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Princess Meizula of the Fire Nation is the biological daughter of Princess Azula. Although she had been forcefully removed from her mother at the age of one, in an attempt at preventing her being raised and turning into her mother, she still inhabited various similar qualities, to the great dismay of her adoptive father Fire Lord Zuko. She was a key component in disestablishing the hard-earned trust and security between nations and at various moments reverting to assassination to eliminate a prominent target and/or cause wide panic and fear in the population.

A Firebending prodigy like her biological mother, Meizula holds many similar characteristics with her mother on many levels. She displayed an advanced understanding of strategy from a young age, managing to orchestrate a Rebellion against her adoptive father and withstanding nearly all of the Fire Nation military by out-maneuvering and effectively combating them.

Meizula has also continuously expressed the urge to be more acquainted with her mother, however is prevented by the fact she was unaware of her whereabouts specifically. She had been forcefully removed from her mother at the age of one and been raised by her uncle and his wife; however because of a strained relationship and her independent and rebellious nature, they were unable to connect and understand her. She eventually turned against them, finding the life she was living not what she desired.



Princess Meizula was born to Princess Azula in the year 101 AG, the Year of the Tiger. She was hastily separated from her dear mother, in an attempt to prevent her being raised and therefore indoctrinated into Azula's quite deranged and hateful beliefs; also it was supposedly to prevent her from any sort of harm her mentally unstable mother, even though there was not a sign of animosity between mother and daughter evident, in any visible way.

However for quite some time they were not sure of where she would actually be placed. Eventually and quite surprisingly, Fire Lord Zuko acclaimed that he would raise his niece; ' do good and not evil' is what he had been quoted to have announced to the public. So, Meizula was had begun being raised by her uncle, Fire Lord Zuko and his wife, Fire Lady Mai, along with two years later, her cousin (Zuko and Mai's son), in the Fire Nation Royal Palace.

Over time Zuko continuously became worried of the rather violent and sometimes bordering on psychopathic tendencies Meizula displayed at times; whilst Mai attempted to isolate her son from Meizula, to 'save' him from her influence and sadistic nature, whilst also trying to avoid Meizula because of the growing fact she reminded Mai far too much of the friend she betrayed, of which was Meizula's mother: Azula.

At the mere age of nine years old Meizula held some of the various qualities of which her mother had at that age, however these were far more subtle and duller than the said woman's; most likely because of the fact Maizula was not being raised by a person with an unquenchable thirst for power and control and who used whatever sadistic means to get some (even if it involves an entire nation), for which Azula had as her father Ozai. If she had, it is quite obvious she would have turned out far more like her mother than she was at that said point.

Though Zuko tried to distract her from studying and training, which would therefore in conclusion make her more powerful, he opted to rather obviously attempt to drag her out of the library to play some random game of which first game to mind or simply have a servant to inform her she had an audience with the Fire Lord, of which he would proceed to distract her there with pointless information. His plan partly worked, of course he had managed to distract her enough that her skills were lesser than she should have been, but it didn't appear far enough to do much effect and it had also caused Meizula to further disrespect the Fire Lord and view him on a low level; that of incompetence, manipulative and stupidity.

Meizula had also proceeded to study and train during night, for it was the time where her uncle was unable to actually find an excuse to be near her and also was far too tired after a draining day to do so anyway. Although it was a rather risky a procedure, the fact she remained in her room whilst training, with books she had sneakily acquired from the Royal Library during daylight, had made it far more easier and safer.

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