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This chapter is rated PG 13 because it contains scenes of blood, violence and crude humor.

The Story So Far

"Well here we are," Xue stated.

"This is where you live?" Kenji asked as they entered a giant skyscraper, guarded by numerous Fire Nation guards. A mechanized lift took them to the second highest floor of the complex.

"My friends are in the training room, we're meeting them there," she stated. Kenji raised an eyebrow.

"Are you sure the training room is the best place to make introductions?"

"What could possibly go wrong?" Xue replied. She shoved aside a huge metal door and they entered into an enormous room, with earth in the center and a pool of water surrounding it.

"Hey everyone!" Xue called out to Lu Ten, Lin, Li Yong and Tenzin. "I'd like you to meet someone." Kenji walked into the room and everyone's eyes widened. What happened next was inevitable.

Lu Ten immediately shot a powerful fire blast from his hands, and Tenzin released a massive gust of wind in his direction. Just my luck, Kenji thought to himself. He leaped out of the way with a double front-flip and landed perfectly with both feet on the ground.

"Hold up, I didn't come here to fight!" No one listened to him, and the attacks continued. Lin shot several rocks the size of an earth-soccer ball at him but he swiftly rolled out of the way, straight into the way of Tenzin's air blast which sent Kenji into the pool of water. He stood up shakily only to receive two rocks to the gut and one to the jaw which knocked him against the wall.

"WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING!" Xue yelled as she rushed to heal him, only to be stopped by Tenzin.

"He's the one who attacked me and Lu Ten!" he said matter-of-factly. Kenji slowly got up and wiped the blood from his mouth.

"Y-you g-guys a-aren't half bad" he stammered. He held his stomach and limped slowly towards the exit.

"Where do you think you are going?!" Tenzin yelled at him, but Kenji ignored him. Lin raised a wall of earth to block the exit.

"I give you three seconds to remove this wall, or else," Kenji said, his voice and expression becoming more sinister.

"Or else what?" Lu Ten asked.

Kenji simply smirked. In one quick movement, he broke the earth wall with a thrust kick, and tossed one of the pieces at Lin. The young earthbender moved quickly and shattered it with a punch.

It's game time, Kenji thought to himself. Lin stomped the ground, removing a rock the size of a cabbage cart and tossed it at him. He quickly unsheathed his dual dao swords from their scabbard and lunged at the rock, moving as though he was not injured. In a swift motion, he sliced the rock clean in two and proceeded towards the earthbender. Lin noticed he was within close proximity, and stomped the earth hard with both feet, raising the largest chunks of rocks she could manage. Both were at least the size of a full grown sky-bison, and she fired them directly at Kenji. He leaped high into the air, and sliced them in two as he smoothly ran across the two airborne rocks. He turned to his side and discovered that Tenzin had propelled himself into the air with a gust of wind. Kenji smirked, and sent him clashing into the earth with a blast of thick black smoke from his palm. Kenji landed on the ground abruptly and prepared to continue until he was stopped by Lu Ten.

"Enough! It's time we settle this!" he yelled. "Kenji, I challenge you to an Agni Kai, loser has to apologize to the winner!"

"No," he replied lackadaisically.

"What?" Lu Ten said; this was certainly not the response he was expecting.

"Despite how easily you'll lose, I don't think I would want to humiliate the Prince in front of his friends," Kenji replied.

"Sounds more to me like you're scared, or you're a coward." Lu Ten smirked.

"Very well. I accept."

Kenji and Lu Ten stood directly opposite one another; although neither had pulled their shirts, they were fighting barefooted. As the Agni Kai began, the Prince made the first move. He launched multiple fire blasts at his opponent who side-stepped each one. The Prince performed a jumping axe kick which sent a massive wave of fire at his opponent. Kenji saw this coming and blocked it with a wave of his hand as he advanced forward. Fire blast after fire blast of the Prince's attacks were either blocked or dodged.

"Why won't you fight?" Lu Ten yelled at Kenji.

"Because I'm not daft. I come to a new place and I'm welcomed with rocks to my face. You're all mad at me for no good reason and the next thing I know, I'm in an Agni Kai with the Prince of the Fire Nation." His voice was as cool as though nothing had happened. "You know what? You're all either completely stupid or devoid of common sense." He turned his back on them, and prepared to leave. "I have more important things to do than duel with an egotistical Prince." He swung his scabbard into place, replaced his shoes and gloves and walked out of the room, slamming the door.

"Wow, glad I didn't have to be the one to snap some sense into your heads this time around." Li Yong, who had been quiet during the issue, had finally spoken up, making Lin, Tenzin and Lu Ten feel like fools. "Come on Xue, I hear there's a new Jasmine Dragon Tea shop branch opening up. Let's leave these idiots to think about their actions." He put his arm around his cousin, who had been baffled by the whole situation, and they left the room. Lin finally broke the silence.

"Anyone else feeling really stupid right now?"

"Yes," Lu Ten and Tenzin replied in unison.

Kenji furiously stormed out of the giant skyscraper, not caring at all about where he was headed. His trusty new pet Sai followed him as he walked. However, once again, this time due to his rage, he was lost. He found himself stranded in the middle of a little forest containing massive trees. I thought they cleared all the forests in this city, he sighed to himself. Lost in a trance, he didn't notice he was being followed. He heard the sound of metal and a swish in the air, as a giant steel chain with a sharp blade lunged towards him. If not for the warning from his trusty pet he would have not have managed to get his swords up in time. Metal clashed with metal, sparks flying as the blades came in contact with each other. How lucky, I've been in this city for two days and another psychopath wants to kill me, Kenji thought.

"Show yourself now!" he yelled; the chain retracted and a girl dropped down from the trees, the shadows masking her identity.

"Oh you've gotta be kidding me?!" he sighed as he took his fighting stance.

Author's Note

Finally my prayers have been answered, there's an editor at last -yippie- also, this chapter came earlier than expected! Wondering who the girl is?

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