Fighting (Katana)

Unlike her brother who uses two twin blades, Mina's back up weapon is a Katana. She is also skilled in using different types of other swords but for some reason prefers using a Katana. She describes it as the "perfect sword." Not to big, not to small and easy to carry around. She also says that it isn't as heavy like your typical sword. The Katana was given to her by her Uncle when he was in the Earth Kingdom. Ever since then, she has kept it close to her. Mina learned how to use it through a reading guide she found in the library. She was the only one who trained herself to use the sword. But her skills began to progress as she started to learn from the Bounty Hunters.

Advanced I.Q.

When Mina was young, Mina was aspired to do well in her schoolwork and to learn new things. Her dreams were very simple in life, her first dream was to become a writer so she learned how to write before she entered school, and developed a love for reading as well. She has good memory, wanting to remember and usually is happy when she takes an opportunity to learn something new. It was her Uncle who influenced her into the love of knowledge.

Painting & Sketching

Mina had a creative mind, and usually expressed herself in the arts of painting and sketching. She would usually draw through her imagination, or by copying the surroundings that she sees. She would try as much as she could to make the pictures she would create look exactly like the ones in real life. Being a perfectionist, obviously seems to run in the family


Mina was inspired to write her own stories when she would read books. Mina was also a very observant person, and would usually keep a journal with her where ever she went. She also had a mind of a writer, Descriptive, and observant.


Despite the fact of being specially skilled and extremely intelligent, Mina can usually over do herself to testing her limits which could get her injured. Mina is fearless, and strong willed, which could get her into danger. Which at times tends to make her clumsy. Therefore makes her get a trip to the infirmary very frequently.

Mina's Injury List

  • Multiple head wounds growing up
  • Childhood scars from falling, accidentally tripping... etc.
  • Self pimple prick.
  • Sprained ankle while playing and showing off with Ty Lee
  • Burns from overuse of fire
  • Scars from sword fighting with Zuko
  • Arm sprained from attempting to 'arm wrestle with Toph'
  • Mouth alignment slightly out of place from a fight with Azula.


"Thanks for the blade!"

Mai noticing the blade in Mina's hand: "Hey, that's my blade!"

Mina: "Finders keepers, losers weepers."

"Oh, look it's Grumpy, Sleepy and Happy!"

"I always thought it was the dark side that had cookies?"


  • Mina's name is of German origin, and its meaning: love. Which is represents somewhat of an ironic reflection on her withdrawn personality.
  • Mina is an albino.
  • Mina cannot bend, although she has superhuman abilities; in which her power is to absorb others. Which is why she is capable of firebending and the like.
  • Mina is the only female in the Avatar universe who attempted to cut her hair boyishly short.
  • Mina's tattoo pattern is similar to the girl's in the cover of the book Untamed.
  • Mina's blade was "borrowed" from Mai during a previous battle in one of the first seasons.

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