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Prince Zhu was the son of Firelord Sento and heir to the throne of the Fire Nation. Born in 554 BG, Zhu was the first child of Sento and his now deceased wife. Zhu grew up knowing a life of luxury and royalty, never truly understanding the sufferings of neither the ordinary people nor their life and struggles. Described as a very cheerful boy when he was young, Zhu took his mother's death with great sadness, after her death he never played games anymore and became a much more sullen and silent individual. The death of his mother was brought on by her weakened state from giving birth to his little sister and Zhu knew it was her fault his mother had died, which put a great strain on their relationship.


As a child, Zhu was described a cheerful and bright young lad who enjoyed spending his time reading and playing with his mother, who had been there for him for the first eight years of his life, until she passed away after she gave birth to his sister, the birth had left her in a weakened state and a disease quickly took her life, after her death, Zhu became a very isolated and sullen young man who began spending his entire days only reading and firebending, his father did not intervene because Zhu seemed to vent his anger by rigorous hours of training.

Book 1

Zhu receives leave from his father to take Fire Nation forces to aid the Unmarked Islands from the Earth Kingdom attacks. After a few successful victories Zhu manages to capture and interrogate an Earth Kingdom commander, whole reveals that they have a secret base camp located on Whaletail Island upon enlisting Captain Cho's aid, Zhu sails there with several small platoons of Fire Nation soldiers and attempts to parley with Captain Daisuke, who refuses the offer, resulting in a two-week military campaign that would eventually lead to the Battle Of Whale Tail Island. After two weeks of intense fighting between the Earth Kingdom and the vastly outnumbered Fire Nation forces, Zhu takes the upper hand and manages to push the Earth Kingdom back, forcing them to regroup and set up camp in the southern part of the island.

Takeo and Jin arrive shortly after and Zhu manages to enlist their aid in the battle, giving Takeo and Jin orders to distract the Earth Kingdom forces while he leads his men through a valley to flank the opponent. Takeo finds out about a plot to ambush Zhu's platoon and manages to warn him in time, saving the plan, however Zhu returns the favor by saving Takeo's life from a group of Earthbenders, who he singlehandedly takes out. After the completion of the battle, Zhu does not celebrate with the rest of his men. The following morning Zhu offers Takeo and Jin an escort to the Southern Air Temple, which Takeo refuses and Zhu bids them farewell after giving them a small ship with which they can travel to the temple. After gathering his men, Zhu presumably returns to the Unmarked Islands to defend them further.



Blue fire shield

Zhu's blue flames

Zhu is an incredibly skilled and powerful firebender. In the Battle Of Whale Tail Island he took down several earthbenders singlehandedly and produced such intense and powerful blue flames that they shattered and destroyed rock. He blue flames seem to be more powerful, faster and much more intense than any normal flames. Zhu managed to create a powerful shield of fire to defend from an avalanche of earth, completely destroying the incoming attack before it reached him. He is described as fast and powerful, quickly managing to overcome his opponents. He is also very skilled in lightning generation, managing to create a bolt of lightning, powerful enough to destroy a chuck of a wall within seconds while in motion.


He is a very gifted strategist, as proven by his numerous victories within The Unmarked Islands and in the Battle Of Whale Tail Island a campaign of two weeks during which his small group of Fire Nation platoons destroyed Earth Kingdom bases and camps and quickly scored a decisive victory for the Fire Nation.


  • Zhu is the Firelord's first and only son.

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