By Carloso Part of the Rise of an Avatar continuity.
Prince Zukai
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The Prince


Prince Zukai was born to Fire Lord Zuang and Fire Lady Zaila 10 minutes after the previous Earth Avatar passed away. Like other babies in the Fire Nation he underwent the test to see if he was the Avatar and through amazing luck Zukai picked all four toys successfully, Therefore he was named the Avatar.

As a young boy Zukai developed amazing Firebending skills, as such he became aware of his identity as the Avatar two years earlier. However his parents would not let him leave until he reached the age of 16. As Fire Lord Zuang was drew into more political scenarios he had no time to train his son and as such he enlisted the help of Xu Ki, a master Firebender, to become his new mentor.

In 918BG Zukai was trained by Xu Ki and fought him. Zukai was quickly overwhelmed and lost. He later returned to his father still unaware of the appearance of Shinn.



As the son of a Fire Lord, Zukai had amazing Firebending power. He could master moves that would take years in weeks. He also experimented with the new art 'Lightning Generation' that was recently discovered by his father.

Short Swords

As Firebending became easier to master Zukai took up the art of the short sword. He quickly mastered it easily and was an expert with the weapon and could easily implement Firebending into his attacks.


Since Zukai was spoiled from birth he had a carefree attitude mostly because anything he didn't like simply went away. He still had a very strong will and would fight whenever challenged, However despite his spoiled mind he still maintains a glimmer of honour and would admit defeat when there is no chance of winning (Probably due his father's influence).

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