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Prince Zhuang of the First Rank, or simply Prince Zhuang, was one of the six princely peerage titles that existed during the late Earth Kingdom which was not downgraded as it was passed down.

It was first awarded by the 38th Earth King Gong, to Yinchang, an aristocrat from the northern Earth Kingdom and one of the king's main supporters. The Prince Zhuang line became prominent during the kingdom's history, with its members fighting in the Hundred Year War, and later helping restore order following the Anarchy in the Earth Kingdom.

Members of the Prince Zhuang peerage

  • Yinchang (1160 BG - 1096 BG) - One of the most influential aristocrats during the reign of the 38th Earth King, and his close supporter. Awarded the title Prince Zhuang of the First Rank, later served as an adviser of his successor, King Ronglu.
  • Tai (52 AG - 145 AG) - The holder of the title by the time of the Hundred Year War. Served as the Ba Sing Se defense commander for a number of years, also fought on the front lines.


  • It is based on the 12 "iron-cap" princely peerage titles that existed in the Qing Dynasty of imperial China.

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